co-written with Swtalmnd [www]
Pairing: Bobby Drake/Remy LeBeau/Kurt Wagner/Logan (Iceman/Gambit/Nightcrawler/Wolverine)
Category: Smut, humour, kink
Rating: NC17
Summary: The foursome you've all been waiting for.
Series: "Permutations, or, What Happens When Sick, Sick Women Try and Think of as Many Kinky Ways to Pair Up their Favourite X-Men as Possible"
Notes: I swear, we WILL eventually finish this... (Xim) -- or not...

Remy froze. Bobby couldn't possibly mean... He couldn't have really just said that there were others already on their way to the kitchen, to find them like this. To... participate. "Wha'...?" Remy pulled back, unsure of how to react. "Bobby, wha's de meanin' a dis? Dis your idea 'f a pity fuck?" Scrambling back a little, Remy felt his hand slip on the edge of the table. A last minute twist of his arm and he managed to keep himself from falling to the floor.

"Remy, please, it's not meant as a... a pity fuck," Bobby tried, his voice not nearly as calm as it was meant to be. "We care about you, please, let us..."

"Who's dis 'we' you talkin' 'bout? What you been up to while Remy's away, Bobby?" He tried not to let the hurt and suspicion into his voice, but he saw it reflected in the worry in Bobby's eyes.

"Remy, I... God, I don't know how to say this... After you left and didn't come back, I wasn't sure how you felt..." Bobby let the whole story pour out of him, starting with Valentine's Day, all his guilt and uncertainty, everything he'd been doing since the morning after their tryst. And, as Remy discovered, he'd been up to an awful lot. When Bobby finally ran down, a long, painful silence fell between them.

"Bobby..." Remy began, flinching as Bobby's hand brushed his arm. "Of all people Ah t'ought you'd..." Bowing his head, Remy refused to continue. How the hell could he have been so stupid? He'd put his heart on a silver platter and handed it readily to the younger man. And now he was given this... speech about... what exactly? That Bobby had... Remy suddenly realized that there were miles between the Bobby he had made love to a few nights earlier, and the man he'd just had sex with, that he should've seen that Bobby was suddenly far more experienced than he should be after their one night.

"Remy, look at me... please." Bobby's voice was low, but he didn't try to touch Remy again. Finally, drawing a deep breath, Remy looked up into the soft, blue eyes, filled with worry, and what Remy wasn't sure he could allow himself to interpret as... love.

"Why?" Remy croaked, not even sure what exactly he was asking.

Of all the whys Remy could be asking, Bobby chose to answer about now, tonight, and Remy wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing. "Because we love you, because *I* love you, because this can be something wonderful, something we can all benefit from." Bobby paused for a moment, blinking hard. "You most of all... I hoped it might make you happy. 'Cos if you could be happy, I'd..." He shrugged, unsure which words to use.

Remy drew up his legs, resting his forehead on his knees. He felt vulnerable, not just because of his obvious physical nakedness, but he was well aware of he was standing at one of life's more important crossroads.

This time he didn't pull away when Bobby's arms slipped around him, gently rocking him back and forth. "Please," came the repeated whisper in his ear. Remy finally turned his head a little, searching blindly for the other man, lips brushing over salty cheeks to find the familiar firm lips.

"Please try, Remy, please let yourself believe, for you, for us." Bobby held him, for how long Remy didn't know, but at some point he became aware of a warm presence behind him, slim, wiry arms slipping around his waist, hugging him close to a silk-like warmth. And somehow, Remy found a part of himself that would allow him to trust, once more, in someone else.

"Just lie back and let us do the work," said Kurt, running a hand up Remy's chest. Bobby couldn't quite believe they were really doing this; even after everything that had happened to him in the last week, being naked in the kitchen with Nightcrawler and Wolverine, getting ready to give Gambit a therapeutic fuck... well, that was just a lot for his brain to handle today. Or any day for that matter.

"I want you in me," he said to Remy, kissing him deeply. "I will always want you in me." Remy just nodded, a stunned expression on his face. Bobby spared a thought for Remy's well-being and tried to concentrate on going slow, but a quick glance showed that everyone there including the Cajun was already wound pretty tightly.

