Permutations #5 - Fall
co-written with Swtalmnd [www]
Pairing: Bobby Drake/Kurt Wagner/Logan (Iceman/Nightcrawler/Wolverine)
Category: Smut, humour, kink
Rating: NC17
Summary: General kinky sex, lots of it <grin> and the boys make plans for a certain thief.
Series: "Permutations, or, What Happens When Sick, Sick Women Try and Think of as Many Kinky Ways to Pair Up their Favourite X-Men as Possible"
Notes: Nora, this is for you, baby-doll! Audienced by various people, you know who you are. Beta read by Vaysh, brave woman!

Logan opened his eyes. Not his room, not his bed. He looked down, blond head resting against his chest and a blue furry hand resting on his hip. The intercom chimed again. Oh, that's what had woken him. He wasn't normally this buzzed when he woke, but considering what he, Kurt and Bobby had been doing, his mind was allowed the off-time as far as he was concerned.

He considered getting up and answering the intercom. He sighed. He kinda had to, since his two teammates seemed to be able to sleep right through it. He wriggled his way out of Bobby's arms, lifting Kurt's hand gently and draping the arm over Bobby instead. Cute picture.

He hadn't expected any of this when he'd made his move on Kurt that night. And he'd certainly never expected to get Bobby as well. Logan had never really looked at Bobby like that, though he had to admit the kid was sweet - and very much the cuddling type. And Kurt obviously liked him - a lot. It made him wonder about his own feelings. He'd taken a chance with Kurt, a chance that seemed to have paid off. He'd noticed the way Kurt talked to Bobby, the sweet words. And if he had doubts about the elf's feelings toward himself, they had been put to shame when he'd looked into Kurt's eyes.

He still wasn't entirely sure about his own feelings, but he wasn't regretting his actions. He wasn't that much of a fool. He scowled at the intercom. He had to stop it before it woke Kurt and Bobby. They seemed to need the sleep. 'Protective, much?' he thought to himself, as he punched the com.

"Yeah?" Logan tried to sound casual. It was, after all, not his room.

Silence and static noise greeted him. "Logan?" The voice sounded... puzzled.

Oops, Jean's voice. He considered pulling up every mental defence he'd learned since he'd joined the X-men, but shrugged. 'Who cares - we're all adults here.' "Yeah, it's me."

"Ahem, we missed some of you guys during breakfast. And lunch." Jean sounded neutral again. "Just thought it was a good idea to check up on you." She paused. "After the mission." //Logan, I was a little worried about some of you,// Jean continued inside his head. She obviously wasn't alone.

//Don't be.// He knew exactly who she was referring to when she said 'some of you'. //We're working on it,// he added, as an afterthought. He could feel Jean's reaction to that. The way she was puzzled by it, then seemed to catch up to something. He could almost feel her blush. Ok, he hadn't been shielding one bit, he had to admit that. His lips curled back in a mischievous grin. Why waste energy on hiding this from her - she was after all one of the most powerful telepaths in the world, it would be a waste of time. Besides, he was sure Jean could handle the knowledge.

//You just... keep working on it.// It hadn't taken Jean much time to get a grip on her reaction. The voice in his mind once again pleasant and caring. And a touch of something else. Logan had the distinct feeling that the redhead actually found this... cute.

Jean tried the intercom link to Remy's room again. Still no answer. She gave up trying to look for him with her psi-powers. It never worked with Remy when he didn't want to be found. She was worried about him. And a little about Logan too. She sighed. She'd started trying rooms at random, this time deciding on Bobby's. Well, he might know something. Besides he hadn't joined the rest of them at breakfast or lunch, either. It was weird since he rarely missed a chance to eat. Especially pancakes, which were always on the table.

She had almost given up when the intercom was finally answered. It took Jean a few seconds to place the voice. "Logan?" She double checked. She *had* called Bobby's room. But Logan confirmed it. "Just thought it was a good idea to check up on you - after the mission."

She continued to voice her concerns through telepathy, as Scott returned to the kitchen. He'd seemed on edge since the mission yesterday, no need to remind him by showing how worried she was about two of their team members. She switched off the intercom, but continued her psi-link with Logan.

When he assured her that there was no need for worry, she caught a few images, emotions. No, there really didn't seem to be any need to worry about Lo... Oh, they hadn't - they wouldn't... Jean blushed deeply, earning a strange look from her husband. She shook her head, not trusting her voice. And Logan wasn't even trying to shield his thoughts.

