Permutations #4 - Trail
co-written with Swtalmnd [www]
Pairing: Bobby Drake/Kurt Wagner/Logan (Iceman/Nightcrawler/Wolverine)
Category: Smut, humour, kink
Rating: NC17
Summary: It's the morning after, and Logan finds Bobby and Kurt in a compromising position.
Series: "Permutations, or, What Happens When Sick, Sick Women Try and Think of as Many Kinky Ways to Pair Up their Favourite X-Men as Possible"
Notes: Nora, this is for you, baby-doll! Audienced by various people, you know who you are. Beta read by Vaysh, brave woman!

Kurt awoke slowly, allowing consciousness to creep up on him in luxurious increments. First, he realized he was purring, low and reflexively in his throat. Then, he gained awareness of the source of his contentment, a hand gently stroking him from shoulder to flank, fingers of another tangled in his hair, scratching. Kurt awoke to the unusual sensation of Bobby Drake petting him, for all the world like he was a giant housecat.

Kurt Wagner woke up to happiness.

"Mmmmm, Bobby, you have about 10 million years to stop doing that," Kurt murmured. Bobby moved so he was kneeling between his lover's knees, both hands stroking Kurt from shoulder to knee, smoothing down the fur.

"Awake, are you? It's about time. Not that I mind, you look wonderful when you're asleep, but I've been doing this for half an hour."

"No wonder I woke up purring. Your hands are magical."

Bobby responded by changing his technique again, scratching gently but thoroughly through the fur, moving methodically from Kurt's lower back up over his shoulders and into his hair, ending with him snuggled on top of his lover.

Kurt just gave in and purred until he gave a dry little cough.

"Thirsty?" asked Bobby, sitting up, concerned.

"Ja, I could use a glass of water." Kurt rolled over and moved to get out of bed, only to be stopped by a hand on his chest.

Bobby grinned and iced up his other hand, careful to draw moisture from the air instead of himself. "Allow me," he replied, putting two fingers to Kurt's lips. This trick was turning out to be useful. He had Remy to thank for more than one thing about today -- he could only hope he'd get the chance.

"Mmmm, convenient." Kurt sucked on the proffered fingers, surprised to taste only fresh, cool water.

"You were saltier last night, mein Liebling. What's the difference now?"

Bobby blushed a little. "Well, normally I turn myself into ice, so you get all those little trace minerals that make up the human body. This time, since I know salt water isn't so great first thing in the morning, I just froze moisture out of the air onto my skin."

Kurt pondered the possibilities of this little revelation. "So, you could really ice yourself over with anything, as long as you only did a thin layer, ja?"

"Um, yeah, I guess. I never really thought about it."

Kurt filed this information away for later. Right now, he felt a different bodily need urging him out of bed. Resignedly, he licked the last little shards of ice off of his lover's now-warm fingers, and got up. "Ach, well, thank you for the drink, but... nature calls."

Bobby watched his friend -- no, lover, beloved even -- disappear into the bathroom. If only his morning with Remy had been like this, but... He just hadn't felt as comfortable with the sexy Cajun as he did with his sweet, gentle German lover. Bobby was delighted to have discovered a totally unanticipated and much-needed love with Kurt, but a part of him wished he could share this newfound feeling with Remy. There had been something there, something neither of them had had the time or courage to explore, and now he found himself in a totally unanticipated situation, being forced to choose between two of his very male teammates.

He also wondered about Kurt and Logan. He knew something must have happened between them, or Kurt wouldn't have been moping on Valentine's day the way he had. And then he and Kurt would never have found this, whatever it was.

At the very least, he figured they'd owe Logan an explanation. At the most, well... It wasn't like Bobby was blind. He knew the raw animal attraction Wolverine could exude, even if he would never *ever* have the guts to do anything about it. He felt his cock twitching at the mental images of Kurt and Logan together. Or Kurt and Remy. It hardened completely when his errant libido supplied him with a picture of the four of them in an embrace that, while not physically impossible, would take all the strength and flexibility each of the four team members possessed.

Kurt, of course, chose that exact moment to come out of the bathroom.

Kurt emerged from the bathroom feeling refreshed. He'd actually snuck a little teleport to his own bathroom in there, to brush his teeth and retrieve the special shampoo Beast made him for his fur. He figured that if he and Bobby were going to do some of the things he hoped they'd be doing this morning, he'd be needing a more thorough wash than just water could give him.

