Permutations #10 - Unwind
co-written with Swtalmnd [www]
Pairing: Remy LeBeau/Kurt Wagner (Gambit/Nightcrawler)
Category: Smut, humour, kink
Rating: NC17
Summary: Remy helps Kurt unwind after a long day.
Series: "Permutations, or, What Happens When Sick, Sick Women Try and Think of as Many Kinky Ways to Pair Up their Favourite X-Men as Possible"
Notes: Audienced by various people, you know who you are, and betaed by the ever-patient juice817 and sailorstyx.

Weeks had passed since the forming of their foursome, and although Kurt enjoyed their company, and enjoyed the new trust they'd all shared during the last, grueling mission, Kurt was exhausted. He was looking forward to nothing more than crashing in their big new bed, and not even Logan's offer of a game of pool was enough to keep him away from it. Night-owl Bobby had taken Logan up on it, but Remy was looking just as wiped as Kurt felt.

The two of them staggered upstairs to their new suite, Kurt pausing only to shuck out of his clothes on the path between door and bed. Remy took a more leisurely route, hanging up his jacket and stripping down more carefully before curling up around his lover.

"Ya know, dese life or deat' situations, dey get me all hot." Remy murmured softly as he nuzzled into Kurt's furry neck. Kurt felt the truth of that statement pressing into the base of his spine, and he idly looped his tail around it in a single, loose embrace; the rest of the tail lay limply over Remy's waist.

"They make me tired. My head hurts, my back hurts, my *bones* hurt. I just want to sleep for a million years." Kurt stretched in Remy's arms, joints popping.

"Ah'm sorry ta hear dat, elf. Anytin' I can do ta make it better?" Remy changed from nuzzling to soothing, rubbing gently over Kurt's sore back.

"Ach, ja... That's a wonderful start." Kurt rolled over onto his stomach, relaxing under Remy's talented hands.

Remy sat up and knelt between Kurt's knees. Kurt shifted so they were spread even wider, looping his tail loosely around Remy's waist, the end curling to once again loosely embrace his cock. Kurt moaned and began to purr as the massage progressed, feeling the tension drain out of his body. As the pain started to recede, sleep crept up, and he began to drift off.

Kurt looked wonderful like that, spread out before him like a feast. Remy was pretty sure the elf didn't realize what a luscious picture he made, legs spread and ass exposed. The blue tail was lifted just enough to reveal the violet opening beneath it. The fur caressing his skin combined with the view to make Remy ache in entirely different ways than Kurt. It wasn't helping that Kurt's tail would twitch and tighten around his cock whenever he hit a particularly sore spot.

Kurt's moans had quieted down to just a soft purr, and Remy was pretty sure his friend was falling asleep. Not wanting to waste the first chance they'd had to really be alone together, he decided to see if he could make Kurt feel even better. Remy ran his hands down Kurt's back one last time, shoulder to ass, then scooted himself back on the bed. He bent down, trying not to pull his cock free of Kurt's loose embrace, and rubbed his cheek against the soft tail. He then braced his hands on Kurt's ass and swiped a single lick over the opening.

Kurt tried to buck, moaning when his efforts were thwarted by Remy's strong grip. Another lick, another moan, and Remy considered the first part of his experiment a success.

"Bobby does say dat sex cures all, eh, elf?" Remy emphasized his point with a few more well-places strokes of his tongue, loosening his grip. He didn't want Kurt to ever think that Remy would force him into anything. He'd just been braced against the initial surprise.

"Ja, Remy!" he said, voice raised as Remy's tongue thrust into his body. "I-I find I have the e-energy after all." Kurt wriggled his ass enticingly, bringing his knees up underneath him to raise it up, back arching. His tail released Remy's cock and slid around to caress his cheek. "I'm all yours, Wunderkerze."

"Mmmm, now *dis* is a reward for a job well done!" Remy murmured, shifting to accommodate Kurt's new position and diving back in. He wanted Kurt to enjoy their first time alone as much as possible, and Bobby had given him some tips. From the enthusiastic moans, Bobby had been right -- there was nothing that got Kurt going faster than a good tongue-fucking.

Kurt wasn't sure at what point it had been decided that a tongue in his ass was all it took to make him easy, but he was willing to go with it for tonight; he'd get his revenge later, though somehow he thought Remy wouldn't mind it any more than Kurt did. Remy's mouth was positively sinful, and he could feel the tingling spreading out from that single pleasure point to reawaken his exhausted nerves. He moaned and writhed and surrendered to indulgence, tail trailing idle patterns over Remy's bare skin.