Logan walked over, cherry lube in hand, and said, "I wanna love ya, Remy. Will ya let me?"

Remy's eyes grew wider and he nodded. Logan leaned in and kissed him deeply, running his empty hand idly over Remy's torso. Bobby began to nibble on Remy's neck, and Logan's when it presented itself. All that flesh and they both tasted so good, but with subtle differences -- like peaches and apricots, almost the same thing but indefinably other.

Small nipping bites down Bobby's spine made him moan into Remy's neck. That had to be Kurt, rough tongue and gentle caresses, who worked his way down to evidently assure himself that his earlier preparations were still good. One of those thick fingers slid easily inside and Bobby squirmed, trying to get it as deep as it would go. Instead it withdrew and he felt his hips being guided, lifted, until he was straddling Remy.

A condom-covered cock was guided to his entrance and he obliged Kurt by sitting up and tilting his hips down. Bobby felt something click as Remy slid into him, and yeah, maybe after the last few days his ass was starting to feel a bit like Grand Central Station but this, this was it. This was where it all started, in the kitchen, him and Remy and all that caffeine and sugar and *need* and oh, God he was moving.

"Fuck!" So *fucking* right and suddenly there was a cock at his lips, too, violet and smooth, and a blue furry belly bowed down and away, bending over backwards. Kurt fit so perfectly in his throat he couldn't help but wonder just where Logan was in this little tableau.... Not that he had any more available holes, but just to complete the picture, make sure they had all the elements accounted for before proceeding to final countdown.

A strangled moan from Remy and warm kisses across the back of his neck gave him the answer. Logan had left off kissing to prepare Remy, and god if that image alone didn't make his brain want to explode. Instead he concentrated on moving his hips in a slow rhythm, opening his throat for Kurt and not coming too soon. Kurt's cock left his lips for a moment and then he felt the weight on his shoulders as Kurt leaned back and impossibly further back, Bobby's forgotten hands coming up to support the blue-furred hips and guide the cock back to his mouth.

Kurt wrapped his tail around Bobby's erection, and a quick glance down that arched body showed him that Kurt's mouth was busying Remy's with deep, upside-down kisses. Bobby let out a strangled moan as the body beneath his tensed and he felt Logan's heat all down his back. Now everyone really was accounted for, fucking and fucked, loving and loved. With the level of sheer heat in the room he didn't think anyone was going to last long, least of all himself, so he concentrated on pleasuring where he could.

He felt some of the weight leave him as Kurt hooked his legs over Logan's shoulders as well, his back in one long arc from knees to mouth. He used that additional freedom to increase his rhythm, taking Kurt as deeply into his throat as possible and matching Logan's thrusts into Remy with his own downward strokes. The slide of soft fur over his cock and balls was almost a distraction from the other pleasure, the feelings of heat and fullness and love from his new partners.

Tension coiled in Bobby's gut, gathering at the base of his spine and sparking outward in tingling jolts until he thought he might snap. He tried to distract himself by thinking of danger room scenarios, but that just reminded him that these men had more than just sex, they had intelligence, power and strength, which just made things oh so much better. He, Iceman, was sucking off Nightcrawler and riding Gambit, who was in turn being fucked by the redoubtable Wolverine.

It was all too much. Bobby let Kurt's cock slip from his mouth as he arched his head back onto Logan's shoulder and came. Once the whiteout had faded and the world returned, he recaptured Kurt's erection, this time using tongue and even teeth in earnest. Evidently his climax had had an effect on Remy as well, because he grabbed Bobby's hips and started thrusting up into him even as Logan's strokes grew harder, faster.

Bobby swallowed Kurt down, eager to give him the pleasure he was receiving. He slid a finger into his mouth to wet it and then felt down behind Kurt's balls for his entrance. Bobby was slightly surprised to find it tight and untouched, and the following image of Kurt fucking Logan was almost enough to bring his cock to life for a third round. He worked a finger into Kurt, finding his prostrate just seconds before he felt Remy stiffen beneath him, strong fingers digging into his hips as Remy spent himself in Bobby's body for the second time that night.

