Permutations #6 - Cherry
co-written with Swtalmnd [www]
Pairing: Bobby Drake/Kurt Wagner/Remy LeBeau (Iceman/Nightcrawler/Gambit)
Category: Smut, humour, kink
Rating: NC17
Summary: Well, we can't let Remy wander around all on his own, now can we?
Series: "Permutations, or, What Happens When Sick, Sick Women Try and Think of as Many Kinky Ways to Pair Up their Favourite X-Men as Possible"
Notes: Nora, this is for you -- consider it 'punishment' for letting one little ficlet escalate into... well, this *g*

Bobby slid into the chair in front of the computer, punching in the codes and starting the search for Remy. He heard Logan clearing his throat behind him, obviously uneasy about something. Logan, uneasy? Bobby looked up and turned his head slightly to the right. "Yes?"

A moment of silence then Logan finally spoke. "Why are you doing this?" And when Bobby failed to answer fast enough, the gruff voice continued: "I mean, you've openly declared your love to Kurt and now you're pursuing Remy like it's a matter of life or death."

Bobby knew exactly where this conversation was going, and he was glad Logan had started it. He knew he needed to talk about this with someone. "I do love Kurt," he started, still staring at the screen doing its search. "And I'm also starting to think I'm in love with you." There, it was out, take it or leave it.

Logan didn't answer, but a grunt urged him to continue.

"But what I feel for Remy is something beyond that." God, this was hard to put into words when he, himself, wasn't even sure what it was. "I don't just love him. I don't want to see him hurt, I want him as close to me as I can possibly get him, I want to hold and protect and comfort him." It became easier to say, easier to find the right words. "I don't ever wanna see a repetition of what happened in Antarctica."

The thought of Remy alone in the freezing cold still made Bobby sick to his stomach. He had the utmost respect for Remy for coming back, for trying to fit into the team. He wouldn't have had the courage himself, or the self-control. God, he knew what Remy had done in his past that had set off the events, but no one deserved being left in a cold grave, buried alive.

Logan's presence faded as Bobby continued, needing to just get it all out. "Remy needs the help, he needs to feel he fits in, but most of all..." Bobby paused, drawing in a deep breath. "Most of all he needs me, he needs all of us, really -- he needs to be able to understand that while forgiveness isn't given easily among the X-men, at least the three of us can offer him a second chance. He needs somewhere to come *home* to, and I think we can be that home for him."

"But," Bobby cut off the words he could hear Logan getting ready to say. "I wouldn't ever be able to forgive myself if I hurt the two of you, either." He finally, slowly, spun the chair around, fixing Logan's gaze with his own. "And Kurt knows that," he sighed. "And I think you do too." He kept his eyes on Logan, as the man reached out and pulled him into a warm embrace, lips strong and warm against his own. Not as sexually charged as the previous kisses he'd received from Logan, but he could feel the effort put into it. It was full of strength, comfort, reassurance and... love.

They finally let go of each other, and Logan cleared his throat. "That's all I wanted to hear."

Bobby nodded. A smile finally spread across his face. He'd really needed this too. He looked back at the computer where the message on the screen told him that he'd had no luck locating Remy. "Well, you might as well get going, 'cause the computer came up with absolutely nothing."

He looked back into a broad, sincere grin. "No problem," Logan answered opening the door. "You just go over to Kurt's room and get ready, I'll find the kid for ya." The grin turned a little feral. "No one's ever been able to hide from me and I have no plans for changing that now."

He closed the door behind him, leaving Bobby to his own thoughts. 'Maybe I should have a talk with Kurt about this, just to be sure...'

Kurt's room was lit with candles everywhere. Bobby was amazed; he hadn't suspected his lover had such a romantic streak. The bed was swathed in white sheets, and sprinkled with red rose petals. A bowl of presumably cherry kool-aid, a Japanese paintbrush, a small pile of hand towels and a bottle of something were laid out on a night table next to it. Kurt was perched naked on a low stool next to the bed

"Wow, Kurt, this is really nice. I didn't know you had it in you!" He stopped, stunned, just inside the door.

"Tonight is very important to you, Liebling. I wanted every part of it to be special for you."