He was greeted by the welcome sight of his lover sitting on the bed, legs slightly open, erection rising up between them. Bobby's cock was shorter than his own, not as thick as Logan's generous girth, but... It looked perfect. Smooth head slightly more purple than the rest, proportioned just so with the gently curving shaft. Cut, but the scar only served as a decoration, highlighting the transition from velvet-over-steel to spongy silk.

"I see you were thinking while I was gone. Care to share?" He grinned. He knew there was a chance his lover had been thinking of Gambit instead of him, but even then... Remy was like walking sex. He could easily get into such thoughts. It wasn't like he was going to stop thinking of Logan just because he was in love with Bobby. His own cock twitched at the memory, and a new image of Bobby bent over the pool table with Logan up his ass. Hot, very hot.

Bobby was blushing. "I was thinking of us together."

"Ja. I can't seem to get it out of my mind." Still... he didn't think that Bobby was telling him everything, the way his eyes kept sliding away Kurt's inquiring gaze. "But I don't think that's all you were thinking about."

Bobby's blush deepened, traveling down to cover his chest in a wash of rosy pink. He cleared his throat and looked down, avoiding Kurt's yellow gaze. "Allfourofustogether."

Kurt's cock came to full attention. "All four of us, as in, me, you, Remy and Logan?"


Bobby still hadn't looked up, so Kurt decided to show Bobby his enthusiasm for that idea. He sprang up onto the bed, straddling his lover's lap, putting his erection directly in Bobby's line of sight.

"That is a very hot idea," Kurt said, cock twitching in emphasis.

Bobby looked up in surprise. "Yeah?"

"Ja, mein Liebling." Kurt ran an hand down Bobby's face as he continued, "I'd love to see you getting fucked by Wolverine. Or sucked by Mr. Sex-on-Wheels himself. Mein Gott, you'd be sexy."

Bobby dipped his head down to swipe a lick across the head of Kurt's cock. "Yeah. Fuck, it'd be so hot to see you and Remy together..." He traded speech for action, taking Kurt into his mouth completely. Kurt braced his legs, tangling his fingers in Bobby's hair. Now *this* was a way to start the day. Yoga was never this nice. Still, that gave him an idea. He moved his legs forward to brace from foot to knee against the wall, releasing his hold on Bobby's hair, and bent over backwards.

He had to be careful of choking his friend, but he was treated to an excellent view of his lover's weeping erection. Bracing himself with his hands on Bobby's thighs and tail wrapped around his waist, Kurt lowered his mouth carefully onto his prize. Not your usual method for 69, but definitely a nice morning stretch to compliment the wonderful things Bobby's magically talented mouth were doing to him.

Bobby almost choked in surprise when he realized what Kurt was going to do. He had to shift a little to accommodate the new angle; Kurt's cock was bent almost backwards but it seemed that it was as flexible as the rest of him, since he wasn't voicing any sort of complaint.

At this rate, with this incredible view in front of him, Bobby wasn't going to last long at all. Kurt's rough tongue and hot mouth were propelling him swiftly towards climax, and he wanted to make sure the elf got there as soon as he did. He slicked two fingers in his mouth and probed at the inviting opening right below the furry balls.

He was rewarded with a moan and a shudder that wracked Kurt's entire frame. Encouraged, he worked both fingers inside, straining his wrist to get just the right angle. Between his lover's position, actions, and incredibly responsive reactions, Bobby was only hanging onto control by the barest of threads.

Fortunately, Kurt seemed to be in the same state; Bobby could feel his balls drawing up, the soft, thick fur tickling his chin. He hit the elf's prostate again, and again, and... He felt Kurt's long, slender cock pulse in release, and finally let go of his control. His world whited out for a moment, and he came to with a mouth full of come and a lap full of limp indigo fur.

Logan kept his anger on a short leash - oh yeah - but very little kept him from ripping the door off its hinges as he slammed it open, entering his own room. Someday he'd probably lose it, and seriously? Right now he didn't really give a damn.

For once he hadn't been the only one at the receiving end of a rebuke, and this time he was pretty sure that it had really just been stress pissing Cyke off. It wasn't as if his yelling at Gambit had been justified. The kid had been reckless, yes, but he'd done it to help, not to screw up the mission. Now, if someone had gotten hurt, then he'd been the first to take it out on Gambit, but since it had pretty much saved Logan's life, he didn't think that the very public dressing-down had been at all warranted.