They'd actually take care of Remy? The thought brought even more heat to her cheeks. She wasn't entirely sure that this was a good idea, but then again, she certainly couldn't reach Remy. Maybe they could. She reluctantly agreed to let Logan take care of it, her mind adjusting to the idea of them... aw, it *was* kinda cute, really. She broke off the psi-link and turned to give Scott a kiss. Come to think of it - it was kinda hot, too.

He turned to find both Kurt and Bobby looking at him, still sleepy, but curious too. He shook his head. "Just Jean 'mothering' us."

When they both simply shrugged, Logan looked at the clock on the nightstand. Well past lunchtime. No wonder his stomach felt a little empty. "Lunch?" he asked. Then he took a second look. Glanced down his own body.

"Shower," they all said, pretty much at the same time. Bobby laughed out loud. "Not my shower - we won't all fit!" Logan had no trouble catching the unvoiced part. Bobby obviously wouldn't mind a little fun in the shower.

"And how do you suggest we get to a bigger bath?" Logan couldn't help smiling. "I'd suggest mine, but Kurt's not up to teleporting two people. And my room is in the other wing."

"We walk." Plain and simple statement.

Kurt and Logan looked at each other. The kid had to be out of his mind. But still, it had a strangely appealing sound to it. Logan raised an eyebrow, looking questioningly at the elf. Whom, to his surprise nodded, a glint of mischief in his eyes.

A quick gathering of clothes for Bobby and the retrieval of Kurt's and Logan's, and twenty minutes later they slammed Logan's door shut behind them. All three of them were laughing a little breathlessly. It had taken all Logan's instincts and several detours to keep them from getting caught wandering the halls naked. They'd had a couple of close calls, but Logan had gotten them there without any incidents.

The adrenaline was still running high in his system and the idea of having sex in the shower - well, it was more than appealing. He pointed toward the bathroom while the other two simply dropped their clothes on the bed, and headed for the shower immediately. Kurt grabbed a bottle of something out of his bundle as he followed, and Logan raised an eyebrow at him as he started up the water, adjusting the temperature.

"Shampoo. Beast makes it for the two of us." Kurt shrugged.

"Aaah, yeah, I can see how that would help." Bobby said, as he stepped in after them, taking in the view.

Logan's shower was amazingly large. It reminded Bobby of one of those handicapped hotel bathrooms, and he realized it was probably meant for an injured person who wanted to take care of himself. Occasionally even the fast-healing Wolverine got hurt in a way that lasted longer than a few minutes, and he could nurse wounds in here as well as anywhere else.

"Wow, all these bars... just think of the possibilities!" Picking a spot out of the spray, Bobby hooked one foot on a floor-bar, bent over and stretched so his hands were on a railing high along one wall, his other foot going wide to catch a different bar on the floor.

He was totally exposed this way, but god it felt good just to stretch out and luxuriate in these feelings. He'd spent too many days worrying over his newfound desires towards his all-too-male teammates to take it for granted what Remy, Kurt and Logan had shown him. He wriggled his ass as much as the position would allow, taunting the two men with his charms.

Logan growled low in his throat. "We're never gonna make it to lunch if you keep doin' that, Icecube."

"So? Then we'll make it to dinner."

Kurt came over to him and ran his tail down from the nape of Bobby's neck to tickle at his still-slick ass. "Ja. Dinner is good."

Logan rolled his eyes. "Here we go again! The two of you certainly have some sex drive." He walked over to Bobby's other side, his finger following the same path as Kurt's tail, only in reverse. He tangled strong fingers into the short, blonde locks and pulled Bobby's head back roughly. "Not that I mind."

The pull didn't hurt, Logan had his hand buried near the roots and was using it like a handle, maneuvering Bobby's head around for a kiss. His back was arched, straining to keep hold on the bars both above and below as Logan went up on tiptoes to press his lips to Bobby's. Tongues tangling and Kurt wasted no time at all in going down in his usual squat to lick and nip at the tight globes of Bobby's ass.

Bobby's cock went from half-mast to full attention when Logan murmured against his lips, "Since you've laid yourself out for us, now you have to stay there. No moving, or I'll tie you down."

No reply he could make, with Logan's tongue once again down his throat. He could feel Kurt purring against his ass, bathing every inch of him with rough, vibrating licks -- except the inch he wanted. Kurt was very careful to avoid the aching hole, spread and open and needy though it was.

