Permutations #9 - Rendezvous
co-written with Swtalmnd [www]
Pairing: Bobby Drake/Remy LeBeau/Kurt Wagner/Logan (Iceman/Gambit/Nightcrawler/Wolverine)
Category: Smut, humour, kink
Rating: NC17
Summary: The boys go out on an official date.
Series: "Permutations, or, What Happens When Sick, Sick Women Try and Think of as Many Kinky Ways to Pair Up their Favourite X-Men as Possible"
Notes: Audienced by various people, you know who you are, and betaed by the ever-patient juice817 and sailorstyx.

Bobby looked at himself in the mirror, unexpectedly nervous. After everything he'd been through in the last week, even after waking up that morning tangled in the limbs and affections of three of the most powerful X-men, it wasn't until *now* that he was nervous. He straightened his black bow tie, the only spot of darkness on his brand-new, snow-white, double-breasted suit. Even his polished, pointed shoes were a shiny white. He slipped on the ice-blue sunglasses he'd gotten to go with it, crossed his fingers, and went out to the common room.

All his breath seemed to leave his body, evaporated in a sudden, painful blast of lust as he saw what awaited him there. The first person his eyes were drawn to was Wolverine. He was lounging against the back of the sofa, leather-clad legs crossed at booted ankles, broad chest covered in a tight black t-shirt. "'Bout time ya got here, kid, we were worried you'd chickened out," he said, motioning to the other two.

Nightcrawler looked almost as stunned as Bobby felt, but no less sexy for all that. "Mein Gott, Bobby, you clean up nice," said Kurt, voice strained. Another shock ran through Bobby as he finally processed the clothes, black vinyl so tight he'd think it was an illusion if Kurt had his image inducer turned on. The cropped vinyl tank top was little more than an afterthought; it and the pants were both open at the sides, held together by large metal o-rings that gave tantalizing glimpses of soft fur.

Remy walked up behind him, draping an arm over Kurt's shoulder and making them both look like an invitation to sin. He was wearing the same jeans he'd worn that first, fateful night, and Bobby's fingers twitched in memory of the feel of that soft cotton under his hands. A black fishnet shirt highlighted the muscles in his chest and stomach, and his ubiquitous black trench coat hung open, framing the delightful view.

Bobby felt acutely self-conscious, and overdressed. "Uh, am I gonna be OK wherever we're going?" He made a motion to turn, wanting to flee in the face of, well, them. "I could... uh..." he trailed off as the three of them closed in on him, Remy and Logan each putting an arm around him, Kurt activating his image inducer before wrapping himself around Logan in a manner Bobby was completely positive the Catholic church would disapprove of.

"Yer not gettin' 'way from us dat easy, mon cher! Remy likes you just de way you are," he said, as they gently led him out of the common room toward the garage.

A shocked gasp met them as they entered the hallway, followed by an increasingly high-pitched litany of, "Gambit? Iceman? *Wolverine?* Oh my god, is that *Nightcrawler*?"

"It was me last I checked, ja," replied Kurt, laughter hinting around the edges of his words. Bobby had tensed up, afraid the other three wouldn't want to be outed so soon, but his fears were allayed when the two arms around him tightened protectively.

"Hope you didn't have any plans, tonight, Scott," said Logan, his voice amused. "We're gonna borrow your bike and your car, hit a few clubs."

Scott's face went from white to red in record time, mouth opening and closing a few times before he managed to stammer, "Y-you... what?"

"Don' worry," said Remy, grinning wide enough to split his face in two, "Remy will take good care of yo' cah."

Bobby wisely kept his silence, unwilling to get in the middle of anything despite his physical position. He did, however, slide one hand down to cup Logan's leather-clad ass, slipping his fingers into the tight back pocket. He could practically see Scott's eyes bugging out when Remy leaned in to nuzzle at Bobby's neck, exposing one of the many love-bites adorning Bobby's body.