Logan slammed the door shut behind him, making the frame shake. He'd thought about pulling Gambit aside, to sorta say thanks - something he didn't do often. He'd felt a little sorry for him, when Cyke had gone all bossy. Even Logan had to agree that for the most part Cyclops was a good field leader and pretty good with people -- except people like Logan and, he realized, Gambit. Before Logan had gotten a chance to thank him, the Cajun had shut them all out with a shrug and a quick disappearing act.

Like himself, Gambit was a loner, not really a team-player. Logan smiled suddenly. Maybe Bobby would be good for him. The blonde prankster's attempts to cheer them all up could be a pain in the ass sometimes, but they also worked. Maybe Gambit would open up a little in the future. When you were naturally a loner and not used to connecting with anyone, making friends was hard, especially in a place like this. He'd been lucky himself to form a deep friendship with a couple of the older team members. Especially Kurt.

He was a little worried about that relationship right now, though. He didn't regret what they'd done, but he'd been called away so soon. Too damn soon. He knew they'd needed to talk, but the mission had gotten in the way. He wasn't really worried, but he'd hate to lose someone he considered a friend. It wasn't as if he had a lot of them.

He was too restless to just crash, and he was wondering what Kurt might be doing - well, it was morning so he was probably still in bed. He thought about just joining him there. Nah, he needed a shower first. Not that he wasn't hoping to get all sweaty again, but battle tended to make him sweat in the wrong way.

Refreshed and definitely feeling up to 'having a word' with Kurt, Logan walked down the hallway, aiming for Kurt's room.

He knocked on the door and waited. There was no answer so he tried the door. Unlocked. He opened the door, looking inside. Hmm, Kurt's bed was made, but the elf was nowhere around. Logan sniffed. There was a trail leading down the hallway, the most recent one, but it was a day old. There was a slight residue of brimstone in the bathroom, so he might have *bamfed* out of there. Well, he could always follow the old trail and see where it might lead.

Odd. He stopped in front of a door, having followed Kurt's scent. He was fairly sure this was Drake's room. The trail was still a day old and there was no scent 'leaving' the place.

There was, however, another scent. Pheromones, sweat, come. His brain made the connection within seconds. He wasn't entirely sure how that made him feel, but a growl formed in his throat as he tried the door. Bobby's room was unlocked, too -- how careless of them. He opened the door just enough to slip through and stopped dead, the growl and the anger forgotten.

The sight that met him was... Hot. Damn hot. *Impossible*, *uncomfortable*, and above all sexy as hell. Kurt's body was bent over backwards, taut stomach straining as his smooth, violet erection disappeared behind red, wet lips. His own lips were wrapped around Bobby's cock, throat working as he eagerly took in the entire length, again and again. That simply had to be the weirdest and by far the most arousing blowjob he'd ever witnessed. He felt his jeans grow taut, erection twitching as a soft moan escaped from one of the men before him.

The smell of sex permeated the room, and the sight of his erstwhile lover in such an incredible position was making him ache with desire, the flare of anger in the back of his mind only making him hotter. Logan wanted to nip his way up Kurt's stomach to steal the cock from Bobby's mouth, lips meeting in strange kisses as they both worked to bring Kurt off. Or nuzzle down between Bobby's legs and taste those blonde-furred balls. But first he'd watch. They deserved to finish this before he intruded. Besides, they were both young, they'd have the stamina to go to a second round in no time.

He silently closed and locked the door behind him, leaning back against it. One thumb hooked into his waistband while the fingers of his other hand trailed lightly over his trapped erection. He might as well enjoy the show while he waited for his cue.

A soft purring reached his ears, a sound he remembered well from his own tumble with Kurt. Logan bit back a moan and gripped himself tightly, his cock scraping against the zipper. The bright spark of pain made his hips twitch, and he took his hand away entirely, crossing his arms and hoping for the sake of his own control that they were closer to finishing than he was.

Bobby swallowed, thinking that no matter what Remy said, it hadn't taken him long at all to acquire a taste for the flavor. He squeezed the slack body in his arms gently, placing a kiss on the top of one pointed ear, and murmured, "Elf-love, you're pretty fucking hot just by yourself."

"You both are." The voice that intruded was quiet, a rough, throaty growl that only seemed loud in the quiet of the room.