Evidently, although they were going to comply with his desire for another round before dinner, they were going to make it slow torture.

Bobby for breakfast, and Logan really could get used to this. He may not have looked at Bobby that way before, but his mental image had turned from joking kid to walking sex toy now. The noises he made in his throat at the least stimulation, the open eagerness to try anything once, and as many ways as possible afterwards, and just the incredible sight of his naked body spread out in blatant offering.

Logan ran callused fingers over Bobby's peaked nipples just to feel the moans against his throat. The room was filling with steam, and Bobby's chest was already starting to get slick with sweat and condensation. Kurt obviously had Bobby's lower half taken care of, so Logan felt it his duty to torment the upper body. He wondered... "How do you feel about knives, little boy?" Not the best time for such negotiation, but too late now.

"Nnng... You mean claws, don't you? God, that's fucking... Just remember I don't have a healing factor like you, ok?"

"No worries, Bobby." He grinned, pulling back just enough so Bobby could see the mixed desire, humour and confidence in his face. "Trust me, I'm an expert."


Kurt heard the murmured exchange, and tried not to think about how hot it made him. The remembered taste of Logan's blood that first night, the open trust and need in Bobby's voice and the soft sound of a single claw extending. 'Gott, you're a sick one, Kurt Wagner.'

Of course, there was the fact that both the other men were obviously enjoying this as much as he was; that assuaged his guilt a little, but he knew he'd be spending a lot of time in church when this -- whatever this was -- let up a little. For now, he just concentrated on making Bobby writhe, delivering soft nips with his sharp teeth to the sensitive juncture of thigh and ass, laving the perineum with his rough tongue, caressing the tense legs with his hands, teasing the cock with his tail.

He didn't want Bobby too close, though, so he contented himself with ghosting soft fur over the shaft, not enough to really get him off, just enough to stimulate him further. Sensation, that's what they were going to give their lover, drowning him with it instead of water, then pulling him up and bringing him gently to shore when it was over.

And then, food, of course. Kurt chuckled, letting the motion vibrate through his mouth to Bobby's skin. He turned his oral attentions to blonde-fuzzed balls, his own back arching, legs spread as he balanced himself with practiced ease. His own cock pointed up and out, just starting to tinge with violet at the tip. He caught it up with a single loop of his tail as he really began to get into his task.

'Right. Drive Bobby insane with pleasure. Uberhaupt nicht schwierig, den Umstanden nach.'

Insane with pleasure was a pretty good way to describe Bobby's brain right now. He'd tensed up at the soft noise of Logan's claw extending, expecting pain to follow any second. Instead, there'd only been the gentle tickling as it drew invisible patterns through the moisture gathering on his back. Logan was licking behind his ear, nuzzling down his neck, and tweaking his nipples to make him jump.

Bobby dutifully jumped, especially when Kurt's tail began ghosting equally feather-light touches over his cock. God, he thought he might lose it, but he knew that orgasm would be light-years away with these two in charge. He wasn't sure how he'd gotten himself into this, but he was happy he had. Kurt's sandpapery tongue was doing amazing things to his balls, and Logan was whispering something in his ear.

"Gonna go a little harder now. You say stop, I stop, no questions asked. This is all about makin' you feel good, so you gotta tell me if I go too far." God, when did Logan become so... protective? Of him?

The long, bright feeling of the claw sinking just that millimeter lower to scratch along his skin distracted him from any other thoughts. Kurt had both his balls in that hot mouth, and of course chose just that moment to scrape the tender skin with his teeth as he pulled slowly away. Bobby couldn't do anything but moan, desperate and needy.

Kurt came out from under Bobby just in time to see the first bright stripe of pink appearing in the wake of Logan's claw. No blood yet, but he didn't doubt there would be before the end, and Kurt wasn't sure how he felt about the way that image made him tingle. Ah, well, if circumstances like these were the only times he found it hot, Kurt figured he could handle it. 'It's a healthier way than some to deal with all the verdammte violence we see.'

He sunk his teeth gently into Bobby's ass again, right at the tender inside edge where the two globes parted to reveal the pink rosebud opening. He figured it was about time to give in to his own banked desires and get some part of him inside, but he wanted to lead up to it, teasingly, before he did. He bit the other side, furry cheek just brushing the hole, then trailed little kisses down from the very top of his exposed cleft to finally plant one on the puckered opening.