"I... thanks, Kurt. You know I do love you, right?" Bobby hung back, suddenly nervous again. What had he done to deserve such devotion, such kindness?

"Ja, teuerste. I love you, too. Very much so." Kurt stood up, moving forward to take Bobby's hand. "What's wrong, Bobby?"

"I... Logan and I talked. I just... You understand why I have to do this, right? Why I want us to do it together?" Bobby allowed Kurt to lead him over to the bed, both sitting down to talk to each other. He absentmindedly noted the crackle of plastic under the sheet -- Kurt had thought of everything.

"Ja, of course. Remy needs us. I think we all need this, in our own ways." Kurt pressed a soft kiss to Bobby's lips before leaning back, expression open and understanding.

"Yeah. I just... I love you and Logan both, but Remy is... he hurts so much, Kurt. I care so deeply for him, and not just because he was my first guy."

Kurt raised one eyebrow. "The other night with Remy, that was your first time?"

Bobby blushed, squirming. "Uh, yeah... I mean, I'd been thinking about guys for awhile, but... I didn't have the courage to do anything about it until Remy..." He trailed off. Kurt and Logan had gotten an earful of details earlier, he didn't want to go into it now.

"Then I'm doubly honored, that you could accept and love me so readily, mein Liebling." Kurt pulled Bobby in for a deep kiss, one that conveyed all the emotions they were both feeling. "Let's get this show on the road, so you can show Remy how much you love *him*, Ja?"

"Yeah." Bobby stripped, giggling. "You realize the irony in you making me cherry-flavored for Remy, right?"

Kurt grinned. "*Oh*, yeah. You're gonna *love* this." He handed over the mysterious plastic squirt-bottle.

It was lube. Cherry-flavored lube.

Bobby laughed.

Bobby had looked so adorable when he was talking, all shining love and shy uncertainty. Kurt knew that his beloved had come to him already in love with Remy, as he had been in love with Logan. He didn't have a problem with that, far from it. Kurt could only be happy that they were going to work something out, and he could see many advantages to this arrangement.

Not the least of which was a naked Bobby now lying face-down on his bed. "Ok, Bobby. I'm going to use a paintbrush and kool-aid, just as if I were painting. You need to freeze right after the brush, so you don't catch the bristles, but not too late or the design will run."

"No problem. I'm smarter than I look." Bobby was still grinning, face half-buried in the sheet and rose petals. Kurt hadn't been able to resist when he saw the bouquet at the grocery store, and he'd felt amply rewarded by the expression on Bobby's face.

"Ja, you are much more than what you let on, mein teuereste." He arranged himself comfortable, and dipped the brush into the red liquid.

"What does that *mean,* anyway?"

Kurt was blushing, glad the fur hid it. "My precious."

Bobby got an evil glint in his eye. "Like 'the Hobbit'?"

Kurt swatted him on the ass. "No, not like 'the Hobbit.' Sheesh."

"Heh." Bobby rolled back over, and Kurt reloaded the brush. A shiver ran through Bobby as the brush traced a path down his skin, cold liquid leaving a trail of red-and-white ice behind it like an expensive special effect.

"Do you want me to flavor all of you, Bobby?" Kurt asked, tail ghosting over his cleft.

"Oh! Yeah. That would be... yeah." Kurt squirted some of the cherry lube onto his tail, thinking it had never seen so much action as it had in the last few days. Not that he minded, quite the opposite in fact. It had always been like another hand to him, anyway, more than the extraneous limb most people seemed to think it was.

Bobby didn't seem to mind, either.

"Ooooooh, yeah." Bobby moaned softly as Kurt slid his tail inside, fucking him gently while continuing to draw curving, asymmetrical designs.

Kurt had made the kool-aid cold, just the way Bobby liked it, though Bobby was pretty sure he'd never said anything to his lover about his temperature preferences. The cool tip of the brush caressed him, tickling and leaving a tingly trail behind as his powers iced him up. He couldn't just lose himself in the sensations, either, because otherwise he'd end up humping against the soft rose petals tickling at his front, a silken tease against his hard nipples and harder cock.