"Danke!" said Kurt brightly as they brushed past Scott in a line, not bothering to untangle themselves, and headed for the garage. Bobby breathed a bit easier as they sped out on their way with no further encounters, he on the passenger side while Remy drove Scott's 2-seater. Logan rode the bike, Kurt plastered to his back. At least, Bobby thought wildly as they passed the car with ease, neither of them had clothes on that would create the least bit of wind resistance.

The hostess at the restaurant didn't seem to know whether to ogle them or kick them out. Logan chuckled to himself as Kurt smiled disarmingly at her and asked after their reservations. Bobby's eyes seemed to be bugging out of his head, and Logan followed them to the zipper bisecting the shiny globes of Kurt's ass. Logan was amused to note that the image inducer left the zipper in, but edited out the opening that accommodated Kurt's tail.

"Nice view, huh, kid?" said Logan softly, leaning provocatively into Bobby's personal space.

Bobby blushed and mumbled something agreeable. Logan grinned, amused that he could so easily discomfit Bobby, a man who had previously seemed completely impervious to embarrassment. He leaned in farther, letting his breath tickle Bobby's ear as he whispered, "I helped zip him in."

Bobby's breath left his body in a gasp, his blush deepening, and Logan was willing to bet that the lovely double-breasted suit jacket was hiding the better part of his reaction. Logan himself had been half-hard the entire time, and who wouldn't be with such a feast before them, and the knowledge that it was theirs for the taking?

Kurt was smirking when he turned back to the group, saying, "It'll be a few minutes. Our table isn't ready yet." His eyes were sparkling with mischief as he said, "I think they're looking for a more secluded spot to stick us."

"Probably wise," said Bobby, smirking, slinging an arm over Logan's shoulder. Bobby's arm slid down Logan's back, sending shivers up his spine and blood to his cock as the cool hand came to rest just above the waistband of his low-slung pants, fingers dipping in to tease at the top of his crack.

Logan was a little surprised at Bobby's forwardness, but he wasn't about to complain. It was rare these days for Wolverine to find men willing to treat him as an equal, and he was coming to realize that this strange little pack of theirs fulfilled needs in all of them. He licked Bobby's ear in response, and was moving in for a proper nibble when the hostess gave a delicate cough and announced that their table was ready.

They followed her, swaggering proudly past heads turned for once because of something other than their mutations. She'd found them a corner booth, and Logan slid in to take a middle seat, Kurt on his left, Remy on his right and Bobby on the end, at Remy's right. They sat much closer than was really necessary, given the available space, and there was quite a bit of jostling and groping before they all settled down to peruse the menu.

Logan chose quickly, and looked around for mischief to pass the time until they ordered. Kurt shifted next to him and the glint of silver caught his eye; he grinned, scooting closer to his lover. He ran a hand up the outside of Kurt's thigh, then around back to cup at his ass. Logan lightly squeezed the disguised tail he could feel wrapped around Kurt's waist, then ran a teasing finger down the rear zipper, until he found the opening where the two zippers met and the tail emerged.

He was gratified by how easily the lower zipper parted as he nudged it, the soft sound lost amid the buzz of conversation. Despite having helped Kurt into the pants, he was still surprised when his questing finger encountered the unmistakable slickness of lube. Kurt jumped as Logan's fingertip slid over his opening, and a low growl escaped Logan's throat.

The waiter chose that moment to arrive, and Kurt made as if to move away. Logan grinned ferally and slid his finger further in, netting an undignified squeak from Kurt and a raised eyebrow from their waiter. "My name is Pepe, and I will be your waiter for today, okay. Are you ready to order?"

Pepe turned expectantly to Bobby, who said, "Sure, I'll have the carpaccio, gazpacho soup, and chicken Caesar salad. Oh, and the strawberry lemonade." Only his twinkling eyes gave any sign that he had a clue what Logan was up to.

"Very good, okay," said Pepe, inclining his head inquiringly at Remy.

"Remy will 'ave de Lasagna, wit' de 'ouse salad an' de same lemonade," he said, leaning back and putting his arms around both Bobby and Logan as Pepe took their menus.