Bobby jerked slightly, and the first drip of blood went down. Kurt had to tighten the loop of his tail on his cock and close his eyes for a moment. Scheiss. *Fuck.* Maybe a priest wouldn't be the best choice to talk to about this. He only hoped Logan would be up for the conversation.

He kept his eyes closed, slowly tongue-fucking Bobby in deep, sensuous strokes.

Logan looked down at Kurt through the steam. He remembered all too clearly how the elf had reacted to blood the last time, and he reminded himself that Bobby wasn't the only one whose consent he'd needed to procure. Fuck.

Kurt was squatting down between Bobby's legs, his own spread out almost inhumanly wide to frame the straining calves. His indigo fur was dotted with little diamonds of moisture thrown off of the shower's steady waterfall, splatter and condensation giving him the look of a midnight sky. His eyes were closed, his tongue obviously buried in Bobby's ass, his expression one of mixed desire, guilt and determination. His flexible tail went down between his legs to loop once around the deep violet cock, then traveled up to disappear between Bobby's legs, presumably doing the same to him.

Logan knew he'd have a lot to talk about with Kurt when they had the chance, and he felt a stab of guilt of his own as he realized he'd pushed his lover's limits thoughtlessly, not once but twice now. The desire that was throbbing through his body at the steamy tableau was enough to push the guilt to the background, but he knew it wouldn't stay there.

He concentrated instead on making it hot enough for everyone that even Kurt would be able to submerge himself in passion, at least for the afternoon.

The little jerk of Bobby's had caused him to draw blood sooner than he'd intended, and he went back to tracing bloodless pink lines on the tender, moist flesh. The boy's moans were sounding strangled, and he thought that perhaps they were nearing the end of this particular session. He moved around in front of Bobby, standing between him and the wall, and captured his face in large, warm hands, single claw now retracted with the rest of them.

A deep kiss, hands tangling in the damp blonde locks, and the moans deepened, evened. Logan braced his shoulders against the cool tile and leaned his hips in, brushing his cock over Bobby's throbbing erection. Bobby's hips jerked again, and Kurt's face emerged, dazed, from behind him.

"I think he needs to get fucked for this last part, Kurt. Care to oblige us?"

"Ja, Geliebter." Kurt moved away, causing Bobby to whimper, only to return with the forgotten shampoo. A spicy perfume wafted up to Logan's nose, and he understood where that undertone came in both Beast's and Nightcrawler's scents. He captured Bobby's lips in another kiss, and saw Kurt lather up hand and cock simultaneously. No condoms in the shower, and that was yet another unwitting trespass they'd have to deal with later.

Bobby was begging for it almost before Kurt had even started the fingerfucking, his body open and ready from the last 24 hours of sex. Kurt decided to bolster his own self-control with a little gymnastics, he was so close to coming just from the view.

One thick blue finger was buried in the tender white ass, red bite marks adorning the rounded cheeks. A single line of bright blood mingled with the condensation and sweat as it trailed down Bobby's back, crisscrossing the pink scratch marks. Bobby's entire pale, slender body was stretched out before him, hands above his head, legs spread invitingly wide. Logan's strong, hairy form visible behind him, broader and so obviously in control of the whole encounter, fingers capturing Bobby's blonde head for another deep kiss.

Kurt flipped. He braced his feet against the wall, lowering himself onto forearms and elbows to get his hips to just the right height. He wouldn't be able to get as deeply into Bobby, but upside-down sex always did feel great on his balls. He used his tail to position his cock, peering up to watch himself. Three cocks in so little space, and all of them practically radiating need. Kurt slid into Bobby's ass, and watched his cock jerk, colliding with Logan's.

Kurt slid his tail so that a single loop was left around his own cock and balls, and then moved to capture both of the others in one tight coil, pulling their hips close.

"Fuck!" Logan looked down to see the blue tail pulling him towards Bobby by his cock. Blue legs framed the scene, the backs of his furry knees and strong calves visible as he braced himself against the wall. 'Now *that's* flexible!'

Logan arched his back for better balance. Still, at this point it would actually be up to Bobby to do all the thrusting, with he and Kurt both in such awkward positions. Bobby seemed glazed, so Logan whispered gently to him, "Move, Bobby. We're all yours, now."