Kurt kept all the sensations gentle and soft; even his tail inside Bobby stroking in slow, deep motions. Nothing managed quite to send him towards release, keeping him instead balanced on the razor edge of desire. Bobby felt this was a better test of his powers than any danger room scenario -- he had to keep perfect concentration and fine control over his powers in the face of the amazing things Kurt was doing to him. Bobby managed not to ice up over the brush itself while following right in its wake, and then keeping all the delicate ice flexible enough he could shift and move.

Once he was satisfied with the back, Kurt ordered Bobby to roll over, pulling his tail regretfully out of the way and wiping it off.

"God, you're good with that tail." Bobby said as he turned gingerly over, trying to maintain the integrity of his back. "Plus, being with you is teaching me all sorts of new control over my power. First Solero Ice, now this." He put his arms behind his head, lounging indolently, legs spread invitingly.

Kurt took the invitation, slicking one thick finger and transferring the brush to his tail. "I think you're ready for this, now, ja?"

"Oh, yeah," came Bobby's hoarse reply as the finger sunk deeply into his now-cherry-flavored ass. "I'm gonna be *so* ready for Remy. God, if it wasn't for him... I *need* to get fucked, and soon!"

Kurt moaned at that. His own cock had been rock-hard since Bobby had first lie down. "Nein, don't tempt me, Liebling." A few more swipes of the brush, ice over one nipple, leaving the other bare flesh. An irregular spiral up the twitching cock, leaving the head bare. He was just putting a few idle designs on the arms, thighs and face when the intercom beeped.

"Logan here. I found him."

"Great. We'll go get set up in the kitchen, then. Kurt out."

He got up, wiping off his hands and tossing Bobby his jeans. "Just jeans, I think. We want Remy to see my lovely artwork. You look good enough to eat, Bobby Drake."

"I... Really?"

Kurt walked up and licked him, rough tongue scraping over the one bare nipple. "Ja. Now hurry up or I'll end up blowing you *and* the surprise."

Kurt grabbed the lube and a pair of shorts, hoping they wouldn't meet anyone in the halls. He was feeling too edgy for clothing, really, and his arousal was painfully obvious, tenting the loose material. Bobby had his jeans on and was rummaging in the desk.

"Condoms," he explained, holding up half a dozen by way of explanation. "Think these'll be enough?" He gave Kurt a sultry look.

Kurt grinned. "For now, Liebling. I think that soon enough we'll be getting Beast to examine us all and make them unnecessary, anyway."

Bobby's face lit up, desire eclipsed by love and joy. "Really? God, I hope so..."

"Ja, Liebling, me too."

Bobby and Kurt made it down to the kitchen in record time, and got the rest of their supplies laid out. Cherries, chocolate syrup, coffee, cherry lube, peppermint tea, brownie mix. Kurt kept ghosting touches over Bobby's sensitized skin, fingers traveling ice-flesh-ice against the patterns. When they were done, Kurt picked up the lube and looked Bobby over appraisingly.

"If you what you said about Remy was right, you're going to need more prep. Drop 'em and spread 'em."

Bobby's eyes grew wide, but he hastened to comply. It wasn't like he wanted to argue anyway. He leaned over the counter, ass out and jeans tangled around one foot. He suppressed a moan as Kurt started right in with a thick finger. He'd tensed back up a little in the intervening time, and the fit was tight.

"Relax, Bobby. Remy will love you, ok?" Kurt cut right to the heart of his worry. Bobby tried to ease off, knowing that the worries wouldn't serve any purpose anyway. Soon the one finger was sliding easily, and Bobby was whimpering, his entire posture begging for more.

"I'm going to try two fingers now. It won't be much bigger than Logan's cock, but it's a pretty big jump."

"God, yeah..." Bobby bowed his head, supplicating, trying not to tense up as the two thick digits invaded his body. It burned a little, but felt so good at the same time. He felt opened, claimed.

"Love you, Kurt"

"Love you too, Bobby."

Kurt fucked Bobby slowly with both fingers, slowly working as deeply as possible into the hot passage. Just as Bobby was staring to wonder about Kurt's entire hand and slender, flexible wrist in entirely new ways, the intercom beeped. Kurt pulled out and grabbed a towel, going over to answer it while Bobby pulled himself and his clothing together.