"With the house dressing as well, okay?" asked the waiter, and at Remy's nod, his gaze moved on to Logan.

"I'd like the Filet Mignon, very rare, with the minestrone soup and a beer," said Logan, pointing nonchalantly at the menu with his right hand even as he began fingerfucking Kurt in long, slow strokes with the left.

"Bira Moretti?" asked the waiter, and when Logan grunted his assent, he turned finally to the blushing Kurt.

"Ach, I will have the seafood special I saw on the board," he said, his voice only wavering slightly when Logan gave a slightly more forceful thrust.

"Excellent choice, okay. Soup or Salad?" Pepe's face was professionally blank, but something in his stance told Logan that the waiter also had a suspicion that Logan's missing hand was up to something less than innocent.

"S-soup, please, the gazpacho," stammered Kurt, and Bobby giggled.

Pepe raised one more sculpted eyebrow, divested them of the last of their menus and asked, "And to drink, sir?"

Kurt looked almost panicked for a moment at having to make yet another decision, and the waiter took pity on him, saying, "A Chardonnay would go well with your seafood, okay?"

"Of course, w-whatever you suggest," said Kurt, relieved. Logan pulled his finger out and began to rub maddening little circles around his opening, around and around the sensitive, puckered skin. The waiter gave an ironic little half-bow and turned away with a very gay flourish.

"Oh, and ice water!" Bobby called after his retreating back. Once Pepe was out of earshot, Bobby turned to Logan and said quietly, "I don't know exactly what you're doing, Logan, but it's evil and you should definitely keep it up."

Dinner continued in that vein, with innuendo flying above the table and hands wandering below, until they were all so hot and bothered that Bobby started to worry that Logan might throw someone down on their half-finished food and have at right there in the restaurant. Fortunately Pepe brought the check quickly and sent them on their way, getting a very nice tip and, Bobby thought, his ass grabbed by Remy in the process. They'd planned to go out clubbing, wanting to celebrate with a bit of bump and grind on the dance floor, but once they got out into the cool night air the vote to return home for a more private sort of bump and grind was happily unanimous.

They piled in and onto their various vehicles and made it back to the school in record time, and Bobby couldn't help but smirk when they got inside and found Scott still lurking in the lounge.

"T'anks fo' de ride," said Remy, tossing the car keys to Scott, who caught them on reflex and looked like he'd much rather have slagged them.

"Bike runs like a dream," said Logan, tossing those keys as well.

Scott's scowl might have been enough to chase them all out even if they hadn't had a much better destination in mind, but it was Bobby who drew the brunt of his ire by laughing aloud when Scott said, "Keep it down tonight, or I'm getting you all soundproofed quarters."

"We would be much obliged if you would," said Kurt formally, turning off his image inducer and wrapping his tail around Bobby's waist. "A bigger bed would help, as well, as meine Lieblinge are all quite athletic."

Scott's eyes bugged out, barely visible behind his ruby sunglasses, and this time everyone but Kurt cracked up.

"Speakin' o' which, it's time fo' dis Cajun to get to makin' some noise," said Remy with a leer, grabbing Logan by the waist and tugging him toward the door.

Scott was still sputtering as Bobby followed them out into the deserted corridors, but fortunately for them all, they made it to Remy's big bed without any more awkward encounters. Logan made sure to lock the door and turn the comm off while they all shed their clothes and dived between the covers, snuggling up in the bed with hands already finding their way to very interesting places.

Logan shook his head when Bobby buried his face against Remy's shoulder, body shaking with laughter. Riling up Scott was one of his own favorite pastimes, so he knew how much fun it was. Logan shared a grin with Kurt, who ran his tail teasingly up the inside of Bobby's thigh, turning laughter to moans.

Pushing off the sheets to make sure he could see it all, Logan turned to put a possessive hand on Remy's hip, sliding it downward, slowly. Remy was all wiry muscles and the red eyes that met his were sparkling with a mixture of mischief and heat.

