Permutations #3 - Valentine
Written by Swtalmnd [www]
Pairing: Bobby Drake/Kurt Wagner (Iceman/Nightcrawler)
Category: Smut, humor, kink
Rating: NC17
Summary: It's Valentine's day, and Bobby and Kurt are both missing their new beaux.
Series: "Permutations, or, What Happens When Sick, Sick Women Try and Think of as Many Kinky Ways to Pair Up their Favourite X-Men as Possible"
Notes: Ximeria and Nora, this is ALL YOUR FAULT! Heh. Audienced by various people, you know who you are.
Warnings: m/m sex. General naughtiness. And Kinkiness, lots and lots of it. And a "read, drink, read" warning for people with non-waterproof keyboards, or so Ximeria assures me.

Bobby sighed. He was alone again. They'd had one sweet morning together, and then Remy had been shipped off to god knows where with Logan, Jean, Scott and the others. More X-business, but it was just bad damned timing.

He hated being alone on Valentine's day.

He'd actually been thrilled to wake up yesterday morning and find himself curled up in Remy's bed, in his arms. He'd been looking forward to deepening their relationship on this romantic holiday, doing something special to keep this from being just another one night stand. Hell, the sex was incredible enough for him to want a repeat performance, even without the Cajun's unexpected vulnerability and undeniable natural charm thrown in.

He sighed again. Here he was, leaning on the balcony, watching the latest batch of kiddies go through the awkward Valentine's Day rituals, and actually feeling envious. Jealous, because he wasn't even sure if Remy would have welcomed the romantic overtures, had he been here. The morning after had, indeed, been sweet, but once they'd left the bedroom, his new lover had retreated back into his old shell. Before they'd even had a chance to be alone again, Professor X was sounding the call to arms, and he'd been gone.

On cue, there came another sigh, but this time it wasn't from him. He glanced over, surprised to see Kurt's blue form balanced precariously and somehow despondently on the railing beside him.

Seeing he'd been spotted, Kurt spoke softly, "I don't really understand these games they play, mein Freund. What do candy and paper have to do with love?"

"You... you've never gotten a Valentine?" Bobby asked, surprised.

"Nein. I've never been with someone who's into that sort of thing, I think." He sighed again, and Bobby's mind wandered back to the other night. Logan hadn't been alone in the pool room when Remy had smuggled him past the door, and now that he thought about it, he'd seen Kurt in the wrong wing of the house the next morning.

"Are you... with anyone now?" Bobby asked, carefully. He knew that the blue-furred man was studying to become a priest, and he didn't want to offend him if he'd already taken some sort of vow of chastity.

"Ach, well... I... I thought maybe I was, but it seems, nein." His tail drooped even further, giving the elfin man an air of abject misery that Bobby's prankster soul couldn't just leave alone. He knew some people found his joking around juvenile and annoying, but it also served a purpose -- it gave the X-men something to laugh about and a harmless direction for their pent-up frustrations.

"Well, how about us two lonely bachelors commiserate over dinner? I've got a TV in my room, we could eat junk food and watch a movie or something." He tried to sound as casual as possible, not wanting to give anything away.

Kurt appeared to ponder his offer, watching a particularly enthusiastic couple kissing down below, before replying, "Ja. Anything to get away from this."

"Cool." He checked his watch. 3 o'clock. "How about we get an early start, say around 4? You get the movie, I'll take care of the junk food. Got any favorites?"

Kurt sighed again. His absolute favorite junk food was something he hadn't yet been able to find in America. "Ja, but you can't get it here. No one imports Solero Ice."

"Solero Ice? What's that?" Now this had interesting possibilities. Anything to do with ice he could usually manage a reasonable facsimile of, if not the packaging.

"Well, it's sort of like a lime Popsicle. Only instead of on a stick, it's a plastic tube full of little balls of flavored ice. So you shake up the 'bottle', pop the lid and pour these small balls of ice into your mouth. Then roll them around with your tongue to *really* get the taste out of them." Kurt sighed, sounding nostalgic.

Bobby suddenly had a mission, and exactly an hour to figure it out.

"That sounds really good. Well, is there anything else I can get you? We could always have ice cream sundaes or something." Bobby went for the misdirection. He didn't want to let Kurt ruin the surprise by thinking too hard about just what Bobby's abilities might be good for. Even though no one ever seemed to want to eat his lemon snow cones, he was actually getting pretty good at making icy desserts.

"Ja, caramel. And either vanilla or chocolate ice cream." Kurt was still gazing off into space, his face now a little less wistful and more hungry. Maybe Bobby would bring sundae stuff after all. He was starting to hope they'd need the sugar energy.

"What film would you like to see?" asked Kurt, turning to look at him.

