Shopping Spree
Smallville Round Robin (still open for contributions)

Pairing: Clark Kent/Lex Luthor
Rating: PG
Summary: Eh... Shopping?
Categories: Humor, Fluff, Round Robin, Unfinished, Still open for contributions
Notes: Just for the fun of it -- it's a Round Robin, rated, at the moment around pg-ish something. Lex takes Clark shopping. Everyone's encouraged to contribute. Originally started on ClarkLex by Shelly It's currently up to part 9, unfinished. Feel free to write a part and post it -- send me what you write and I'll add it to the story.

Part 1

- This is a fun and flirty story about Lex taking Clark shopping in Metropolis. Snerk. Possible spoilers for the season to date. Possible NC17. May be archived anywhere. I don't own the characters, I just play with them! -

"Why are we doing this again?" Clark asked, as he exited the limo behind Lex. They were in Metropolis for the weekend and Lex had insisted on taking Clark shopping. Even after Clark had insisted his Father wouldn't allow him to accept any clothes as a gift. It was amazing enough that Jonathan Kent had allowed Clark to make the trip itself. And that only because Lex had risked his life when Clark and his classmates were being held hostage at the Fertilizer plant. Clark knew his Father felt he owed Lex at least this one request. "There is no point in shopping for clothes I can't keep," Clark continued, when Lex didn't respond.

"I'll keep the clothes for you," Lex replied as he guided Clark into the department store. Knew better than to go someplace super elite, but Gregory's would be perfect and Lex knew they would have exactly what he was looking for.

Clark sighed. "Did I forget to mention that I HATE Shopping?" He thought that little fact might help change Lex's mind. And it was a true fact. Clark never went clothes shopping. He wore whatever his mother bought, or things he got as gifts.

Lex grinned at his young friend. "After today..I promise you'll think shopping is fun, Clark," he drawled. "Come this way." Lex took Clark by the arm and headed for the escalator. The Men's wear he was looking for was on the third floor.

"Why do I need more clothes?" Clark countered as he allowed Lex to lead him along. Couldn't help but stare about him in awe and knew that anything he tried on was going to cost way more than he could ever afford. In fact, it would cost so much that Clark doubted he would have the courage to ever wear them for fear of getting them dirty or ripping them. "I have plenty of clothes."

"Not that you don't look good in jeans and flannel, Clark," Lex replied. "But you need to broaden your horizons, as it were. Go for a new look."

Clark sighed. "Why? So I can look like a geek in expensive clothing?"

It was Lex's turn to sigh. "It amazes me, Clark..that you are so blind to your beauty. I don't get it. How can you not see how gorgeous you are?"

"I'm not gorgeous!" Clark protested, blushing furiously.

"I say you are, and have I ever lied to you, Clark?" Lex countered, his serious tone belying the twinkle in his eyes.

Clark dropped his head and willed his blush to fade. Couldn't look at Lex as he answered, "Not that I know of. But new clothes will not transform a geeky farm boy into a...a..." Clark didn't even have a finish to his point and that made him blush again.

Lex had the perfect response. "A Greek god?" he offered, and laughed as Clark's blush turned a deep scarlet. "I'm not teasing you," Lex stated. "You look like a God dressed in plaid flannel, Clark. And by the end of today..I'm going to make you see yourself through my eyes. Actually through the eyes of the rest of the world."

"Since when has Smallville been the rest of the World?" Clark countered, with a touch of sarcasm.

"You're going to outgrow Smallville, Clark," Lex replied. "But that's a discussion for another day. Today we're all about shopping and you're going to have fun whether you like it or not."

Clark pouted, unaware of the effect it had on Lex. "I don't like it," he stated. "But I guess I should pretend I do since you were gracious enough to invite me to Metropolis for the weekend...all expenses paid, no less."

Lex smirked. "You're dad really hated that part..didn't he?"

"Yeah..he did," Clark replied, unable to stop a smile from curving his lips. It had been rather funny to watch his Father almost apoplexy himself after Lex had extended his invitation. Clark chuckled at the memory. But his father had recovered nicely and had, graciously, given his consent. Although Clark was sure he had given Lex some strict warnings while walking him out to his car. Like *No gifts of any kind*.

