Permutations #7 - Surveillance
co-written with Swtalmnd [www]
Pairing: Bobby Drake/Remy LeBeau (Iceman/Gambit) and Kurt Wagner/Logan (Nightcrawler/Wolverine)
Category: Smut, humour, kink
Rating: NC17
Summary: What Logan and Kurt were doing during Cherry.
Series: "Permutations, or, What Happens When Sick, Sick Women Try and Think of as Many Kinky Ways to Pair Up their Favourite X-Men as Possible"
Notes: Logan speaks fluent German in canon, and this is the first time he and Kurt have been alone since Felt, so we decided to take advantage of it. Trust us, nothing they say is crucial if you want to wait until the end to check out the translations.

Logan's sensitive nose twitched as the acrid tang of brimstone filled the room. He didn't mind the smell, though, since it came with the wonderful bonus of furry blue arms wrapping themselves around him. Kurt perched his chin on Logan's shoulder and peered at the monitors, where Remy was being accosted by an enthusiastic Bobby.

Kurt's breath tickled a little as he murmured, "They make a great couple, ja?"

With a twinkle in his eye, Logan turned to capture his lover's mouth for a hot, sweet kiss. Just a hint of cherry from his prior activities, and plenty of passion. "Ja, mein geiler Traum. And soon we'll be joining them."

"Geliebter," Kurt let out a soft purr and nuzzled against Logan's neck. "Should we also get, ah... reacquainted... while we wait?"

Logan laughed softly, turning around in his chair, deliberately brushing against Kurt's prominent erection. "Preppin' the boy got ya hot, elf?"

Kurt curled his tail into Logan's lap and down the waistband of his loose jeans. The soft fur tickled and aroused his already-sensitive cock, and he almost didn't catch Kurt's quiet reply. "No more than watching has gotten you, Rudelfuhrer."

Kurt didn't give him a chance to respond, either, instead capturing his mouth in a fierce kiss, rough tongue stroking Logan's lips, demanding entry. Logan obliged him with a moan, teasing himself by caressing Kurt's tantalizingly sharp fangs with his own tongue, almost but not quite hard enough to break the fragile skin there. Kurt's hands made short work of his jeans, hands urging him to cant his hips up so the tail could slide them down and away.

Nimble, blunt fingers worked at the buttons of Logan's shirt, while Logan threaded his hands through Kurt's hair and held on. He didn't often get the chance to just sit back and be done, and he wasn't going to let this one pass by. If age had given him one advantage, it was patience, and he'd let Kurt do whatever his little heart desired. Especially when that desire seemed to involve undressing and pleasuring him.

He'd gone for easy access when he'd dressed earlier, a soft ivory flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up, loose jeans and bare feet well used to the cold. Now he was glad of his choices as the fabric fell away, leaving him exposed to the teasing gaze of his lover.

Kurt stepped back, grinning proprietarily as he surveyed the image before him. Logan, sprawled languidly in the chair, shirt open to expose his wide, hairy chest, cock jutting aggressively out of a thicket of wiry pubic fur. An answering grin played around Logan's mouth as he spread his legs languidly and said, "There's lube and condoms in my jeans."

That was all the invitation Kurt needed to enjoy the feast set out before him. He set his tail to retrieving the lube and condoms, setting them on the floor next to the chair before diving back in to taste. His hands ran up and down the strong legs, spreading them a little wider with each pass, pulling Logan down so that his ass was barely in the chair. His mouth found first one flat little nipple, then the other, teasing them to peaks, nipping at them with his sharp teeth in a way that made Logan gasp and moan.

The taste was intoxicating, rich musk and salt sweat, the dense fur so much coarser than his own catlike coat. As he licked his way lower, he lifted Logan's thighs in his hands, whispering "Ich muss dich kosten, alles was du bist."

Logan's reply was a low growl of German, "Ja, Liebling, ich gehore vollig dir." The sound of his native tongue from his lover's lips sent an electric thrill down Kurt's spine as he sucked at the fold of Logan's hipbones. Unable to resist, he spent several minutes exploring the sensitive skin, feeling his lover twitch and moan.