"One minute. He ready?"

"Oh, yeah. Me, too."

"Heh. Meet me in the security room?"

"Ja, Geliebter."

"Logan out."

Kurt turned back to Bobby, now dressed and somewhat composed. "Good luck. Remember I love you. We'll keep an eye out and come in when you've got him good and ready."

"Yeah... thanks, Kurt. Love you, too."

Kurt ducked into the pantry and then teleported out with a soft *bamf.*

Bobby watched the door apprehensively and tried to occupy himself with brownies.

Remy leaned back against the tree, finally relaxing a bit. He had once again managed to avoid running into anyone. He still didn't want to socialise too much with the others. He kept trying to convince himself that it had something to do with the mission the other day. He could understand why Cyclops had been angry about him leaving his assigned position. What if one of the others had ended up being in danger, while he wasn't there?

But it wasn't really the true reason, was it? 'Admit it, Remy, you don't wanna look into those gorgeous blue eyes again.' He couldn't bring himself to feel regret for the night they'd spend together and he hated himself more than just a little for not seeking out Bobby when they'd returned from the mission. It didn't exactly get easier the longer he waited. So typical of him to avoid a confrontation and when the shit hit the fan, it would be far worse than if he'd just gone straight to the to the core of his unease, right there and then.

'An' just 'ow do you expect to talk seriously with de man, when you don't even know w'at you're feelin'?' The fact was that what he *did* know was that it was far beyond physical attraction to him. Sure, the sex had been nice. OK, better than nice. 'Remy, stop kiddin' yourself, it was amazing.' He hadn't given it much thought when he'd found out that Bobby had never been with another man. That he'd been his first. It was just that the more he thought about it, the more it scared him. Irrational fear, yes, but that didn't make it any easier.

He was too lost in his own thoughts to pay attention to his surroundings. So when someone coughed lightly to get his attention, it made him jump forward, spin and if he hadn't resumed control of his instincts he'd probably have charged the nearest object fit for throwing.

"Oh, Wolverine." Remy relaxed a little, though his body insisted on riding the sudden adrenalin rush, making his muscles tense and his composure wary.


The use of his real name instead of either of the nicknames he had among his team mates made Remy frown. He couldn't recall having heard Wolv... Logan use it very often. "Yes?"

"Just happened to come across you," Logan paused for a moment, face unreadable. "By the way, Bobby asked me to tell you he wants to... talk to you." He shrugged. "Just if I ran into you."

Remy's frown grew a little deeper. "T'anks." He nodded at Logan, turned to leave. "You know where I might find 'im?"

"He was in the kitchen a few minutes ago." Logan hesitated for a moment, but seemed to make up his mind. "Remy?"

Remy's shoulders twitched, head slightly turned in Logan's direction, though he kept his back to him. "Oui?"

"Thanks." One short little word.

Remy turned around, but Logan had done what he was best at: disappeared into thin air. It was a little odd having a man like Logan say 'thanks' to you, but it made him feel a little better to know that at least the man he'd violated orders to help felt a need to show a little appreciation.

He sighed. Well, might as well get it over with now. It was already after dark, so it was fairly sure he wouldn't run into too many of others. Which would be a good thing considering the mixed emotions he was fighting right now. He wouldn't want to be interrupted as he tried to get enough of a grip on his mental state to have a serious conversation with Bobby.

Serious, right. He kept telling himself that as he entered the kitchen, tried to keep it in mind when he was pulled into the warm embrace, hot mouth seeking his. What was it he'd wanted to talk to Bobby about? It was hard to remember when Bobby hands roamed over his body, his naked torso glistering from the trails of ice covering some of the skin. The tongue in his mouth did it, making him forget for the moment what he'd wanted to say.

Remy lost himself in that kiss for a long wonderful time, burning hot lips and tongue chased away whatever doubts he'd had about Bobby's feelings. No matter what he'd told himself over the past few days, he'd missed the taste of Bobby. So wonderful beneath the flavor of... cherries? He pulled back a little, running his tongue over Bobby's lips. There was definitely a faint trace of cherry.