"Huh? Oh, um... I don't really care. Just nothing too, you know, seasonal." Some romantic chick flick would just ruin the illusion of bachelorhood he was trying to create. They didn't need to be more depressed about their respective love lives.

"Ach, ok. I hate picking these things out by myself, but I'm sure I'll manage something. See you in an hour!" He bamfed softly out, leaving a cloud of pink brimstone-scented smoke in his wake. Bobby grinned, looking more devilish than Nightcrawler.

Tonight was gonna be fun.

Kurt had spent most of the next hour agonizing, not over movie choices, but about his feelings for Logan -- and Bobby. He'd gone the safe route and picked action movies -- Die Hard, the Matrix, Armageddon, and the Fast and the Furious. Explosions, fast cars, hot guys and guns. Fantasy that they could both get into, although perhaps in different ways.

Although his night with Logan had been... incredible. Eye-opening, in many ways... he just wasn't sure how Logan felt about him. It had been a long time since Kurt had woken up to the feel of someone burrowing into him, petting his warm fur almost like a cat. He'd decided to avoid the uncomfortable morning-after conversations and just enjoy the sensation, at least until Logan had gotten called away.

Bobby, however, was a totally different story. He feigned shallowness like a pro, living every moment of his life with a determined casualness that Kurt sometimes envied. Still, there was another side to Bobby that Kurt had gotten a small glimpse into back there, before the boy -- no, he was definitely a man now, no matter how he sometimes acted -- had noticed his presence. The wistful expression on Bobby's face had echoed the heaviness in Kurt's heart.

Even more than that, he'd been charmed by the way Bobby had pulled himself immediately out of his own problems to try and cheer him up. It had reminded Kurt of the many times he'd seen Bobby set aside his own feelings to pull some ridiculous prank, and cheer them all up. Plus, the man had a really hot body.

Kurt grinned as he walked up to Bobby's door. Tonight was gonna be fun.

"Right on time," came a voice behind him. Kurt turned to find Bobby standing there, arms burdened with snacks. "After you!"

Kurt opened the door, and was greeted by the sight of a veritable mountain of food. There was a "table" of ice in one corner, with containers of ice cream sunk into the surface where they'd keep cold, toppings, bowls, and spoons set conveniently nearby. There was also another container sealed into the ice, made of opaque blue tupperware that gave no hint to its contents. There were sodas on another ice table, and the desk was littered with bags of chips and containers of dip.

Bobby shoved past him and deposited his armload of snack cakes on the chair, leaving the bed as the only remaining flat surface. "Sorry the room's so small, I just never got the Professor to assign me a bigger one when I graduated. We'll have to sit on the bed, it's the only way you can really see the TV, but at least everything will be in reach."

"It's fine. This is great! I haven't seen this much junk food in one place outside of a quick-e-mart since, well, never."

Bobby grinned. "Only the best for us bachelors. Or the worst, as the case may be." He flopped down on the bed, which he'd already rearranged so the multitude of pillows allowed them to lean against the wall, sitting sideways in the queen-sized bed.

"Well, I rented us a mother lode. All action, all the time." Kurt tossed the bag of videos at Bobby. "Why don't you pick a movie, and I'll make us some sundaes?"

"Sounds good. Just make mine like yours, only with whipped cream." Bobby pulled out the movies one by one, and decided on the Matrix. Nothing like hot guys in black vinyl to put him in his happy place.



"You got bananas. Do you wanna share a banana split? I can never eat a whole one, but I love them."

"Sure, whatever makes you happy. I'm just doing my civic duty here, man. There's nothing worse than a sad blue man." Bobby grinned, getting up to pop the movie in the VCR. He tried to banish the images that came to mind of blue lips wrapped around a banana, and failed. He was just glad Kurt didn't turn around in time to see him adjusting jeans that were suddenly a bit too tight.

"And here I thought you cared, mein Freund." Kurt's voice had a smile in it, his posture relaxed as he prepared toppings with his hands, holding the bowl cradled in a curl of his prehensile tail. "What's in here, anyway?" He asked, pointing to the Tupperware container.

"It's a surprise. Save it for later, and get over here, the movie's about to start." Bobby patted the bed next to him.

Kurt came over and snuggled in next to Bobby, still holding the dish with his tail. He handed Bobby a spoon and sat back. Bobby was thanking providence that they had to sit close to share the banana split -- he'd been thinking in the last hour that perhaps they could find even better way to cheer each other up, and having them pressed close could only make his job easier.

Kurt took a big bite before looking up at the TV. "Ooh, nice choice. All that black leather and vinyl. They must've cleaned out a dozen fetish stores for this movie."

"Yeah, but it was worth it." Bobby replied around a big bite of banana. "Even if the girls do get better clothes for the most part. But that last outfit Neo wears, mrow! Very hot." Ok, maybe not as subtle as he'd intended, but it worked.