Bobby moaned softly. He started to move, then shook himself and pulled his head away from Logan's now-loosened grip. He captured Logan's eyes with his blue ones, expression serious and needy. "More, Logan. Just once, mark me for real." Kurt's hips twitched, and he must have done something inside Bobby. "G-god, please!"

Logan raised an eyebrow, then nodded solemnly. A louder <*snikt*> and out came all six claws. Kurt moaned. Bobby moaned.

Logan growled and got his bearings, lowering the claws carefully to the inside of Bobby's shoulder blades, away from the spine. Bobby began moving his hips in earnest as they dug in just enough to cut, and drew out and away, a graceful pair of curving wings spilling red blood down in a trickling fall over the boy's ribs and back.

Bobby didn't know where he'd found the voice to ask, but bearing Logan's mark seemed more important all of a sudden. He'd expected it when Logan had asked about knives, and grown to crave it in the intervening space. It had taken all of his willpower to pull himself out of the endorphin haze he'd been riding and speak.

Feeling the way Kurt's cock had twitched inside him at the request, he knew he'd made the right choice. As soon as he heard the sound of emerging claws, he'd began to thrust, driving all three of their cocks into surreal motion. Steamy air, damp fur, spicy shampoo, one cock in his ass and another colliding with his own, and then the sharp sting of Logan's claws.

He came. They all came, their combined cries enough to bring down the house, had the room not been soundproofed.

Kurt's tail released him as he somersaulted out of his position to lie on the warm tile under the falling drops. Logan's claws retracted and strong arms came around to hold Bobby up, pulling his suddenly limp form away from the anchoring bars and into his embrace. They sank to the floor, Logan cradling him to his chest and murmuring soothing words.

The shallow cuts on his back stung, but he could tell the bleeding was already slowing. He was almost content to just like there in Logan's arms for an eternity, but he was a little concerned. "Kurt, you alive over there?"

"Ja, Liebling. I'm alive."

A blue form crawled through the steam to snuggle against them, wet fur surprisingly silky against his bare thighs. Kurt seemed... subdued, and Bobby exchanged concerned glances with Logan.

"You sure you're ok, elf?" Logan chimed in.

"Ja... Nein... Weiss ich nicht. The blood..."

Fuck. Bobby hadn't even considered that it might bother the seemingly unflappable priest-to-be. "God, Kurt, I'm so sorry... I didn't think."

"No, Bobby. If anyone's at fault, it's me," said Logan, sounding guilty. "I knew he wasn't so into it... Kurt, is it ok if I explain about the other night?"

"Ja, bitte." Kurt sounded almost relieved, as if getting something off his mind. Bobby tried not to worry.

"Hey, elf, I've got an idea. Why don't you curl up in Logan's lap and I'll work on washing all this fur you've kindly gotten wet for me." Maybe he could comfort him that way, since he got the feeling he was going to be otherwise kind of extraneous to the conversation.

The post-orgasmic weakness had subsided, and he felt up to moving over to retrieve the bottle. When he turned back, Kurt had taken his place in Logan's lap, straddling the larger man and leaving his back exposed for washing. Bobby squirted some of the stuff into his palm, and told his cock to just stay asleep as he became aware of the combined slickness of shampoo and Kurt's come in his ass.

He lathered up his hands. "Hair, too, right?"

"Ja. Danke, Liebling. Du bist mir so teuer." Bobby wasn't sure he was really happy that Kurt was still speaking in German. He got the feeling Kurt was hurting more than he was letting on.

Softly, afraid of what Logan would say, he replied, "I love you, too, elf. Don't forget that."

He worked on being as soothing as possible as he worked his hands through the midnight blue strands, avoiding Logan's sharp gaze.

"Well... You know Kurt and I were... together... the other night. When you and Remy..." Logan was a little uncomfortable, which was amazing considering what they'd just been up to. He'd marked Bobby, for god's sake, and here he was embarrassed to talk about his experience with Kurt.

"Yeah, I know." Bobby was working on Kurt's scalp, and Logan reached up to steady the blue head with his hands.

"Well, you also know he's got really sharp teeth."

Bobby blushed at that. "Um, yeah."

"You like that, too, huh?"

"Oh, yeah. He's always really careful, too."

"Yeah. Well, we were kissing, and I wanted to just feel it... I heal so fast, sometimes a little pain can feel really good to me." Logan cleared his throat, feeling something pass between them. Yeah, there was definitely more to Bobby than met the eye. "Well, I purposefully cut my tongue on one of his fangs, and he... he kinda freaked. He apologized a million times, and I promised not to do it again. I thought he didn't like it..."