Bobby leaned back his head, exposing his neck. Remy smiled when he saw the thin layer of ice glitter in the overhead lights as Bobby shifted, urging him to go on. 'I 'ave grown addicted to this, dat's for sure.' Remy licked the offered skin, once, twice, bit down gently. 'More cherry?' He had thought that his eyes were playing tricks on him, when he'd noticed faint trails of red in the ice. Cherry flavored Bobby? Well, what was another addiction anyway?

Then awareness returned to him, hitting like a two-ton truck. He held Bobby still, firmly keeping him an arms length away. "Bobby... we..." Maybe even if Bobby still wanted this. How wise was it to get involved with someone from the team? Not that Remy didn't want it, didn't need it, but it made him feel extremely selfish. They still had to face the team, they still had to face each other. Basing anything on sex -- even good sex -- just wasn't what Remy needed and definitely wasn't something Remy would do to Bobby, however eagerly the other man seemed to want it.

"Remy.... please." The need in Bobby's voice could have turned anyone on; only Remy felt it had the opposite effect on him.

"Bobby... no, Ah..." Remy swallowed hard. "You'll end up getting hurt -- Ah'll... Ah'll end up hurting you." And he just couldn't live with that.

Bobby looked absolutely stunned. But when Remy finally let go of him, Bobby grabbed his hands and pulled him closer. Remy flinched at the look of anger mixed with need, pain, even pity and... understanding?

Bobby pushed him back for a moment, squirming around in his arms. "Remy, please." The needy tone made Remy's mind swirl with the knowledge of what it was Bobby wanted.

"But... Bobby, not in de kitchen." What if someone walked in on them? Another sin in the eyes of the X-men, another thing to hate him for.

"It's as good a place as any" came the breathless reply. Bobby wriggled his ass invitingly, brushing against the bulge in Remy's jeans.

How could Remy say no, how could he not lean forward, tongue caressing the nape of the neck, tasting more cherry flavored ice. He pushed Bobby against the large steel table, kissing and licking his way down Bobby's spine.

Bobby moaned when Remy began exploring his back, warm tongue breaking the thin layer of ice. Bobby prayed that his lover wouldn't ask about the irregularities in his skin that were the only remnants of this morning's wild sex in the shower. But Remy seemed intent on doing mostly his spine. Oh, oooh, God. Not that Bobby was complaining. No never, the way Remy's tongue broke through to his skin, sending cold and warm shivers up and down his body, how it made the rest of his blood supply leave his brain to pool itself in his cock.

Remy sucked on his skin, obviously liking the idea of a cherry flavored Bobby. Well, Bobby couldn't wait to hear his surprise when he came further down.

God, this was... amazing. Remy closed his eyes, knelt to start on the small of Bobby's back and started lapping up the sweet taste of cherries. As he worked his way further down, he reached around Bobby, undid his jeans in record time and pulled them down slowly, following closely behind with his tongue. Mmm, cherry. When he started into the cleft, he couldn't help smiling at the way Bobby's body trembled.

More cherry, more... Remy's eyes widened. He licked again, the tip of his tongue caressing the hole. 'What de...?' He almost choked on his intake of breath. The opening was already slick with lube. Even the lube was cherry flavored.

"Don't you like it?" Bobby had obviously noticed his hesitation.

"Non, it's... wonderful." Remy didn't trust his voice enough to say anymore, so he leaned forward and put all his love and desire, every single emotion he could pull forward and label *Bobby*, into tongue fucking his blond lover.

He felt more than saw Bobby lean forward, supporting himself against the table as his legs grew weak.

"Oh God! Remy, pleasepleasepleaseplease. Just... just fucking *do* something!" The whines were replaced by panted sobs.

Remy looked about the kitchen, cursing himself for starting this, for allowing it to get this far. There were no condoms in here, of course. "Bobby, I... we..."

As if the man had read his mind, he pulled himself far enough out of his dazed state to fumble through the pockets of his jeans and draw out a condom.

"Wow," Remy's eyebrows came up simultaneously. "You really planned this, didn't you?"

Bobby turned around, lust and love clear in his eyes. All Remy got was a nod, before he was kissed senseless, Bobby licking off the remains of cherry lube on his lips, his tongue darting into Remy's mouth, teasing the heat in there. Bobby pulled back again, lifting himself up to sit on the table. "Like this, Remy, please?" The need was thick in his voice. "I want to see you fucking me."