"You think Neo's hot?" Kurt sounded not so much surprised as intrigued. Like he was fishing for something.

"Yeah, why? Don't you?"

"Well, yeah. But I'm not supposed to, you know." Kurt tapped his collar meaningfully.

"Well, you'll just have to become Pope and make grand, sweeping changes in the dogma." Bobby grinned. "It's not like there isn't a long history of sodomy in the seminary to draw from as an example."

"Hey! That's not nice." Kurt tried to look offended and failed, giggling.

"Yeah, but is it true? Were your seminary studies filled with the hot gay lovin'? You look pretty cute in your priests' collar." Bobby blushed, looking steadfastly at the screen. His mouth always did get him into trouble.

"You... you think I'm cute?" Kurt looked a little stunned, a little pleased, and a little... horny? Bobby wasn't sure he'd read that last part right.

"Well, yeah. Your looks are really unusual, but in a good way. You've got a really nice face, and your fur always looked really soft to me. Plus, the flexibility alone could keep a guy up nights." And had, back when Bobby was first coming to terms with his own preferences. Remy had been his first, but he'd been thinking about boys for awhile, and Kurt was high on his list of prospective lovers. But he'd put those thoughts away when Kurt had shown no return interest, boxed them up and only taken them out on special occasions.

"I... I'm attracted to you, too, but... I had gotten the impression you were with Remy. You know, the other night."

Bobby's blush deepened. "Well, we... I don't know what we are. I had hoped, but I don't think it'll be more than just..." He trailed off miserably.

Kurt looked wistful. "Ja... I know right where you're coming from."

"You and Logan, right?" Bobby asked, a gentle hand on his friend's arm.


There was a moment of silence that stretched on, as they both dwelled on the recent past, movie running on forgotten in the background.

"God, look at us, moping like a couple of lovestruck teenagers!" Bobby grinned brightly, his cheerful mask snapping back into place. "I think this is the perfect time for your surprise!"

Kurt barely managed to keep the blonde from upsetting the half-eaten sundae as Bobby crawled over his lap and freed the mysterious Tupperware container from its icy prison.

"I know it's probably not perfect, but..." He pulled off the lid with a flourish. "Ta-da! Solero Ice a la Bobby Drake!" Inside, there was a little pile of lime-green ice pellets.

Kurt's eyes grew wide. He picked up one, and put it in his mouth, rolling it around. It melted into a sweet-tart liquid, coating his tongue with the familiar flavor. "Nein, it *is* perfect. Bobby, how'd you do this?"

"They don't call me 'Iceman' for nothing, you know. It took a couple of tries, but I take it I managed a reasonable facsimile?"

"Ja. Only..."


"They come in a tube, and you just tip them into your mouth. They're kind of hard to eat like this." He said, gesturing shyly at the bowl.

"One tube, coming up!" Bobby gestured, and a clear tube of ice appeared in his hand; unable to resist the innuendo, he'd made it about the same dimensions as a cock. He scooped it full of the lime-green confection and handed it to Kurt.

"Mmmmm. Danke."

Bobby watched as Kurt tilted his head back, tongue out, and tipped the cylinder of ice. The green balls trickled down into his mouth, and Bobby's imagination supplied a number of other possible images. His pants were suddenly tight again.

He covered his discomfort by icing up his hand, and scooping out some of the mock-Solero. He dribbled them into his mouth, the cold comfortingly familiar. His tongue flicked out to lick the last few, slightly stuck, balls off his palm. He looked up just then, to find Kurt regarding him intently. He finished the gesture and glanced down, noting that he wasn't the only one with tight pants.

Well, well, well.

Before Bobby could really process this latest revelation, Kurt reached out to capture Bobby's wrist. His icy hand was drawn towards soft blue lips, and Kurt's incongruously pink tongue flicked out to touch the palm, licking at the little bits of green sweetness clinging to the cracks like a cat.

Bobby moaned, the warm caress like fire against his icy skin. He wasn't usually one for warmth these days -- he took cold showers, drank cold drinks, ate cold food -- but there was something intoxicating about the heat of another person's mouth, their skin. Kurt's breath formed a matte frost as it puffed out over the ice of Bobby's hand, contrasting with the slick shine where his tongue was laving the palm.

Bobby slowly changed his hand back to flesh, until there was only a thin skin of salty-sweet ice left where Kurt was licking. Kurt let out a little moan of need as he broke through, the cold slickness giving way to the rough contours of warm flesh.

Kurt moved his lips around, exploring Bobby's warm hand. Four fingers and a thumb, pink skin, and only a light dusting of hair over the back, just like most people, but quite the contrast from Kurt's. He moved his free hand up to caress Bobby's cheek, running thick blue fingers over boyish features, trapping Bobby's gaze with his own.


Bobby's hand curled around Kurt's face, burying itself in the short fur there. "Soft. Softer than I imagined."