When Logan's hand stilled on Remy's thigh, a strong, agile hand landed on top of it. "You gon' do somet'in' wit' dat hand or are you just browsin'?"

Logan cleared his throat and grinned as Bobby seemed to be writhing all over the place, Kurt's tail as fast and unpredictable as always. "I think," he said with a wink to Remy, "that we should join in the fun." He nodded at their bouncing bedmates.

Remy's quirky smile widened a little, and his other hand slipped up and around Logan's neck. A light pull and Logan willingly leaned down to kiss those teasing lips, letting the kiss turn deep and wet. His own body pulsed to the rhythm of it, and he wondered if he could come from that alone.

Although that would have to be an experiment for another day. Right now there were four of them, and he wanted some fun with the others too. Wouldn't do to blow his load this soon.

"Mein Gott, that is..." Kurt's voice trailed off.

"That's hot," Bobby whispered.

Logan pulled back from Remy and turned his head to find the two others staring at them. "Wha'?" he asked, trying to hide his grin.

"I want one of those," Bobby said with a laugh and reached out to pull Logan down and across for a kiss that was at least as lewd and wet as the one Logan had just gotten from Remy.

"Me, too," said Kurt, tugging at Remy until the whole bed was a tangle of limbs and claiming a deep, sweet kiss. He let his tail go wandering, slipping into Bobby's cleft and teasing at the eager hole there, his tongue sliding against Remy's all the while. "Wunderkerze," he breathed, hands tangling in Remy's long hair and a smile finding its way to his own mouth at the confusion on Remy's face.

"Sparkler," Logan explained, his mouth already moving down Bobby's lean form and leaving vivid love bites in its wake, and Bobby a pile of moaning goo from the attentions.

Remy laughed and shook his head, then kissed Kurt again, his fingers digging into the short fur and scratching as though Kurt was a cat, deftly enough that Kurt found himself purring, legs falling open invitingly even as his tail breached Bobby's opening just a little.

"S-slick," Bobby panted out, and Remy laughed and climbed out of the pile of bodies long enough to find a full bottle of lube.

Remy squirted himself a handful, spreading it on his own cock first before turning to Bobby and asking impishly, "Where d'you need it?"

Kurt poked his tail up in answer, and Remy's eyebrows went up, though he didn't hesitate to reach out and spread gel on the whole tip, right up to the fur. "Danke," said Kurt with a leer, and it disappeared back to its original destination, sliding in easily now and getting a moan from Bobby, who was already looking nearly gone.

"Do Logan bottom 't all?" Remy asked, eyeing Logan's upturned ass while Logan's face buried itself in Bobby's groin.

Kurt smirked and nodded, but felt the need to warn him, "Better ask nicely, though, he's a wicked hand with those claws of his." Kurt shivered at the memory of the three of them in the shower and the tiny droplets of blood that had run from Bobby's back, the perfect marking of wings that were already nearly healed, the cuts had been so fine.

"Do it," said Logan shortly, before devouring Bobby's cock with a single-minded intensity that Kurt could only envy.

Remy didn't need to be told twice, but he stopped and gave Kurt another deep kiss before moving behind Logan, his feet nearly dangling off the end of the bed. Kurt turned his attention back to Bobby, though he couldn't help but watch for a moment as Remy sank two long fingers into Logan's body.

"I want to fuck you," said Kurt in Bobby's ear, nipping with sharp teeth at the sensitive shell. "You want mouth or ass, Liebling?"

"Taste, want to taste you first," Bobby gasped out, and Kurt was quite satisfied to straddle his face and fill the gaping mouth while his tail continued its work at the other end.

Remy stared at the other two for a moment, then came back to, as Logan threw a pillow at him.

"You'll get your turn with the tail," Logan said with a nasty grin. "Right now I think you had something else to do?" With that he turned his head back to swallow down Bobby's cock once again.