Both their heads whipped towards the door. They'd been so intent on one another, they hadn't heard Logan entering. Bobby wondered wildly just how much his suddenly intimidating teammate had seen and heard.

"L-Logan!" He tightened his arms protectively around Kurt, reflexively wanting to protect his beloved from Wolverine. Kurt stared at Logan somewhat defiantly, but his eyes were full of shock, and more than a little guilt.

Wolverine shifted his hips, still leaning against the door. The motion brought Bobby's attention to the thick, obvious erection pressing at Logan's tight jeans. "Don't let me interrupt."

"Wh-what?" Kurt blurted out, rising up out of Bobby's lap a little.

"Don't mind me. You boys seemed to be enjoying yourselves just fine, unless..." His dark eyes glinted a little with what Bobby prayed was mischief. "Unless there's room for one more?"

Kurt looked over at Bobby, his face swimming with emotions. Inquiry, lust, guilt, love, something unreadable. "What do you think, mein Liebling? It is, after all your bed."

"Hmmmm." Bobby met Kurt's burning yellow gaze, his mind replaying the images from earlier, and against all expectation his cock started to twitch and harden, pressing into Kurt's blue-furred flank. Guess that answered that. Bobby turned to rake lust-darkened blue eyes over Logan's frame. Bare feet, tight blue jeans, even tighter white shirt stretched thin over bulging muscles and coarse, dark hair. Hair damp and mussed, probably just out of the shower.

Logan just stayed where he was, leaning against the door, the picture of casualness. One eyebrow came up as Bobby's gaze made its way back up to his face. "Take your time, kid. I ain't goin' anywhere." Was that a leer? Had Wolverine just *leered* at him?

He glanced at Kurt, then back at Logan. "Room for one more? Oh, *Hell* yeah." Christ, three days after he gives Remy his cherry and here he was suddenly hopping in bed with every guy he knew. Bobby mentally shrugged. When a man got an offers like these, who was he to mock the fates and refuse?

Kurt felt Bobby's cock nudging towards his ass, and his own gave a twitch. He guessed that some things overrode even biology; he hadn't had such a short refractory period since he was a teenager. He let Bobby move them both back towards the head of the bed, taking a moment to let his mind process the shock.

After all, when the most vicious of the X-Men first takes you for a lover with completely unexpected tenderness, then finds you not three days later in the arms of another man, you expect there to be violence. Not the immediate fulfillment of one of your latest and most twisted fantasies. His priest was going to have a heart attack at his next confession.

Logan treated them to the sight of him stripping languidly out of the white t-shirt, revealing the coarse hair dusting across his well-defined chest and six-pack abs. The shirt was dropped to the floor as Logan took one step forward. He unbuttoned his jeans, slowly, never breaking the gaze with which he held them both captured. Another button; they were tormented with the slow, tortuous freeing of his thick, dark cock, button by button.

Movement out of the corner of his eye, and Kurt turned to see Bobby wetting dry lips with his soft, pink tongue. Biting the lower lip. Kurt felt himself twitch, imagining that magic mouth wrapped around Logan's ample erection. He looked back in time to see a glimpse of that cock before Logan bent over to finish undressing.

No underwear, of course. Hips doing a sensuous wriggle as the tight jeans slid down over them, down his thighs, hands following their descent all the way to the ankles. His back was broad, muscular, just the top curve of his ass revealed before he straightened up. Stalked towards the bed, where the two of them lay, still loosely intertwined.


Logan pulled back on his knees, wondering why Bobby was shaking. Kurt seemed equally unsettled. He relaxed a little when he realized that the shudders were caused by laughter. He looked quizzically at Kurt, who in return shrugged, not knowing what had just happened either. They waited in silence for Bobby to calm enough to give an explanation.

"I.... I'm sor-sorry," Bobby hiccuped, his voice still a little shaky. "I mean, no disrespect or anything, but the way you just *pounced*..." the rest was lost in helpless giggles.

Leaning forward, Logan nuzzled Bobby's neck, taking in the scent of sleep and sex - and Kurt. The combination was beyond arousing. He licked from collarbone to earlobe, feeling as much as hearing Bobby's breathing become faster. "Yeah?" he rumbled against the soft skin. He stole a glance to the side, exchanging smiles with Kurt. There seemed no cause for alarm, and Kurt reached out, stroking Logan from neck to ass. One slow but sure caress, making him arch his back, brushing his erection roughly against Bobby thigh.