"You imagined me?"

"OH yeah." Bobby laughed a little, turning his face to plant a kiss in the blue palm. "I've wanted you for a long time. I never thought..."

"Ja, ich verstehe. I have only just found the courage myself." He pulled Bobby in for a kiss, silencing any further questions. The time for talk was passing swiftly, and he was a man of action first and foremost.

The kiss was long, hot and wet. Sweet, too, and tangy from the ice treats. Bobby was a surprisingly good kisser, and Kurt worked to match his expertise, tasting and touching and just letting the moment draw itself out and on and through the minutes until it seemed to last an age.

He grew hot, feeling restricted and uncomfortable, the leather and fabric chafing him, pulling his fur the wrong directions, and it was enough to pull him out of their timeless kiss and firmly into the now.

Kurt's leather uniform pants were getting way too tight, which was something of an achievement considering they were specially designed for his flexible nature, but some areas just hadn't been cut... generously enough. He was actually most comfortable naked, but the tolerant atmosphere at the school didn't include casual nudity, and certain parts of his anatomy were still far too human looking for him to go showing them off to the students.

He broke away to strip out of his clothes, using hands, feet and tail to expedite the process. "I hate clothes, really. Clothes and fur do not mix well." He sat there, casually nude, achingly hard and desperately hoping that Bobby would like what he saw.

Kurt was hotter than sex on toast. Kitten-soft blue fur over hard muscle, short enough not to hide any of the toned contours of his body. He sat balanced on his feet, arms resting comfortably on the thighs, tail twitching nervously in the air. Violet cock rising out of the dense indigo fur at his groin, long and curved and hard. God, he was longer than Remy, but more slender, smoother.

Bobby's pants became unbearably confining. He proceeded to take them off. In fact, all his clothes made a magical disappearance. He thought that he might've spotted a certain blue tail helping out here and there, but he couldn't be sure. He was concentrating too hard on getting naked as fast as physically possible.

Screw the movie. Naked Kurt was far more entertaining than even Keanu Reeves in black vinyl.

He dove in, pushing Kurt back onto the pillows and recapturing those soft lips, feeling the rough tongue stroking like wet velvet over his own. He broke away only to run his cheek against his lover's, rubbing his face all over, losing himself in the softness. His hips thrust against Kurt's of his own accord, their cocks colliding in a burst of pleasure.

Kurt's hands were firmly buried in Bobby's blonde hair, but his tail was moving to caress up and down his spine, sending tingles straight to his balls. The flexible elf moaned and bucked when he began nibbling on a delicately pointed blue ear, and his feet came up to join the fun. One moving down to stroke with remarkable dexterity over his legs, the other coming up to stroke his shoulders.

"Mmmm, what else can you do with that tail?" Bobby whispered in Kurt's ear, the warm puff of his breath tickling the fine hairs there and eliciting a strangled moan.

"Mein Gott, Bobby, du bist sexy." Kurt made a final run down Bobby's spine, this time not stopping at his back. The soft, flexible tip ran teasingly down his cleft, then the tail looped possessively around one thigh and yanked. Bobby was pulled down on top of Kurt, his ass suddenly much more exposed.

The tail-tip ghosted back over his perineum, then up to tease at the tender pucker, while the soft loop around his thigh slid like a furry snake, caressing and holding him in place. Bobby moaned and pressed back. The teasing touches were awakening in him the desires he'd just begun exploring with Remy.

"Kurt, please... fuck me!"

No verbal response, and Bobby was worried he'd gone too far, too fast when the tail pulled away from his ass, releasing his thigh. He was just about to apologize when he found the blue arrow-shaped tip of Kurt's tail pressed against his lips.

"Suck," came the soft command.

Bobby opened his lips to take it in. The arrow-shaped tip was hairless, skin softer than fingers, but not as thin as the delicate cobalt silk stretched over Kurt's erection. Fur ran down in the center in a line, right over the core of little bones at the center. Like nothing he'd ever felt before, but so sexy, so much a part of Kurt's uniqueness. All the times he'd seen Kurt using his tail for everything from phone conversations to hanging from the ceiling, and he'd never really considered how it would feel.

Just as soon as he'd really gotten into having it in his mouth, it was taken away. Bobby whined a protest, which soon turned into a groan of pleasure as the now-wet tail tip began probing at his ass once more.

Kurt brought a hand around, giving Bobby one of the blue-furred fingers to suck on, whispering "Ssshhh. My fingers are too big, mein Gott, you're so tight. I have to start with something smaller." Kurt was right, the finger sliding in and out of Bobby's mouth was easily the size of two of his own.

"God, Kurt... you have no idea how sexy... your *tail*!" Bobby's speech faculty was rapidly becoming nonfunctional, but he got the feeling that it was mutual -- Kurt had started emitting a low, rumbling purr that was just about the sexiest thing he'd ever heard.