Shaking his head to clear it, Remy looked down at the hairy body. To think he'd been on his own this long; he felt like he had been thirsting for years to finally get all the water he could ever drink. Slowly he pushed one finger along the crack of Logan's ass.

Logan's head came back up. "I ain't fragile," he grunted.

Remy's grin widened as he pushed his finger in a lot harder and a whole hell of a lot faster. This time Logan's body shook a little. For a pushy guy, Remy thought, Logan sure was accommodating... when he wanted to be.

Adding another finger, Remy tried to concentrate on keeping his own arousal at a manageable level, but it was hard to do with the grunts and moans from both Kurt and Bobby.

"Merde," Remy muttered to himself. To hell with nice and slow. Logan had said he wasn't fragile and Remy knew he couldn't wait much longer. He'd been half-hard for hours and he had a very inviting ass right in front of him. With a shrug, he grabbed his own cock hard enough to stem off any accidents and pushed the tip inside the tight opening.

Logan growled around Bobby's cock and pushed back as much as he could without losing the rhythm he had going.

Remy took a deep breath, put his hands on Logan's hips and pushed harder, sliding in half-way without too much trouble. Since Logan wasn't complaining, Remy thrust harder than he would with most other people and a moment later, he was buried completely inside Logan.

It took a few deep breaths to keep his control, but then it was there and Remy could pull out a little, making another hard roll of his hips that obviously found the right spot. Logan's body shook this time and the noises he was making in his throat only made Remy move all the faster and harder on the next thrust.

Bobby felt himself drowning, as though the big bed were a lake of pleasure and they were pushing him under with every thrust, twist and suck. Logan's mouth took on a rhythm that matched the sounds coming from Remy, and Bobby could only imagine how it must look for Logan to be shoved forward on each thrust, Bobby in one end and Remy balls-deep in the other.

Not that Bobby wasn't plenty occupied himself, his mouth full of the smooth length of Kurt's delicious cock and his ass being skillfully opened by Kurt's agile tail. He wasn't going to last long at this rate, not with the way the tail tip was massaging his prostate from the inside and Logan's callused knuckles nudged it from the outside, not to mention Logan's mouth on his cock.

To Bobby's surprise it was Kurt who came first, crying out something incoherently German-sounding as he spilled down Bobby's throat. Bobby followed right on after, though, apologizing mentally for not being able to give Logan any more warning than a muffled moan, his mouth still full of Kurt's softening cock.

"Gott, mein Liebling, you've a mouth like sin itself," said Kurt, moving away so that they could both watch as Remy drove roughly into Logan's body.

"It's a natural talent," said Bobby with a smirk, though he wasn't too far off -- he'd never given a blowjob before Remy, but he'd taken to cock like a fish to water, once he'd had his first taste.

Logan swallowed, wiping his mouth and grinning up at them. "One of you wanna give a man a helping hand?" he asked, giving his own cock a single demonstrative stroke.

"I'll do better, Vielfrass, and give you mein Arsch," said Kurt, tail slipping out of Bobby's body much to his regret, only to return to its welcome haven after handing Bobby the bottle of lube. "If you will kindly get me ready?" he said, straddling Bobby's chest in the other direction this time, tail looping up over one thigh and leaving his violet-tinged entrance temptingly exposed.

Bobby slid in one finger and found Kurt still mostly ready from earlier, his own body clenching in sympathy at the memory of their teasing during dinner. He added two more in deference to the thickness of Logan's cock, but it was still only a dozen strokes before Kurt pulled away, saying, "That's enough."

"Get under here, then, I want somethin' hot to be buried in," said Logan leaning back into Remy, who kindly slowed to gentle rocking while they rearranged.

"Ja, sehr gut," said Kurt impishly, and Bobby moaned at the brush of soft fur over his sensitive front as Kurt flipped himself over and wriggled down his body, ending with his head pillowed on Bobby's chest. He gave one of Bobby's nipples a sharp nip, and Bobby moaned, though his eyes never left the place where Logan's cock was preparing to plunge deep into Kurt's waiting body.