"Mein Gott, Remy!" Kurt was pretty sure he'd meant for there to be a some sort of witty comeback on the end of that, but Remy had distracted him with a particularly deep stroke. If it went on like this for too much longer, he'd be useless to anyone. He could feel orgasm gathering in his balls, his neglected cock pulsing in time to Remy's licks.

It took all of Kurt's willpower to pull away from Remy. "Wha'?"

"F-fuck me!" Again, the long explanation never quite made it from brain to lips, and he just rolled over, arching his hips off the bed wantonly. "Please, Remy."

"Glad to oblige." Remy replied, fumbling in the nightstand for lube. He moved to slick up a finger, but the blue tail caught his wrist.

"Skip it. I'm ready *now.*"

Kurt certainly looked ready. He was stretched out on the bed, hands grasping the iron frame, legs folded underneath, feet flat and back arched in a taut bow. The short indigo fur only accented the straining muscles, toned six-pack abs and lithe limbs. He was practically fucking the air, hips and cock both twitching in an erratic rhythm.

Remy felt his own arousal kick up a notch at image, and the thought that *he* had done this to his normally composed lover. Their breathing hitched together as Remy slicked up his cock, everything but getting inside Kurt now forgotten.

"Yer wish is Remy's command."

Remy was amazed at Kurt's flexibility all over again -- when Remy had knelt between Kurt's legs, Kurt had lifted his knees from the bed and spread them *wide*, putting his ass at exactly the right height. As he positioned himself at Kurt's entrance, anticipation drew low moans from both of them, and Kurt started growling. Remy had been shocked the first time, but now he just found it incredibly sexy when Kurt and Logan both growled during sex. He hadn't expected any of this, but now that he had it, he wouldn't give it up for the world. Kurt's tail wrapped around his waist, holding him close as he plunged in. Kurt's body was hot and incredibly tight, but he didn't seem to be suffering from the minimal preparation.

They were both amazingly close. The tension of the day was transmuting as they made love, turning from stress to sex, ready to be released. Remy felt himself getting close, and decided to make use of his own acrobatic skills to lean down and capture the head of Kurt's cock in his mouth. Barely two strokes more, and he was rewarded with a flood of come.

His own orgasm came soon after, while he was still sucking at the last few drops. He arched away, bending almost backwards and burying himself as deeply as possible in Kurt's body. The world whited out for a moment, and when he came back, Kurt had managed yet another gymnastic feat -- without disengaging, he'd pulled himself up into Remy's lap.

Remy drew Kurt into a tight embrace. "Ah never expected 'dis, but ah'm glad you included me."

"How could we not, when you needed us?" Kurt chuckled, wrapping his legs around Remy and snuggling close. "Bobby loves you so much, it's kind of contagious."

"Are... are you sayin' you love me?" Remy was... amazed. Most days, he had trouble believing he deserved Bobby's sweet, unconditional love. But to hear such words from Kurt...

"Ja, Liebling. Of course I love you." Kurt pulled away a little, yellow eyes meeting red and black. "You thought otherwise?"

"I... I didn'..." Remy trailed off lamely, gaze dropping. How to explain that his overwhelming respect for Kurt and Logan had not only kept him from refusing their offer, but quickly transformed into a deep, quiet love of his own, a feeling he'd never expected to have returned. Bobby had always seemed like the focal point to him; Logan was their de facto leader but Bobby was the common ground they all shared.

Kurt took his face in gentle hands, forcing his eyes back up. "I love you, Remy. Logan does, too, in his own way, and you know Bobby does. We didn't seduce you and then fuck you to the point of exhaustion just for fun, although it *was* fun." A small, ironic smile tugged at Kurt's mouth as he continued, "You are important to us, Remy, and we want you to feel at home here. The whole point of this -- it's so none of us have to feel alone again. That includes you."

Remy's heart warmed as Kurt spoke, and the last of his doubts faded. "I love you, too. You, Logan, and God of course Bobby. I guess I never reall' understood why you did... what you did, in the kitchen."

Kurt wriggled his ass a little, Remy's still-hard cock buried inside. "Nice as this is, Remy, you're so much more than that. You're our friend, and you were hurting. You still are, I think, but I'm not Jean or Xavier -- I can't read your mind. So we offered you the best comfort we could think of. A home."

Kurt pulled Remy's head down for a deep kiss. As he twined blue-furred arms around his lover's shoulders, he thought that maybe, finally, everything would really be all right with Remy. With all of them.

Language notes:
Ach, ja = Oh, yes
Wunderkerze = sparkler, lit. magic candle
mein Gott = my God
Liebling = love

And that's it, the end, finally *g* Thanks to those of you who patiently stuck around *g*
The End