Their cocks were slick with mingled pre-come. Kurt's belly was damp, and slick strands of fur kept grabbing at Bobby's cock as it slid around, both of them thrusting mindlessly. Kurt's tail stopped its probing, and with one smooth motion it plunged into him, the arrowhead curling up on entry and then unfurling inside him as it penetrated further. It began its own rhythm, moving counterpoint to their hips, and Bobby cried out around the finger in his mouth when he felt the flexible tip probe his prostate.

Kurt wasted no more time, pulling his tail out and replacing it with the spit-slicked finger. He gathered up the strands of his brain enough to gasp out, "Lube," and sent his tail searching in the direction Bobby pointed.

Kurt had a different position in mind, though, so he reluctantly pulled his finger out, too, and nudged the man up off of him. "Want to take you like this," he explained, arranging Bobby so that he was kneeling on the bed, hands braced on the wall.

"Whatever you want, just as long as you fuck me *sooooon*," Bobby replied, speech turning to moans as Kurt slid the finger back inside. He turned his attention to his tail and found the condoms and lube. He managed to get one on and himself and his cock slicked up with the judicious assistance of his dexterous toes. Having five appendages that were equally usable as hands sometimes came in, well, handy.

He moved up so he was behind Bobby, squatting in his usual pose rather than kneeling, his knees splayed wide around his lover's thighs. He pulled his finger out and positioned his cock at Bobby's entrance, murmuring, "I'm going to fuck you *now*, mein Liebling," as he slid home.

One smooth thrust, and Kurt was balls-deep in the surprisingly hot cavern of his icy lover's body. He braced himself and began thrusting, hands going to explore Bobby's chest, finding the nipples and eliciting a series of strangled moans. He felt the purr vibrating up in his own throat, and opened his mouth to lick the back of his lover's neck.

Kurt's tail came up to wrap around Bobby's neglected cock, the damp tip teasing at the slit. He wanted Bobby drowning in sensation, surrounded by pleasure even as his body surrounded Kurt's cock.

Bobby was engulfed in luxury, soft blue fur everywhere, all his pleasure points stimulated at once. The soft pulsing of Kurt's tail around his cock was unlike anything he'd ever felt, and that alone would have had him close to the edge, but it was combined with the slide of rough fingers over his nipples; the comforting warmth of fur and body heat; the rumble of Kurt's sensual purr in his ears and on his back; the soft prick of teeth as Kurt bit gently into the back of his neck, laving the area with his tongue and leaving a mark to rival Remy's fading hickey; and of course the hot, hard length of Kurt impaling him.

"Godkurtsohotgonnacomegonnacome," the litany tumbled out of his mouth, barely even words and he was close, so close, and fuck he didn't want to get the wall sticky but what... He got an idea, and he managed to pummel his brain into shape long enough to use a trickle of his power.

"Ja, mein Liebling, come for me." Kurt pounded into him, the force of his thrusts laying Bobby open, drawing his orgasm out of him like his soul spilling out. Bobby wailed as he came, the sound so raw and open that Kurt growled, actually *growled* protectively, and wrapped himself completely around his lover.

Strong arms and legs, and his orgasm-wracked frame couldn't support Kurt's weight like this for long but the growl was turning into more of a roar and he could feel Kurt's cock twitching inside him. His thighs burned but it was worth it, to feel as loved and cherished as he felt in that moment with Kurt's legs around his waist, arms around his chest, cock embedded inside his body, tail still holding Bobby's own cock almost protectively, and face buried in his hair.

"Liebling, Liebling. Du bist mir unerwarted teuer. Ich lasse dich nie fort." Kurt whispered, giving a last rough lick to Bobby's ear as he slid down off of him. Bobby caught his breath and turned to find him laying bonelessly on the bed, grinning like a fool.

Bobby grinned right back, sitting down against the wall and draping his legs over Kurt's hips. He grabbed up the bowl of lime ice pellets, noting that they'd held their shape remarkably well, and handed it to Kurt, eyes full of mischief.

"God, Kurt, that was awesome. Here, finish these while we watch the end of the movie, and then..." He blushed. "Um, if it's ok... I'd like to... return the favor." When had he gotten so shy?

Kurt looked into the bowl, finding his tube resting on top of the green-and-white pellets inside. He scooped some up, and regarded the mix curiously. "What are the white ones, vanilla?"

Bobby blushed, this time his entire upper torso going pink. "Um.. actually, they're.. littlefrozenpearlsofcome."

"They're what?"

"Well, you see... I didn't want to have to clean up the wall, so I... when I came... They're little frozen pearls of come. From just now. From me."