Softly, Kurt interrupted. "Nein, Logan. I fear I liked it too much."

Bobby had finished with Kurt's hair and was now working his neck and shoulder muscles, simultaneously washing and massaging. Logan tilted Kurt's face up so they were eye to eye. "You could never enjoy the suffering of others, Kurt. A little stress relief between friends... or whatever this is... that's different."

Kurt's eyes focused on his, intent and slightly disconcerting. "Where do you draw the line, Geliebter?"

"Desire. Consent. I *wanted* to feel your fangs. Bobby asked me to mark him with my claws. Plus, there's no permanent damage. I was healed practically as soon as it happened, and Bobby's already stopped bleeding."

Kurt's twisted around, and Bobby obliged him by showing off his back. The cuts were already scabbed over, although Logan thought he might want to clean them better before they were done, and maybe put some ointment on them. Just because he never needed them himself didn't mean Logan had no first aid skills.

Kurt's face was lighter when he turned back to Logan. "Ja. Ich - ich verstehe. I mean. I understand. I'll have to think about it more, but..." He was interrupted when Bobby's stomach growled loudly. They all laughed, tension broken.

"Maybe it's time for us to move this along, and get some dinner?" Bobby asked, embarrassment coloring his voice.

"Yeah, sure. Here, give me some of that shampoo and we'll get Kurt here cleaned up in a jiffy."

They washed up quickly after that, mood light enough for a little horesplay. Bobby froze the shower into hail when Logan tried to rinse his hair. Kurt had used his tail to trip Bobby into Logan's arms, where he'd been tickled without mercy. Logan and Bobby both turned on Kurt and kissed him breathless under the warm spray.

Kurt teleported back to his room to grab some fresh clothes, and Logan stopped to put some ointment on Bobby's back when they got out. The cuts were scalpel-thin and shallow enough they barely showed at all. "You won't have any scars, at least." Logan said, finishing up and washing off his hands.

Bobby blushed and mumbled.

"What was that?"

Bobby looked up, shy desire in his eyes. "Too bad. I kinda liked the idea of having your mark on me. I mean..." Logan was surprised. He knew something had happened between Bobby and Kurt, some sort of declaration, although they'd been pretty circumspect. He hadn't expected it to include him, even if they'd been willing to share their bed with him.

Logan cleared his throat. This was just... "Yeah, me too." 'Where the hell had that come from? So much for self-censoring.'

Kurt walked back into the bathroom, dressed and sporting his holographic image inducer. Although he looked more normal, Logan found he preferred his friend blue and furry. And naked.

He grinned.

"Well, Icecube, I guess that's our cue to get dressed and get a move on. I'm so hungry I could eat a whole cow!"

"Steak, then?" Kurt asked, with a smirk.

"Oh, yeah." Came the simultaneous replies.

It was easily decided that dinner would be at the restaurant nearest the mansion, so it was only a short while later that they were sitting around a table. Their orders had been served and they sat in silence, enjoying it.

Kurt marveled at the way Logan kept eating, even after he and Bobby had given up getting as much as another bite down. His lips curled up in a grin. "Well, you certainly live up to your name, Vielfrass." He laughed when he saw the look Logan's face.

"Awfully funny, elf." He took another swallow of his beer. Kurt noticed how his eyes twinkled, Logan obviously enjoying this too. "The way you and Bobby have kept me busy I need to eat," he continued.

"Hey," Kurt tried to sound hurt, but didn't quite succeed. "I simply called you by your name."

Bobby looked at them both, not understanding what was going on, though he seemed to enjoy the friendly banter.

Kurt shrugged. "It's 'wolverine' in German."

"Yeah, right." Logan shot him one of his penetrating gazes, though most of what had been supposed to be a frown instead ended up a broad grin. "I'll just pretend you weren't commenting on my appetite."

Bobby gave up trying to keep track of Kurt and Logan's jokes and friendly teasing. He simply leaned back and enjoyed their company, mind drifting. He didn't quite know how, but his thoughts returned to Remy. He remembered Logan and Kurt promising to talk about it later. Well, it was later, but he didn't want to interrupt their carefree discussion.