A strangled noise escaped Bobby's lips, his eyes going wide and hungry. Logan grabbed Bobby's wrists when the boy tried to reach for his cock. No explanation, no fun. He pinned Bobby's hands against the mattress, careful not to put his weight down on him.

Bobby in return wrapped his legs around Logan and pulled. His expression changed from needy to pouting when Logan didn't budge. It was clear that the kid wanted him closer, but he wouldn't allow it, not yet.

"You looked," Bobby lost his sultry expression and he almost cracked up again. "You looked like a big cat pouncing on us."

Logan tried to hide a smile. He was amazed that Bobby accepted him so readily. Most people found Logan intimidating, even after years of friendship. Yet Bobby wasn't even afraid of making a little fun of him. It was actually kind of flattering. He finally took pity on the kid and allowed him to pull their bodies closer. Logan moaned a little, when he felt Kurt licking his neck, rough tongue sending shivers down his spine.

Logan may have been intimidating, but he was also sexy as hell, and Bobby was never one to let a little intimidation come between him and a good fuck. Maybe more than a good fuck, if the way Kurt was looking at both him and Logan was any indication. He tamped down the fear that Logan would take Kurt away when Bobby'd only just found him; Logan hadn't shown any signs he wanted do that, and in fact showed every indication of wanting to keep him around.

Logan was nuzzling his neck, sniffing and licking like a giant housecat. Despite his feline looks, Kurt had always had a sophisticated refinement that kept such comparisons from really working; Logan practically oozed raw animal magnetism. They'd both surprised him, and right now his brain was slowly sinking into a haze of lust and love and other, more mysterious emotions.

Bobby finally gave up the struggle for coherent thought. He moaned, struggled, and generally did his best to get Logan to either let his hands go or just take him right there. Kurt was doing something off in the background to Logan, it looked like he was licking his way down the large man's spine. Bobby bucked again as the image of Kurt's rough little tongue thrust up Logan's ass materialized in his brain.

Evidently, it materialized in Kurt's brain, too, because he disappeared and Logan moaned like a dying thing, and bit him right at the sensitive juncture between neck and shoulder. Did *everyone* have this thing for marking him? He'd better not take on any more lovers, or he'd end up looking like he'd gotten into a fight with a vacuum cleaner, and where did his mind get such images at times like this?

"Guh... god, just *fuck* me already, Logan!" Bobby was pretty proud he'd actually managed a sentence in the face of, well, *this*.

A low growl, and Logan was pulling back, while Kurt's ubiquitous tail went exploring and retrieved the much-used lube and two more condoms. Bobby decided he was going to just have to buy stock in the company, at this rate.

Kurt grinned evilly as he squirted some onto Logan's free hand, and some onto his own. "You do Bobby, I'll do you, Ja?" Kurt said, reaching down towards Logan's weeping erection. Logan responded by reaching under Bobby and pushing one broad, slick finger inside him.

Bobby arched, struggling against the hand that held him down. "Logan!" He struggled to keep his eyes from closing with pleasure, wanting to watch as Kurt rolled the condom down over Logan's cock, then lubed it up and *then* did the same for his own darkly violet erection. Logan was already up to three fingers and Bobby's brain finally just cut out completely, leaving him with nothing but his senses, touch and sight and was that *him* keening with need?

No wonder Logan looked like he was about to lose it, teeth clenched and growling low in his throat as Kurt put one of those huge blue fingers down, behind, and presumably inside. The elf had the sexiest grin *ever* plastered on his blue face, just sitting and watching, one arm twitching as he fingerfucked Logan just out of Bobby's view.

When Logan pulled his fingers away, Bobby whimpered, both at the loss and in anticipation of having the gruff, mysterious and infamous Wolverine actually *in his ass*. He wasn't sure his brain or his ass would ever be the same when the thick, hot cock began pressing into him, and he moaned into the kiss Kurt was pressing to his lips.

Hot, wet tongues joined by a third as Logan's face pressed into theirs, kiss the fucking definition of 'porno tongue' and he wasn't sure how long he'd last. Kurt's face left his, and he felt the cock inside him jump as the weight on top of him increased.