Well, if he'd ever thought Kurt was incapable of torture, he didn't now. The rough almost-tickling rasp of Kurt's tongue around his hipbones was both exquisite and maddening; his asshole felt needy and exposed, and his cock twitched every time Kurt's ear brushed against it. He put a fist in his mouth to keep from moaning, swearing or begging, all of which were trying to escape his tight control.

The real problem with being on the bottom, Logan was remembering, was that you didn't get what you wanted when you wanted it. He took his fist away and took a deep, calming breath, which hitched in the middle as Kurt began carefully grooming the dense fur around his cock. Wet sandpaper caresses slipped against the base over and over, the sensation just on the border of pain and pleasure.

Kurt's forgotten tail chose that moment to make its presence known, the flexible tip caressing gently down the side of his face. With such encouragement, Logan found he could do nothing but close his eyes, lean back and let things happen. Harsh pants became breathy moans, and then even those were impossible as Kurt made his way down to Logan's balls.

One was sucked entirely into the unsafe haven of Kurt's fanged mouth at the same time that the tail-tip demanded entry into Logan's own. Kurt teased and tormented, and Logan returned the favor lick for suck. He brought a hand up to grab the tail, the better to give what he was getting, and instead Kurt released his legs long enough to bring both of Logan's hands down to hold them.

Logan was once again forced to relax and enjoy himself, or give up the exquisite sensations and take the initiative. As Kurt's wet tail trailed down his neck to tease at his nipples, he reminded himself that patience had its rewards and opened his legs a little further. Logan's eyes flew open in surprise as Kurt responded by opening his mouth and taking Logan's entire sac into it, his tongue teasing the sensitive center seam, cheeks bulging like a chipmunk.

The sight would have been funny if it didn't feel so damn good. Logan cried out as teeth closed ever-so-minutely on his sensitive flesh, and Kurt did a suck-and-pull that almost sent him over the edge. He found his mouth once again full of tail as the maneuver was repeated, and he practically jumped out of his seat when Kurt's hands came around his legs to tweak at his nipples. He was being bombarded, his cock and ass feeling as though an electric current was wired from his balls to them, one touch away from exploding.

"God, I'm gonna... Nh! Come... if ya...." Logan trailed off as Kurt's let his balls go with one last jolting suck. Cold air was blown over the damp flesh, and he shivered and moaned again. Kurt soothed him, hands caressing over his chest, soft gentle licks to his inner thighs bringing him down from the edge while keeping his passion burning high.

Kurt did his best for Logan, not wanting this to end too soon for either of them. He glanced over at the screen and froze for a moment, mesmerized by the sight of Remy sliding into Bobby like a man coming home, his expression one of bliss mixed with disbelief. The uncertainty in his features crystallized Kurt's resolve that this was the right course for them -- priesthood or no, it was his calling to help such damaged souls heal as best he could.

A soft whimper from Logan brought him back to the delicious task at hand, and Kurt finally decided to cut to the chase. He nuzzled Logan's balls, then rasped his tongue over Logan's tender opening, and was rewarded with a deep growl. Taking that for encouragement, Kurt began to prepare Logan much less gently than he'd done Bobby earlier.

Knowing now that Logan enjoyed those sparks of pain in his pleasure, Kurt used the sandpaper texture to his advantage, scraping over the hole again and again, making it raw and open for him to fuck. He plunged his tongue inside, scraping and exploring, loosening and tormenting. Above, his hands resumed their teasing, and his tail gave Logan's mouth something to do. As much as Kurt wanted to hear his lover beg, he knew that they had to show a little discretion or they might end up caught.