He still hadn't seen Remy since the night they'd spend together, since before the mission, where, according to Logan, something hadn't gone quite as planned. If something had happened, something that had upset Remy, then Bobby *should* have been there for him. But he'd been busy with Kurt - and Logan. What if Remy needed him, what if this *something* had pushed him a little further, from the team, from the life Bobby wanted him to have? Bobby felt a sick turn of his stomach that had nothing to do with the amount of food he'd just eaten.

His face must have shown off some of his worry, because when he looked up again, his friends were looking at him in silence. Obviously expecting him to share.

A warm hand appeared on his knee, and to his surprise he looked up into Logan's eyes. He'd have expected to see such understanding in Kurt's eyes, but it was kinda weird to see it in Logan's. 'How odd,' Bobby thought. 'I actually think he knows how I feel.'

They both seemed to, as Kurt's hand came to a rest on Bobby's, flat against the table. Bobby closed his eyes and drew a deep breath. They really needed to talk about this. It was just so... hard to find a way to begin.

"I...," he cleared his throat, trying again. "I'm... worried about him." Now, it was done, said, out in the open. And he knew he didn't have to mention any names. "Logan, what happened during the mission?"

He needed to know. Bobby was fairly sure that if it had been an ordinary mission, then Remy would have come looking for him. Wouldn't he? 'You could have looked for him, instead of fucking Kurt and Logan.' Bobby shook his head; no time for regrets, he'd enjoyed his time with both Kurt and Logan and it wasn't like he could go back and change any of it. He didn't really want to. The only regret he had now was that Remy wasn't part of this. The scene with the three of them out together, enjoying dinner at a table for four -- it was... incomplete.

Logan squeezed his knee, the warm touch calming Bobby a little. "Remy violated Cyclops' orders. I was supposed to go in by myself through the back door." He leaned back in the chair, letting go of Bobby. "For some reason the com link didn't work, and when Remy spotted the ambush before anyone else, he decided to come in himself to help me."

"He's more of a team player than he thinks he is." Bobby wasn't aware of having said that out loud until both his friends nodded in agreement. Well, it was the truth. He was fairly sure that Remy saw himself as loner, not really part of the family. 'Family.' Bobby closed his eyes. Yes, that was it, wasn't it? They weren't just soldiers, they were an actual family and family didn't let anyone down, didn't leave anyone behind. 'OK, Robert Drake, quit the self-torture, 'cause that won't do Remy any good.' He cleared his throat.

"So, how do the two of you feel about bringing him into this?" He was fairly proud of the fact that he'd hardly blushed proposing that.

Kurt looked at Bobby, the proposition warming his cheeks. He realized that one of the things he loved so much about Bobby was his concern for others, especially people he loved. It made Kurt feel a little better, but he was still feeling pretty guilty about what they'd done, worrying it might push Remy further away from them. He didn't have to consider it for long. Nein, he wouldn't mind Remy joining the fun. Kurt looked over at Logan.

"Best idea I've heard today." The look in his eyes sincere and reassuring when he looked at Bobby. Kurt arched an eyebrow, and Logan continued, "We'll take good care of him."

Kurt's smile grew wide. "Ja, we'll leave it up to you, Rudelfuhrer." He couldn't help it. He'd never really seen Logan being this protective before -- but it was OK, it was kinda nice -- like a security blanket. The comment earned him a smirk from Logan and a puzzled look from Bobby.

Kurt leaned over, brushing his lips against Bobby's cheek. "Pack leader," he whispered softly.

Bobby looked up at Logan. "Yeah?" He flashed them one of his broadest smiles. "Cool."

Bobby felt really good now - much better than he had mere moments ago. But what could they do? They had to have some kind of plan. He bit his lower lip, looking at his two fellow conspirators. He actually had an idea. "So, how do we get Remy into this?"

He knew exactly how Logan and Kurt interpreted that question. He tried for his most innocent look, succeeding rather well. "Hey, I live by the rule that sex cures all." After that comment he couldn't keep a straight face anymore.

"Yeah, you *would* think that." Logan couldn't help laughing out loud. "But I guess it's a pretty good idea." Mischief lurked in the dark eyes. "We'll get him all dazed and then make him feel really appreciated." His gaze bore into Bobby's. "That's sorta what you had in mind, wasn't it?"

Bobby blushed furiously. "Yeah." That was all he could get out right now. Get Remy all dazed, that he had no problem with - no problem at all. As dazed as Remy had gotten him that night. He was aware of the silly grin he had plastered on his face. And even more aware of the knowing glances exchanged across the table.