The first push inside was slow and controlled. The second was a little harder as Logan found Kurt's body welcoming him in. He'd wanted this since the restaurant and with Remy rocking slowly into him, he couldn't really be in a better place.

Catching Bobby's heavily lidded eyes, Logan grinned and shoved in a lot harder, making Kurt bite down on Bobby's nipple a lot more sharply than he'd probably intended.

"Gott, I'm so..." Kurt began, but Logan could see that Bobby didn't mind and shut him up with another deep thrust.

It took a moment for Remy to get the rhythm as well, but as always the thief was damned good at playing it by ear and before Logan knew it, he was pulling out of Kurt, impaling himself even more on Remy, then back inside Kurt with Remy sliding out a little.

"You gonna make me do all the work?" Logan grunted.

"Oui," Remy said, laughter evident in his voice. The strong fingers gripping Logan's hips tightened a little. "Big strong man like you, you can take it."

Logan laughed as he sped up a little. "I can take it."

"Can take us all," Bobby mumbled, licking his lips.

One of Remy's hands left Logan's hip and buried itself in his hair, yanking his head back as Remy plastered himself against Logan's back. An awkward turn of his head, and Logan got himself a slow, wet and nasty kiss.

Remy shoved harder inside him and Logan let the thrust drive him hard and deep into Kurt, who buried his face against Bobby's chest, mewling with each move.

"'M gonna come," Remy mumbled against Logan's mouth.

"Don't hold back on my account," Logan gasped, tightening his ass around Remy's cock.

"Merci," Remy gasped, letting go of Logan's hair, gripping his hips with both hands. The thrusts became faster, if possible even harder and Logan allowed himself to ride them for a few moments, letting them drive him into Kurt.

Remy's body shook against his back and Logan felt the erratic thrusts becoming shorter and slower as Remy tried to control his release. Impressive, Logan had to give him that, as he felt the heat spreading inside his body.

Muttering something inaudible, Remy's sweaty body covered Logan's as all energy seemed to leave him.

Not that Logan cared all that much. He rolled his hips with short, punishing thrusts and felt Kurt tightening around him, almost milking his cock. Aw hell, he was the last one anyway and Logan let his own control go, thrusting until he felt his release gripping his balls, then gentled a little, wanting to last as long as possible.

Kurt had grown hard again from the fucking, and he could feel Bobby's cock, hot and hard against his furry belly, and thought perhaps they all ought to come. He tightened around Logan, angling his hips to get the most sensation out of Logan's wicked thrusts, and wrapped his own cock in two loops of his tail. His mouth began to work more intently at Bobby's nipples, biting and licking them while his tail kept up its wicked teasing, twisting and thrusting into Bobby's tight, hungry ass.

"Gonna fill you up," said Logan, his voice low and wicked as it rumbled in Kurt's ear.

"Ja, ja," Kurt agreed mindlessly, nearly ready to come once more, feeling greedy and naughty for seeking a second release when Logan was only now having his first.

Remy hissed, still buried to the hilt in Logan's ass, his body a warm weight across Logan's back, pressing them all into Bobby just a little further. Logan growled and bit down on the back of Kurt's neck, unmindful of the mouthful of fur as he spilled himself into Kurt, his hips moving in short little thrusts timed with the pulses of warmth.

"God, please, want to come again," Bobby pleaded, hips thrusting up into Kurt's stomach.

"Sounds good to me," Logan agreed, wrapping his hand around Kurt's cock, the other arm trembling just a bit from holding himself and Remy both up off of Kurt and Bobby.

"I, too," said Kurt, losing his grasp of everything as Logan's fingers tightened their grip, spilling himself onto the sheets beneath him with a wordless moan.

Bobby arched up shamelessly, wanton and needy now that the other three men had come, his legs spread as wide as they could go. "Please, oh please," he cried softly.

"Remy can take care o' dat for ya, Bobby," he said, and Kurt felt the weight above him lighten as Remy pulled out, then lift entirely when Logan followed suit.