Kurt's eyes got wide, then thoughtful. One thing he'd been regretting about the position was that he couldn't taste Bobby when he came. He tilted his head back and poured. Sweet/tangy mixed with bitter/salty as he rolled the spheres around in his mouth, and Bobby made choking noises in the background.


Kurt sat up, twisting so he could kiss Bobby without dislodging his legs. He shared the complex blend of flavors in his mouth with his lover. They parted, and Kurt whispered against Bobby's lips, "You are delicious, mein Liebling."

He lay back down, gratified by Bobby's stunned blush. He turned to watch the movie, just in time to see Neo going through the metal detector. They'd finished just in time for the big finale, and of course the really hot outfit.

By the time this was done, Kurt figured they'd be ready for another round. He couldn't wait to see what Bobby would do when it was his turn to take the lead.

Credits rolled, and Bobby looked curiously over at his lover. "What was it you said, at the end?"


"At the end. When you were all wrapped around me, right after you came. You said something in German. What was it?"

Kurt squirmed. "Ach, well..."

Bobby's idle curiosity burned a little brighter in the face of his friend's discomfort. "Well, what? I mean, I get the idea that 'Liebling' is some kind of sick pet name, but what was the rest?"

Kurt looked away, unable to meet Bobby's eyes. "It's not a sick pet name. 'Mein Liebling' means 'my love'."

Bobby blinked. He hadn't really been expecting... "And the rest?"

Kurt cleared his throat and looked up, his yellow eyes unreadable. "Basically, it means I really like you, Bobby." After an uncomfortable moment of silence, Kurt dropped his gaze to his hands.

Bobby got the feeling Kurt wasn't telling him everything, but he was certainly telling him enough. "I... I really like you, too, Kurt. I hope..."

Kurt looked up again, eyes hopeful. "Ja?"

"I'd like to do this... more often. Be with you." He was suddenly struck by a very silly idea. "Hold on."

He crawled over the bed to the sugar-laden chair, and grabbed a bag of candy hearts. Leaning back, he fished out a the hearts he was looking for. He laid them on his skin, icing up just enough to make them stick. Kurt watched, a puzzled expression on his face.

"You said you've never gotten a Valentine. Well, now I'm your first Valentine. Read me!"

Kurt leaned in to look at the tiny writing. Bobby pointed to the first heart, stuck high on his cheek like a beauty mark. It was pink, and read "SWEET HEART." He laughed and flicked his tongue out, gently pulling the candy free and eating it.

Bobby pointed again. There was a heart on his upper arm. "Wearin' my heart on my sleeve for you, sweetheart," he said softly. This one was white, and said simply, "WOW." Kurt pulled it free and crunched it up with his sharp little teeth as he leaned back, smiling.

"Ja. Wow indeed, Liebling."

Bobby held up his hand, palm out. Right in the center, in the same place as the long-gone Solero Ice, was a green heart that read "BE MINE." Kurt spent more time retrieving that one, licking until the ice broke to expose the sensitive skin underneath.

When Kurt pulled away to look up inquiringly, Bobby pointed to the one on his chest, right over the heart. "I LOVE YOU"

Kurt's eyes grew soft as he leaned in to kiss that one gently. "Let's leave that one there for now, mein Liebling."

He crawled into Bobby's frozen lap, grateful for the fur that protected his skin from the cold. He captured the lips, amazed at their smooth texture and remarkable flexibility under his tongue. At some point Bobby must have iced up completely, because the tongue caressing his own was almost painfully cold, and no amount of licking at the sea-salt-flavored lips would expose the soft, sweet flesh he sought.

He'd never seen Bobby transform completely when he wasn't wearing clothes, and he actually squeaked in surprise when he felt something cold and hard prodding at the sensitive, furless spot right beneath his tail.

Bobby looked apologetic as he explained, "I know we can't really make love like this, but I wanted to feel you. I love your heat. God, it's like a furnace."

Kurt squeaked again as Bobby turned abruptly back to naked flesh beneath him. It was a very undignified response, but his brain was short-circuited by the sudden transformation. The object probing at his ass had changed from a cold, glassy shaft of ice to the hot, spongy head of a very erect cock.

Kurt pushed back a little, feeling the silky skin slide over his sensitive opening. It was one of the few furless places on his body, and he'd always been extremely responsive to such stimulation; his cock was already rising to the occasion.

"Ja, Liebling. I think it's time for *you* to fuck *me*." Kurt moved his hips again, feeling the now-slick head slide over his tight ass.

"OH yeah. Sweetheart, your ass is *mine*... But you haven't finished reading your Valentine." Bobby was grinning, and pointing down. Kurt moved off his lap to see one last, purple heart hidden in the thatch of pubic hair right above Bobby's erection. He leaned in to read it. "KISS ME."