Remy gasped. If Bobby kept talking like that, looking at him like that, he wouldn't be able to hold back much longer. He pushed Bobby down on the table and pulled him forward, just enough to get the right position. He went straight for two fingers, just to see if Bobby was as prepared as he looked. His own breathing became faster when he realized that he might as well have used three immediately. Sliding out the two fingers, replacing them with three, and the look on Bobby's face drove him nearly insane. He hadn't seen Bobby's expression that night, but this time he would.

"Remy, want... want you up here." Bobby wrapped his legs around Remy, pulling him closer.

A strangled sound escaped Remy's lips. He'd never imagined doing anyone on the large steel table in the kitchen, but somehow the thought went straight to his cock, making it ache even more. He stripped his own jeans and t-shirt in no time, and was on the table a split second later, hands touching Bobby in as many places as possible. Even if he didn't want to pull back, he did, but only for as long as it took him to put on the condom. And even that proved almost impossible between Bobby's demanding touches and frantic moans.

"Bobby... hu-hush or dis will be over before we even start."

Bobby chuckled and stretched out on the table, arms raised above his head and as soon as Remy was ready he was pulled down on top. Sticky feeling of skin on skin, the mix of sweat and cherry flavored kool-aid overriding his senses and at that moment, he didn't even care if they were discovered, as long as no one interrupted this...

Remy moaned weakly as they kissed and moved against each other, then he finally found the strength to rise to his knees, pulling Bobby's legs up, bending them and pressing them down towards his torso.


"Remy, please, yes, please..."

Remy shook his head, wondering if this could ever turn out right. Drawing a deep breath he held Bobby's legs pressed down with one arm while he used the other hand to guide his cock into the more than willing body under him.

'This is it.' The thought was the only coherent one going through Bobby's mind -- almost like a mantra -- that and Remy's name -- repeated again and again. His entire body seemed to be singing, vibrating like one long chord.

He felt his climax build -- faster than he'd have liked, but it didn't really matter right now. The only thing of significance was the man moving in and out of him, beautiful body bend over his, head hanging, hair tickling his chest.

"Re-Remy..." Bobby strained to placed a kiss in the middle of the mop of auburn hair. Remy finally looked at him, and Bobby felt the thrill of passion, possession, need rush through him. The eyes were almost completely black, except from a light gleam of desperate red. As much as Bobby found those eyes a little frightening before, there was nothing more arousing to him now. 'God, Drake, you'll never be able to look him in the eye ever again, without instantly wanting to do *this*.

As on the same cue, they strained towards each other, lips searching blindly for their counterparts. White, glowing heat rushed through Bobby and he drowned his scream in Remy's hot mouth, almost colliding with the long growl that escaped Remy as he pushed into Bobby one last time, coming so hard he thought he'd never be able to get off the table again.

Bobby smiled deliriously as Remy collapsed on top of him, though he felt a pang of yearning as Remy softened and slipped out of him. Listening to the ragged breathing, feeling the cascades of heated breath bursting against his neck, Bobby ran his fingers soothingly through Remy's damp hair.


"Hush, it's ok, Remy, it's ok." He'd never imagined being the one to do this, to comfort his older team mate, his... his lover. But somehow, in some strange way, it felt right. And somewhere in his muddled mind, he noted that part one of the plan had gone better than smooth. Now it was up to Kurt and Logan -- for now, Bobby would just stay here, listening to Remy's heartbeat slowing to normal, breathing following. And he could marvel at the fact, that Remy made no move to get off him, made no move to leave him. That alone was worth the risk of being discovered.

Language Notes:

Ja = yes
Nein = no
Bitte = please
Danke = thank you
Uberhaupt nicht schwierig, den Umstanden nach. = Not hard at all, considering the circumstances
Verdammte = damned (swearing)
Scheiss = shit.
Ich verstehe = I understand
Geliebter = lover
Weiss ich nicht. = I don't know
Du bist mir so teuer. = You are so precious.
Vielfrass = wolverine. literally, glutton.
Rudelfuhrer = pack leader