He could feel Logan approaching the edge again, and Kurt took his hands and tail away to prepare himself to finally plunge into Logan's waiting ass. Once prepped, he stood up and back for a moment, breathing deeply and taking in the sight before him. Logan's head was thrown back, eyes tightly shut and mouth open. A soft whimper escaped him when Kurt's tail ghosted over lips red with desire. The strong, aloof man was holding his thighs open and back, exposing his neglected cock, tight balls and open, pink asshole. The shirt framed his dark chest hair with soft ivory, the whole image intoxicating and irresistible.

Kurt dropped back to his knees and lined his cock up with Logan's waiting entrance. "Gonna fuck you now, Rudelfuhrer," he said, teasing the opening with his cock, feeling it resist oh so gently.

Kurt's low growl sent a thrill up Logan's spine. The implication, of pack leader being dominated, fucked by one of his pack was one that excited him. As Kurt probably knew it would. Everything Kurt had done was designed to bring him to a peak of desire, burning so hot that their session in here would only make him hungrier for Remy later.

As Kurt slid into him, Logan began doing multiplication tables in his head. He was so close, and he wanted this to last a little longer. He thought about upcoming missions. He felt Kurt brush across his prostate, felt his lips close on a nipple. He thought about the economy. His hips began moving of their own accord, little thrusts that met up with Kurt's hard strokes. All the teasing was over now, and Kurt's lube-slick hand closed on Logan's aching cock.

He glanced over to the monitor, saw Remy collapse, spent, on top of a grinning, exhausted Bobby. He couldn't even remember what two times two was, and finally gave up the ghost. He let the tide wash over him, sensation drowning his brain in adrenaline and natural opiates. He felt his cock spasm in Kurt's hand, felt Kurt sink his teeth into Logan's shoulder. He give one last thrust and came as though that was all he'd been waiting for.

Logan finally let go of his legs, wrapping them around the taut form of his lover. He brought his arms up to hold him close, feeling his cock jerk once more as the pain of the bite hit his spine with a tingle. "Ja, mein libeling. So verdamt gut."

Kurt's tongue flicked out to lick the already-closing wound, and he went limp in Logan's embrace, cock still buried in his ass. The coppery taste of the blood intrigued him, and this time he allowed himself to enjoy it instead of wallowing in self-recrimination. Logan's soft words had undone him, denying the inner voice that tried to reject the rightness in what they were doing.

Kurt smiled softly as he replied, "Ja, Geliebter, gut."

Logan reached out and turned up the sound on the kitchen monitor, showing them Remy and Bobby deep in conversation, although happily still in one another's arms. A minute later, Kurt pulled gently away, saying, "Well, that's our cue."

"Bobby?" God, it was so hard to think like this. Sprawled over a warm body, in a rather compromising position in a *very* compromising location.

"Mmm?" Bobby sounded like he was lightyears away.

"M'be we should get off de table, neh?" Anywhere else, and Remy would have loved to stay like this forever. "B'sides, aren't you not a bit uncomfort'ble down dere?"

"I'm more than fine, Remy, don't worry." Bobby lifted a hand to lightly caress Remy's back.

The slow, soothing strokes were almost enough to lull Remy back into post-coital bliss, but his instincts told him not to get too used to it, not to let down his guard. He buried his face against Bobby's neck and let out a breath he wasn't even aware of having held back. 'Just don' 'ave a fuckin' breakdown, LeBeau, not now, not wit'...'

"Remy...?" Bobby's fingers continued up Remy's neck, to run through his damp hair, then around to cup his chin, urging him to lift his head.

Remy resisted, breathing shakily. It had felt so right a moment before. The intimacy, the love he'd thought he'd seen in Bobby's eyes. What if it had been wishful thinking on his part? If all that would ever come from this was sex? Not that Remy would normally be the one to complain, but if all he wanted was sex, he'd go find it elsewhere, not with someone he genuinely... loved.

Bobby used a little more force, and Remy finally gave in, dreading what he might see. Still, he couldn't quite get himself to look the other man in the eye. Soft fingers touched his cheeks as Bobby raised his head to kiss Remy's lowered eyelids, startling the thief into opening his eyes.