He laughed. "Now *that* is a very good idea." Kurt flicked his tongue out to retrieve the candy, crunching it up quickly. He glanced up to meet Bobby's eyes, noting on the way up that there was still a small patch of ice right over his lover's heart, with the pink candy embedded in the center. Kurt ran his tongue up in a slick line, over Bobby's navel, breastbone, and throat, claiming a kiss at the end.

When they broke the kiss, Kurt pulled back, holding his lover's gaze. "I love you, too, Bobby Drake."

Melting. That's how Bobby felt, when he heard Kurt say those words. It was all happening so fast -- he still didn't know how he felt about Remy or if he really wanted to be with Kurt in a forever sort of way, but... He knew he was falling in love with Kurt. He could feel it in his chest, pulsing right underneath that little pink fragment of sugar and truth. If only they could stay like this forever, it would all be so easy, but he knew reality would intrude sooner or later.

He grinned. It was just up to them to make the best of the time they did have.

"Hey, elf, you up for something a little kinky?"

"Do you have to ask?" Kurt was grinning, and Bobby mentally reviewed the afternoon's activities. His cock twitched, and he sat up straighter, bracing himself against the wall.

"Heh. Guess not. How about you put your feet on my shoulders so we can have some mutual oral fun?"

Kurt answered by flipping himself upside-down. Bobby was treated to an up-close view of Kurt's entire crotch as he wriggled to get a stable position, feet on Bobby's shoulders, hands on his thighs, tail running possessively down his cheek.

"How's this?" Kurt asked, tongue flicking out to taste Bobby's sticky pre-come. He knew the position would wear on his arms eventually. If only... "Hey, can you make me something to wrap my tail around?"

"You got it." A smooth bar of ice appeared, starting at the wall several feet above Bobby's head and curving over them to the floor.

"Perfect." Kurt wrapped his tail around the bar, freeing his hands to caress Bobby's cock and balls. He decided to tease a little first, and leaned down to lick at Bobby's hipbones.

Bobby retaliated by blowing cold air over Kurt's balls and ass.

Kurt's sharp teeth nipped at the sensitive flesh where Bobby's thighs joined his body.

Bobby's now-frozen tongue swirled around Kurt's hole.

Kurt mouthed Bobby's balls, his purrs making gentle vibrations.

Bobby pulled Kurt's ass onto his face and began tongue-fucking him, hot lips framing ice, melt slicking his way.

Kurt took Bobby's cock in his throat, tip to root in one stroke.

Bobby's fingers wandered through Kurt's fur until he found the tiny, blue-violet nipples, and twisted.

Kurt's finger found Bobby's still-slick opening, and pushed.

Bobby spread his legs and moaned.

Kurt would have smiled, if his lips hadn't been busy protecting the delicate skin of Bobby's shaft from his sharp fangs. He put the finger in deeper, searching for that spot.

Bobby changed his tongue back to normal, probing Kurt's ass as deeply as he could manage.

Kurt resumed purring, this time vibrating Bobby's entire cock.

Bobby's hot mouth was pulled away, to be replaced by a slender, icy finger.

Kurt found Bobby's prostate.

Bobby added a second iced-up finger, and took Kurt's cock into his mouth.

If he was going to last long enough to fuck the beautiful man in his lap, he was going to have to find something to concentrate on other than the incredible sensations Kurt was giving him, and giving his second-ever blowjob seemed like a great distraction.

Not that having his mouth full had helped him keep control with Remy, but... Kurt hit his prostate again and Bobby bucked, cock shoving deep into Kurt's throat. He felt a light scrape of teeth, and almost came right there. He got an idea.

Bobby had surprised his lover with the sudden movement of his hips, and Kurt licked desperately at the spot his fangs had nicked. He didn't taste blood, and in fact was surprised to find the cock in his mouth growing cold. Bobby had turned his erection to ice, which Kurt supposed wasn't really cheating, but wasn't really fair, either.

Kurt sucked hard on the cold shaft in his mouth, then pulled away. He leaned in to nip delicately at the ice with his teeth. Bobby jumped again, and Kurt grinned triumphantly.

Kurt felt the cold fingers leave his ass, replaced once more by Bobby's hot mouth. Damn, that boy knew how to use his tongue. Kurt braced his hands on Bobby's thighs, releasing his tail while still keeping his ass available for his talented lover's attentions. He felt around in the desk again, finding the lube and another condom.

He laid them on the bed between Bobby's spread legs, only to find himself still faced with living ice. "Flesh, Bobby. I need you inside me."

Bobby's brain to a second to process the request, but he unfroze himself after a moment. Kurt looped his tail back around the bar, and he quickly took care of preparing Bobby's cock.

"How do you want me, Liebling?" Kurt asked, gently stroking Bobby's hips and thighs.

"On top. In my lap. I want to see your face."