He'd thought that the sight of Logan fucking Bobby would be sexy, but he'd really just had no idea. As Kurt pulled back from one of the hottest, wettest kisses of his life, he paused for just a moment to take in the view. His cock, however, had other ideas, and twitched impatiently. He moved behind Logan, positioning himself carefully and then just sliding all the way in, until they were both buried as deeply as possible.

Bobby's eyes were open, but looked unfocused as he wailed with undiluted pleasure. Logan was growling, nipping and licking at Bobby's tender jaw and throat. Kurt skipped the purr completely and went straight to the balls-deep growl that only making love with these incredibly sexy men seemed to draw out of him. He had no real idea what the consequences of today would be, but as he felt the tightness of Logan's ass drawing him inside, the heat that made his balls draw up like he hadn't just come ten minutes ago, he felt something breaking open and spilling warmth all throughout his insides as well.

They stayed like that for a moment, a tableau of sex and love and lust, all intertwined in his mind like the three of them were in Bobby's bed. Kurt pulled out a little and thrust back experimentally, urging Logan to set a rhythm, find a stroke, to just plain *move* beneath him.

Logan trailed his free hand over Bobby's chest to play with his nipples, slowly pulling himself out of Bobby and impaling himself further on Kurt. A quick thrust-pinch drew a wail from the kid, and a rough growl from Kurt. Satisfied with the response, Logan switched nipples and repeated the procedure. He knew he wouldn't be able to keep his control for long, and he wanted them both screaming before they were done. He knew he would be, and he almost did when Kurt's long shaft hit his prostate; the long, slow thrust drew out the motion, scraping his nerves raw with pure pleasure.

Logan felt something slide between his legs, gliding sinuously into the space between himself and Bobby. Somewhere in his sex-hazed mind, he realized that it had to be Kurt's tail. His own thoughts had circled around ways to jerk Bobby off, when he himself had to keep both his own and Kurt's weight off the kid.

Logan gasped when the short fur of Kurt's tail brushed against his shaft as he pulled out of Bobby. Almost-surreal shots of pleasure, almost enough to make him come. He growled deep in his throat, keeping in control, if only barely. He took a quick glance down between them when he drew away from Bobby again. Ok, he wouldn't be able to hold back much longer, not with a sight like that. Kurt had coiled his tail around the kid's cock like a furry blue snake, and was *fucking* the slit with the pointed tip.

Logan closed his eyes, enjoying the moment, the movement, slick body under him, fur above. He felt it build inside of him and when warm semen hit his chest, he let go. Sharp teeth sank into his shoulder, and blue fingers dug into his sides. A pure, unbelievable wave of pleasure, and he returned to the world.

He pulled gently out of Bobby, easing the slack body down on the bed. Chuckled when Kurt held on to him, obviously fine just where he was. Logan carefully slid down beside Bobby, whose eyes where now closed, a blissful expression on his face. His brain was echoing that bliss, a bright spark of something that was more that just lust or even friendship warming him in places he wasn't used to feeling.

He put those thoughts aside for his own exhaustion and said, "Huh, I think we wore the kid down." Logan marveled at the way Bobby sought out the heat from his body, almost melting against him. "Have the two of you been doing this *all* night?" Laughter rumbled in his throat as he felt the heat of Kurt's face against his neck.

Kurt sighed and slid off Logan's back, down over Bobby, though careful not to wake him as they both did a quick clean-up. Kurt snuggled against Bobby's back, one hand stretched to rest on Logan's hip. This had been... well, interesting. 'Nein, don't kid yourself, this was hot.' He blushed again and buried his face in Bobby's damp hair. His tail snaked out and grabbed the blankets, pulling them up over their bodies.

Hot it was indeed, and many other things. Next to his newfound love for the ever-cheerful Bobby, he found something suspiciously similar blossoming out from his friendship with Logan. They'd been friends for many years, through many things, and this new dimension seemed to grow so naturally. Kurt knew there would be things to discuss in the future, but they could be saved for a few hours while Bobby rested.

"I think we should let him sleep, mein Freund. He's been well loved."

Logan blinked at that, before replying, "Yeah, sleep sounds good."

"Rough mission?" Kurt breathed in deeply, and no, sleep didn't sound bad. Maybe just a nap.

"The usual."

Something in his friend's voice made him raise an eyebrow. "What happened?"

"We got in a little trouble," Logan sighed deeply, his hand sliding down Kurt's side, petting him. Seemed to happen a lot lately. Not that Kurt was complaining, not at all.

