just say yes challenge graphics

This is, to tell the truth, a rather simple challenge, really:

It all started around a week back when someone on livejournal.com brought my attention to this combined with a few other things that just made me slightly pissy and sad. Then, out of the blue, the below picture wanted to be let out *g* -- and so yet another challenge was born ^_^ -- to celebrate the right to whatever sexuality you have. But most of all, it should never be sin to be gay.

  • Write a story, ficlet, novella, drabble, whatever you feel like
  • Pairing: Jack/Daniel (or basically this time, any pairing you feel like, as long as it's same-sex relationships)
  • Any rating you want
  • Scenario: Help us show why it can never be a sin

Let me know if it's okay to archive it or link to your own archival of it *g*

The people with the guts to meet this challenge are:

  • Just Say Yes by Nicci -- PG13-rated -- added October 10th, 2003