Kurt shifted himself, curling his body around Bobby's and leaving the boy's cock to twitch helplessly in the cool air. It didn't suffer long, though, as Remy's lips descended over it, taking the whole thing down in one practiced movement.

"Yes, oh yes," said Bobby, thrusting into Remy's welcoming mouth with a low, needy moan. Kurt pulled his tail out and thrust one thick finger in its place, and that was all it took for Bobby to shudder and come, his whole body arching up as he poured his pleasure into Remy's waiting throat.

Remy swallowed it all down, finally sliding his mouth off Bobby's cock. Resting his head against Bobby's belly, he closed his eyes and sighed deeply. Around him there was a lot of shifting and he wasn't sure who pulled him up and pushed him down into Bobby's arms, nor did he care.

Kurt curled up around him and Logan's heavy hand found a rest on his hip after having pulled the sheets back up. Bobby's embrace was sleepy and warm and all together sweet.

Remy yawned as he let the others bully him into a sleeping position that allowed them all the best possible comfort. Yeah, they'd need another bed. Bigger. Probably sturdier too. Though right now? Remy was still completely blown away by the fact that the bed he'd occupied on his own for so long was now filled with three additional warm bodies.

A muttered good night rumbled through Bobby's body, with answers behind him and Remy got enough of a 'good night' out of his own, though he wasn't sure if the others had heard him. Well, they sounded as sleepy as he did, so he figured they'd gotten the idea.

Warm, soft fur shifted against his back and Remy sleepily thought how he could get used to that. He hadn't been this warm and comfortable in ages. To think that having a hyper Bobby in his bed had resulted in this?

It really blew him away. Him, the always unflappable thief? Yeah, he'd been flapped so much he wasn't sure he'd ever get his bearing back. Weren't none too sure he wanted that too much either.

Scott sulked in the lounge, fondling his keys and pondering the unfairness that left him kicked out of Jean's bed for the night while the four of them romped around like... well, something unflattering. Then he went to his room, right next door to Gambit's rather over-occupied room, and sulked some more. After he got tired of hearing the cries of "Oh, yes," and "Mein Gott," filtering through the wall, he got up and began pacing the halls.

"Scott," came a tired, gentle voice from behind him, and Scott turned to find Xavier in his chair, looking concerned. "Why aren't you in bed?"

Scott flushed, but figured that Xavier probably knew by now anyway. "Got tired listening to the orgy next door."

Xavier's eyebrows went up, and Scott bit his lip, realizing he'd just outed Wolverine to their team leader, if inadvertently. "And just which of the X-Men have decided to, er, team up, as it were?"

"Gambit, Iceman, Wolverine and Nightcrawler," said Scott a bit miserably, remembering the four of them decked out for a night on the town.

"Ah," said Xavier, "Although I'm a bit surprised, to say the least, perhaps it is for the best." He paused for a moment of thought, then continued. "If it seems like it's going to be a long-term arrangement..."

Scott held up his hand, defeated. "They already asked for bigger, soundproofed quarters. I'll go ask Hank to start drawing up plans to expand Logan's rooms; he's got the best bathroom of the four of them."

Xavier smiled mysteriously and said, "Excellent. I'll leave you to it, then." He was nearly around the corner when he called out softly, "Oh, and Scott... Why don't you go visit Jean? I think she'd be amenable to helping you to vent some of this frustration before it consumes you."

Scott let his head hit the wall with a resounding thunk, then gathered up his tattered dignity and went in search of Hank's laboratory, trying not to think about Xavier thinking about him and Jean.

Some days, he really hated his life. be concluded in Permutations #10 - Unwind

Language Notes: mein Gott = my God
ja = yes
Danke = thank you
meine Lieblinge = my loves
Wunderkerze = sparkler, lit. magic candle
Liebling = love
Gott, mein Liebling = God, my love
Vielfrass = wolverine. literally, glutton
mein Arsch = my ass
Ja, sehr gut = yes, very good