"Ja, mein Teuerste. Me, too." Kurt's tail released the bar, and he flipped himself over to land kneeling, legs braced over Bobby's naked lap. He purred low in his throat and rubbed his ass over Bobby's erection, wanton and teasing.

It was Bobby's turn to growl. He grabbed the furry hips just as Kurt's opening aligned with the sensitive head, and thrust. Kurt howled and pushed back, impaling himself on Bobby's cock. That was what he wanted, the sensation of being filled, taken, loved.

"Lieb mich, mein Liebling, mach mich dein!" Kurt shouted, reverting to German as he gave himself over to passion. He leaned in to gently lick Bobby's lips, then capture them for a heated kiss.

Kurt didn't know what all this would mean, come morning, but he was determined to make the most of it while it lasted. He devoured Bobby's mouth, rough tongue entangling his lover's, or stroking over the soft lips. Logan had made him feel wanted, but being here with Bobby made him feel needed. Necessary.


Kurt straightened back up, thrusting back onto his lover. Bobby lubed his hands and reached out to grasp Kurt's cock, now violet with need. Bobby stroked it in time with their thrusts, letting Kurt fuck the channel formed by his slick fists.

Kurt arched even farther back, hand going behind him not to brace himself, but instead to resume fingerfucking Bobby. Each taking and taken, joined together and Bobby was surprised to realize how much that really meant to him. He felt his chest tighten with emotion even as he thrust into his friend's tight, hot passage, trying to hit that perfect spot.

He didn't know what the morning would bring for them, but right now he was having the ride of his life. Kurt's thick, dexterous finger was joined by a second, stretching him open and filling him completely; they unerringly found his prostate. He couldn't do anything, then, but arch, scream, and come.

When the world returned from the white-out of his orgasm, he found his hands were covered in lube, buried in fur, and their chests were stuck together with come. Kurt was snuggled against him, sticky, sleepy and content, Bobby's cock still twitching in his ass.

"C'mon, love, let's get cleaned up and then we can nap." Bobby nudged the quiescent form of his lover -- his love -- and got them up and into the suite's tiny bathroom. Condom disposed of, he pulled out a washcloth and regarded Kurt's sticky fur quizzically.

Kurt was still dazed, his vision sparkly from the intensity of his orgasm. Bobby's hot, tight ass had contracted around his fingers, and his expression had transformed from mere pleasure to an expression of transcendent ecstasy. Kurt's chest had felt like it would burst as he slammed himself down on Bobby's pulsing cock and spurted his seed into the space between them like a baptism.

Kurt had barely managed to pull his fingers away and flop down into his lover's embrace, and now Bobby had rousted him out of bed and was looking at him expectantly.

"Ja, wass ist es, mein Liebling?" Oops. English. "Sorry. What did you want, love?" He reached a hand out to caress his lover's cheek. Bobby's expression softened.

"We need to clean up so we can sleep, but I have no idea how to get come out of fur." Bobby gestured at the mess on Kurt's chest.

Kurt looked around, spotting the small one-man shower. "Well, the fastest way would be to rinse it off in the shower and then deal with a more thorough cleaning in the morning."

"Huh.. I'm game if you are!" Bobby was grinning now, eyes sparkling with mischief.

"You know, at this rate we're never going to get any sleep." Kurt dropped his eyes, giving Bobby an appraising stare. He noticed the pink heart embedded in the tiny patch of ice remaining on Bobby's chest and smiled, reaching a finger out to touch it.

"How did this happen to us, Liebling? One minute, we're two sad boys watching action movies, and the next, we're lovers." Kurt stepped close, laying his hand over the heart, feeling the cold against his palm.

"I have no idea, but I'm not complaining." Bobby put his arms around Kurt's waist, tugging until their hips met.

"Nein, me neither. Still... What about Logan, and Remy?" Kurt voiced the concerns they'd both been ignoring.

"We'll burn that bridge when we come to it, love. Right now, all I really want is a quick wash and to fall asleep in your arms. Remy and Logan will wait until morning."

"Ja, too true." Kurt leaned down to pluck the final heart from Bobby's chest. He pulled it gently from the ice and held it between his teeth, turning it with his tongue until the words faced out. He tilted his face up, offering the treat to Bobby.

"Yeah, I love you, too." Bobby whispered, leaning in to share the candy and a kiss with his Valentine.

~To be continued in Permutations part 4 - Trail~

Language notes:

Ja - yes
Mein Freund - my friend
Danke - thank you
Ich verstehe - I understand
Mein Gott, Bobby, du bist sexy - My God, Bobby, you're sexy.
Mein Liebling - my love
Du bist mir unerwarted teuer. - You are unexpectedly precious to me.
Ich lasse dich nie fort. - I will never let you go.
mein Teuerste - my precious
Lieb mich - Love me
Mach mich dein - Make me yours
Wass ist est? - What is it?