"Trouble?" Kurt closed his eyes, enjoying Logan's touch.

"I might not have been here now, if it wasn't for Gambit. I might not have made it today."

Plain and simple. He stated it as if death were always knocking at their door. Which, actually, it often was. A chill ran down Kurt's spine. "What do you mean?"

"Stupid situation, I guess I got a little careless." The tone a little guilty. "So just before I get myself killed, he violates direct orders. Comes in after me." Logan paused to think, to process. "Pissed off Cyke, big time. So one-eye took it all out on Gambit."

Oh, at this moment Kurt really wanted to go out and find their team mate and... comfort him. He'd rarely been on the receiving end of one of Scott's lectures, but he knew well enough what they sounded like. "Did you talk to Remy after that?" Oh please, say yes.

"No, he disappeared the minute we got out of the Black Bird. And I'm not so insensitive that I'd start a conversation on board. Not considering the look on the kid's face"

The words stung. Kurt knew they hadn't exactly made Remy feel at home after the things that happened in Antarctica, when he'd been left behind, in the cold. To die alone. He was gone for so long, and one day he'd suddenly returned, looking like a shadow of his usual carefree self.

Suddenly it dawned on Kurt. Remy and Bobby had... just before the mission. He growled, feeling more than just a little guilty.

"What's wrong, elf?" Logan sounded a little worried.

Kurt didn't quite know how to explain how he felt. "You know that Remy and Bobby were together the night before the mission?"

"Yeah, I know." A moment of silence. "Gambit... Remy was a little different when we left. More himself than he's been lately."

Kurt closed his eyes. Logan had put a voice to his own concerns, making him flinch a little.

Logan's hand kept caressing his hip. "Don't feel bad."

Kurt was amazed how much his friend picked up without it being said out loud. Logan was full of surprises, and Kurt felt a newly-familiar stirring in his chest, warming and confusing him. "Bobby and I.. we didn't plan this.. it just happened. It was Valentine's day, and you and Remy were gone.. It was supposed to be all moping bachelors and action movies. We... I missed you." Kurt finished lamely.

"I know, no one's blaming you. You couldn't exactly call any of us a steady thing." Logan stayed silent for a long time.

Kurt still felt bad about it. No matter what Logan said. Kurt was finding that he *wanted* their relationships to be steady. All of them. He'd voiced his love for Bobby last night, but Logan still had him too off-balance for such declarations. Even if he *was* a simply delightful bedroom companion. Kurt worried that all of this would just push Remy further away, back out into the cold, at least mentally.

"Quit worrying about it, Kurt," Logan finally said, tightening his grip on his lover. "We'll think of something to make it right again."

"Mmm, what are the two of you talking about?" Bobby's voice was thick with sleep.

Bobby had heard his name, and Remy's, and it had been enough to drag him out of the warm, mindless exhaustion he'd been floating in. Even though he'd just gotten a full night's sleep less than 2 hours ago, he would have welcomed the chance to nap. All this sex was wearing him out.

"Nein, Liebling. Sleep now, talk later." Kurt tried to soothe him back into sleep with gentle stroking, and it almost worked, but he was suspicious.

"No, really. I heard you say my name, and Remy's. I think this is a conversation I deserve to be involved in, don't you?"

Kurt smiled and kissed him on the cheek. "Ja, mein teuerste, but we're tired, too. Logan and I were just deciding to shelve the topic in favor of a nap. We're worried about Remy, and I promise we'll include you in the discussion when we all wake up."

Bobby noticed Logan's raised eyebrow, and wondered how much German his mysterious friend knew. Kurt had called him 'love' and... something else, but Bobby suspected it meant much the same thing. He didn't even know if Kurt had told Logan about that part of their evening. For that matter, he and Kurt hadn't really discussed it this morning. Their mouths had been otherwise occupied, and pleasantly so.

After that, things had happened awfully fast. He knew he loved Kurt, he could feel it warming him right underneath his breastbone. He thought he might be in love with Remy, too, but... And now Logan was here, solid warmth and surprising kindness, and Bobby didn't have any idea what *that* was going to mean.

He sighed, allowing his lover and beloved to lull him back into sleep. They were right about one thing, at least. Some things would have to wait until later.

~To be continued in Permutations part 5 - Fall~


Mein Liebling = My love
Mein Gott = My God
Mein Teuerste = My most precious