Logan's strokes behind him grew erratic, almost frantic, and Bobby put all his effort into making Kurt come. Remy continued to twitch inside him; he stroked Kurt's prostate in time to those twitches, feeling small aftershocks of pleasure running through his own body. Kurt's tail still cupped his cock and balls, and everything squeezed down in a way that made Bobby jerk and want to moan; only his mouth and throat were occupied with Kurt's seed.

Three down, and Logan to go, and from the sounds of his breathing he wouldn't be long. Blunt teeth found Bobby's neck and clamped down as Logan stiffened, filling Remy with hot seed. After a few moments of just breathing, Kurt flipped himself around and onto the table, grinning wide enough to show his fangs as he said, "Now *that's* love."

Logan pulled out and away from them with a soft grunt, and Bobby reluctantly moved to release Remy from his body. Kurt hopped off the table to find a roll of soft paper towels for them all to use for a quick clean-up, and Bobby just collapsed, half on the cool metal of the kitchen table, and half on Remy. He was exhausted, and all he wanted to do was curl up with his lovers and sleep for about a day.

Kurt helped to gently clean Remy, who had gotten the messiest by far. His chest was smeared with Bobby's come, which Kurt was tempted to lick off but far too tired to follow up on the promise that would imply. Instead he washed his new lover carefully, cleaning as much of that lovely lean body he could get his hands on. Then he moved on to the collapsed Bobby, wiping the last remnants of lube and kool-aid from his overheated flesh. They were all quiet in the aftermath of their lovemaking, but he knew there'd be more talking soon.

Logan came up behind him and pulled him into a hug, capturing his lips in a languid kiss. When they broke off, Logan asked, "So, who's got the biggest bed?"

Kurt laughed softly, nipping Logan's neck. Trust their de facto pack leader to worry about sleeping arrangements; it was true, though, none of them wanted to be without the others tonight. The bond they'd forged was still fragile, and it would take time, love and understanding for it to grow strong enough to support them through the kinds of trials the X-men endured.

Bobby moaned as he sat up and stretched, saying, "Not me, that's for sure. Three was too many for sleeping in my little bed, there's no way we're gonna fit four."

Remy raised his eyebrow at that, and Kurt worried for a moment that Bobby hadn't told him everything. Remy smirked slightly and said, "Y' didn' mention takin' out any time f' sleepin', Bobby."

That got a laugh out of all of them. Kurt thought for a moment and then said, "Well, I've got a queen, and I think you do, too, right?" He poked Logan in the ribs for emphasis.

"Yep. It'll be tight, but we'd fit," he replied, poking Kurt back.

"I... Remy got a Cal'fornia King," he offered, hesitant.

Bobby perked up at that. He looked adorable with Remy; this would be good for them both. For all of them, because even Logan needed to feel loved, needed something more than violence. Bobby wound himself tighter around Remy, snuggling him despite the cold table beneath them and said, "Ooooh, that's right! We're stayin' in your room from now on, then!"

"Wh-wha'?" said Remy. He was obviously overwhelmed by all of this, and now Bobby was threatening to move right in on him and never let him be alone again.

Logan let Kurt go and walked over to the lovebirds. He hopped right up onto the table and curled around Remy, heedless of the awkward position. He captured Remy's slack mouth, warming him up with a searing kiss. He pulled back, waiting for Remy to meet his gaze before saying, "You're ours now, Remy. Get used to it."

Kurt glanced at the clock and started to do a kamikaze clean-up of the evidence. Brownie mix dumped, bowl in the dishwasher, various liquids put away and the bottle of lube in hand, he quickly made his way back to the threesome on the table. "Move it," he said, prodding them with his tail. "I need to clean the table off. You three run to Remy's room and I'll join you there in a second, ok?"

Bobby yawned widely. Remy laughed and said, "A'right, y' got me. Ah know when Ah'm beat."

The three of them levered themselves up and began the perilous journey back to Remy's room, Logan taking point to keep an eye out for stray students. It really wouldn't do to have one of the kids see three senior X-men wandering the halls naked. Kurt laughed, realizing that neither Bobby nor Remy had remembered that they had left clothing scattered on the kitchen floor. Once everything was clean, Kurt gathered them up, along with the lube, and teleported to the surveillance room.