"I realize I haven't really said this before, but..." Bobby tilted his head and pressed his lips against Remy's, tongue slipping out to lightly coax his lips apart.

Remy couldn't really remember ever having been kissed quite like this. With so much care and affection, a slow burning need covered in something he didn't quite dare label love. When Bobby pulled back, Remy felt every bit as dazed as he'd been right after the sex, perhaps even more.

"...I love you, Remy." The confessions was accompanied by a shy, sincere smile and another slow kiss. The words might have been whispered, but for all Remy knew they had been shouted out, echoing through his mind and soul, putting most of his doubts and fears to shame. Before he could answer, Bobby hushed and put a finger on his lips. Arching an eyebrow, Remy held his breath.

"There is something else... Remy. It doesn't mean I love you any less, nothing will change my feelings for you." Bobby swallowed hard, eyes pleading for Remy to understand.

Remy let out his breath, nodding lightly for Bobby to continue. He finally broke eye contact with Bobby to rest his head on the man's shoulder, closing his eyes. He was both curious and a little afraid of what Bobby had to say.

"First, I need to ask you something, Remy, something you might not want to answer..." Without waiting for an answer, Bobby continued. His voice took on a little anger. "Why won't you let anyone close enough to love you? I know you've been hurt before, but still, you can't just shut me out." He must have felt Remy's urge to answer, as he squeezed a tense shoulder, reminding Remy that he had agreed to let him finish. "Why does it seem like you can't believe anyone here could ever love you -- the right way?"

In the following silence, Remy tried hard to come up with the perfect answer, but he couldn't quite put words to it. Still, he felt he owed Bobby to at least try. "Ah guess Ah've just had a hard time imaginin' anyone 'round 'ere feeling anyt'ing but hostility or contempt towards me. Even if Ah earn back de team's confidence, Ah will still 'ave a hard time believin' any of you will evah want to... soc'alize wit' me 'gain." Now that he had begun spilling his troubled mind, he couldn't quite bring himself to stop. "If it were de ot'er way 'round, Ah doubt Ah'd ever trust me again."

Remy looked back up, his heart beating as if he was seeing Bobby for the first time, beating as if it had stopped at some point, just given up and given into the self pity he seemed wallow in. "You're something special, Bobby -- You know what Ah did and still you tell me you..." Remy swallowed hard, hating himself for not being able to use the right words.

"Would it surprise you if I told you I'm not the only one who feels like this?" He frowned for a moment. "Okay, it probably runs a little deeper with me than with the others, but they still love you, and they hate seeing you like this as much as I do." A deep sigh of annoyance left Bobby, as he bit his lower lip thoughtfully. "You're gonna let this eat at you for so long that you'll end up a hollow vessel, no heart, no soul." He held up a hand to keep Remy from interrupting. "I can't allow that to happen, Remy, I won't and neither will the others."

"Bobby, what... who...?" This was getting more and more surreal by the minute. "And what do you mean by 'others'? Dat's a laugh. Ain't no one else here dat even t'inks twice about me." Though there had been Logan....

"Remy, you have been so busy running and hiding that you haven't given any of us a chance to show you, to get you into the idea as gently as we'd like, but you need to know, before we can show you..." He shook his head to let Remy understand that he hadn't finished his tirade.

And it wasn't as if Remy knew what to say. All he could do was blink in surprise and let Bobby continue.

"Remy, it might come as a surprise, but both Kurt and Logan feel the same -- and if I'm not mistaken, they should be here any minute to prove it to you themselves." be continued in Permutations 8: Fulfilled

Language Notes:

Geliebter = lover
Ja, mein geiler Traum = Yes, my hot dream.
Rudelfuhrer = pack leader
Ich muss dich kosten, alles was du bist = I have/want to taste you, all of you
Ja, Liebling, Ich gehore vollig dir =Yes, love, I'm all yours
Ja, mein libeling. So verdamt gut = Yes, my love. So goddamned good
Ja, Geliebter, gut = Yes, lover, good