Bobby was lost in thoughts for a moment. 'How to best dazzle Remy? He's probably tried just about anything'. Besides Bobby wanted it to be as special as the sex they'd had in the shower. He'd actually surprised Remy, and the chance had been worth taking when he'd seen the look on the man's face. The look of surprise in his eyes and of...

Bobby's thoughts trailed off. *Had* it been love? Or was he just kidding himself and not remembering well enough? No, there had been something besides pleased surprise and arousal, he was sure about that.

"So, how do we do it?" This was a group thing, so maybe the others had some good ideas.

Logan shrugged, and Kurt started to say something, but shut his mouth again, looking a little embarrassed.

"Kurt?" Bobby looked at him expectantly. Kurt was really good at coming up with interesting ideas for sex. Bobby knew that from personal experience. He was quite sure that Kurt blushed, though it was impossible to see in the low lighting of the restaurant.

"You know...," Kurt started, then cleared his throat. "You know how you ice over, in a thin layer?"

Bobby nodded. "But we've already done that." He blinked, ok, that had come out all by itself.

Kurt smiled, "I had kinda figured that out." His eyes sparkled, showing Bobby, that he thought of *that* as being hot. "I was thinking about flavouring the ice a little."

"Cherry." Bobby blurted out. He realized that his sub-consciousness seemed to be controlling this conversation. "I', noticed that Remy likes cherries."

He had -- really. Bobby had spend one morning watching Remy read the papers, popping one cherry into his mouth after another. How the sweet, red juice coloured those lips, how the pink tip of *that* tongue flicked out, licking it off. And the man had had no idea what he had been doing to Bobby. How tight his jeans had been that morning and every time the images had returned to him.

Bobby pulled himself out of the daydream, knowing that he'd have to stop now, before his cock got hard enough he'd have trouble walking out of here. It was difficult though, now that he knew what that wicked tongue was capable of.

Both his lovers were looking at him, broad smiles greeting him. "So," Bobby began, enthusiasm evident. "How do we do it?"

Bobby chuckled again.

Logan shook his head. They had left the restaurant and were heading back toward the mansion. He actually felt a little sorry for the waiter. Bobby had made one of his more - descriptive comments about Remy while the poor man was passing their table. The look he'd given the trio had made Kurt suggest that they take the explicit portion of their planning to a more private place.

Not that Logan was ashamed or anything, it was just that once Bobby warmed up on the subject of the thief, his obsession became quite clear. And his descriptions became extremely detailed. Of what Remy felt like, what he tasted like and so on.

Logan had also noticed the things he left unsaid. Bobby didn't mention his feelings for Remy, only the physical attraction. Though it was like reading an open book, watching the way Bobby's eyes shone whenever he mentioned Remy. How protective Bobby sounded, like he'd fight the world to keep his lover safe from harm.

It seemed Logan's suspicions were true. Bobby wasn't as shallow as most people thought; he just wore a more convincing mask than most of his teammates. He might come across as the team prankster and class clown, but underneath he cared for everyone he considered a friend, and even more for those few he truly loved.

They pulled up in front of the mansion, getting out of the car and heading for the kitchen. They checked up on the supplies and found it mostly stocked.

"We need to track down Remy," Logan looked speculative. "Maybe we should use the mansion's computer. Bobby, why don't you help me with that. I can always sniff him out if that doesn't work."

"We still need cherry flavoured kool-aid," Bobby put in, his enthusiasm once again making them laugh.

"I'll get that," Kurt volunteered, "Just meet me in my room when you're done, ok?"

Bobby's eyes shone with enthusiasm. "You got it, elf. Let's get 'Operation: Fuck Remy Senseless' underway!"

They could still hear the laughter as the elf *bamfed* out. Logan raised one eyebrow at Bobby, smirking, before heading off to parts unknown to look for Remy.

~to be continued in Permutations 6: Cherry...~

Language Notes:

Ja = yes
Nein = no
Bitte = please
Danke = thank you
Uberhaupt nicht schwierig, den Umstanden nach. = Not hard at all, considering the circumstances
Verdammte = damned (swearing)
Scheiss = shit.
Ich verstehe = I understand
Geliebter = lover
Weiss ich nicht. = I don't know
Du bist mir so teuer. = You are so precious.
Vielfrass = wolverine. literally, glutton.
Rudelfuhrer = pack leader