There, he added his and Logan's clothing to the pile of discarded things he was amassing. He then spared a moment to put a restricted access on tonight's kitchen surveillance footage; he didn't quite have the heart to erase it, and he had a feeling one or all of them might appreciate having the memory preserved. Or maybe he was just turning out kinky in his old age. He chuckled warmly and then rejoined the others with a soft *bamf* of displaced air.

They all climbed into bed, comfortably close and ready for a good night's sleep, Remy was sandwiched between Kurt and Bobby, with Logan at Kurt's back, tail curled around his waist. Softly, shyly, Bobby's voice drifted upwards on the darkness, "You guys all know I love you, right?"

Kurt was the first to answer, having grown used to Bobby's need for declarations. "Ja, Liebling, as you know I love you. As I also love Remy and Logan."

Kurt felt Remy stiffen in his arms, and he began to stroke soothing circles on Remy's stomach. Remy's voice was strangled, as though holding back great emotion when he said, "You, too?"

Logan beat Kurt to the punch, answering, "Of course. Why'd ya think we were here?"

Bobby rolled back over to face Remy, hands brushed along Kurt's fur as he rubbed Remy's back. "Remy, we know you haven't felt... accepted, since you've been back. But we've known you for a long time, and even though we don't know everything, we.... We do love you."

Remy's body was tense, as though holding back some great emotion. Kurt curled tighter around him, feeling Logan's hand move to rest on Remy's hip. "Wunderkerze, we are yours now, as you are ours. We know... I know you may not love me, but that doesn't change that I love you, Remy."

"Same here," came Logan's gruff voice out of the darkness.

"Me, too," added Bobby, pressing his lips to Remy's forehead.

The tension broke, and great, silent sobs began to wrack Remy's body. Kurt held him tight, knowing that sometimes being loved is the hardest thing to accept. Logan's hand began to stroke soothingly up and down Remy's flank, and Bobby peppered frantic kisses over Remy's face, whispering, "Please, love, please don't be sad. You don't have to... if you don't want... just please, don't be sad."

Remy shook his head violently, almost smacking Kurt in the chin. "Non! Non, s'not... Ah want, God Ah've wanted f' s' long... Ah jus' can't..."

"Sssh, it's ok, we know," said Kurt, his voice low and soothing. "Let it all out, Leiber. We're right here."

"We've got you," added Logan, emphasizing his words with a squeeze of his hand. Logan was pressed tight against Kurt, who could feel Logan tensing, needing to do something. A true pack leader, Logan hated to see any of his charges in pain.

Through soft words and soothing caresses they brought Remy down, the sobs quieting into little whimpers, until his body was limp with exhaustion. Logan got up briefly to bring tissues and a cool, damp washcloth for Remy to wipe away his tears and soothe his sore eyes. Once he was calm again, he turned onto his back; Bobby sat up on one side, and Logan and Kurt on the other, concern and love written on their faces.

"Y' really do love dis fool Cajun?" he said, voice rough. His hands reached out to touch their faces, each in turn, his expression one of tired wonder.


"Of course!"


The chorus of responses made him smile, and he held his arms out, asking and offering. Bobby curled up on one side, and Kurt on the other, head on his shoulders, while Logan did a completely unexpected thing and curled up between Remy's legs, resting his head on one slender hip. Kurt carded his fingers through Logan's hair as Remy said softly, "I t'ink... Ah know Ah love Bobby, dat much be obvious, even t' Remy. An'... Ah t'ink dis feelin' inside, it be big 'nough for all t'ree o' ya."

Kurt felt the purr gathering low in his throat, and he drifted off to sleep with soft giggles from Bobby in his ear as Remy asked quietly, "Does he always's do d'at when 'e's 'appy?"

...to be continued in Permutations Part 9 ~ Rendezvous

Language notes:

Ja, Liebling = yes, love
Wunderkerze = sparkler, lit. magic candle
Lieber = dear