"Here we are," Lex announced, as they reached the top floor. He guided Clark to Men's wear and smiled as middle aged man strode forward to greet them. "Antoine!" Lex said, shaking the man's hand. Antoine was the Manager of Gregory's and Lex had convinced him to close the men's wear department to the public for a few hours so that he could have fun with Clark. "This is my friend I was telling you about," Lex continued. "Clark Kent. I think you can work with him...don't you think?"

Antoine looked at Clark and his eyes flashed with excitement as he let his gaze roam from the top of the boy's dark head to the tip of his feet in clunky boots. "I don't need magic with this one," Antoine stated. "He is..tre magnifique!"

Lex grinned. "I think so. Did you set aside the items I requested?"

"I did," Antoine allowed, then he turned to Clark. "You are beautiful even in raw form," he gushed. "When we are done with you the Angel's in heaven will be so jealous they will commit Hari Kari."

"Lex..I don't think I want to do this," Clark declared, not liking the way Antoine was eyeing him. And totally not understanding what the guy was so excited about. And his blathering on about Angel's was nerve wracking. "Maybe we should go."

Lex patted Clark's shoulder and smiled. "Not a chance," he said smugly, then he took Clark by the arm and dragged him forward. Luckily, the boy let him. To Antoine Lex said, "Let's start with the leather."

Clark shook his head. "No way!" he protested. "I am NOT wearing leather."

"Sure you are," Lex drawled, then he waved at Clark as Antoine now took the boy by the arm and led him off into a dressing room. And Lex knew that the reason Clark went was because he was too polite to put up a struggle with an elder. Smiling to himself, Lex made his way to the Expresso machine set up on a side table and poured himself a cup. Then he moved to a leather arm chair and sat down to await the show.

Lex was taking a sip of his Expresso when Clark exited the dressing room. Choked on the sip and hastily swallowed before coughing into a linen napkin. Wisely, Lex set his cup aside and rose from his chair as Clark approached him. Could feel a tightness in his groin and silently gave thanks to the fact that he was wearing his shirt untucked over his pants. No one would see the growing bulge. "Wow," Lex whispered, as studied Clark. The boy was dressed in Black leather pants that fit him like a glove. The soft leather was molded to the long legs, cupped the bulge at Clark's groin and, as Lex moved around Clark, he noticed that the boy had an awesome butt. Taut and hard and just begging to be squeezed. Lex balled his hands into fists and raised his gaze to take in the white silk shirt Clark was wearing. The material was almost sheer, giving the illusion that one could see tanned flesh through it. It was tucked into the pants which rode low on Clark's hips, and Antoine had added a wide belt which gave the look a European flair. Lex felt himself smiling as he noted the top three buttons of the shirt were undone and Clark's fingers were plucking at it nervously. "Nice," Lex drawled, eyes lifting now to Clark's face. The boy's cheeks were cherry red and the hazel eyes were glittering with embarrasment. That's when Lex noticed Clark's hair. Bless Antoine, he'd gotten out his spray bottle and mussed up Clark's mushroom cap *Do*. Now the sable strands were touseled and the natural curl was rampant. Lex couldn't help but think that the entire looked screamed *Just been fucked!* " look great," Lex purred. "Look in the mirror."

"I already did," CLark muttered, shooting Antoine a glare. The leather pants and sheer shirt were bad enough, especially since the guy had made him go commando. But then he had messed with Clark's hair, bringing to life the wretched curls that Clark worked so hard to suppress.

"You don't like what you see?" Lex countered, guiding Clark over to the threeway in the corner. He watched Clark shake his head and sighed. "What's not to like, Clark. You look like *sex personified*. Lana would wet herself to see you looking like this."

Clark winced at Lex's words, even though they invoked and interesting imagery. "Thing is..I don't look like me."

Lex smiled and stood directly behind Clark, gazing over the boy's shoulder at the sexy reflection in the mirror. "Thing is, Clark...this is how you look. How you really look. You just try to hide it under baggy jeans and oversized flannel shirts. You're afraid to look like the man you are physically. I realize that emotionally you're still a kid. But you know what they say..if you've got it, flaunt it. And you've got it, Clark. So use it."

"Can I change now?" Clark asked, eyes lowered. He didn't want to see himself again. It kind of scared him. The guy in the mirror looked like a stranger. Someone grown up and sophistacated. And that was so not Clark.

"Go ahead, try the next outfit," Lex allowed. He looked over at Antoine. "We'll take this outfit," he stated, and heard Clark gasp. "I told you I was going to buy you clothes," Lex told the boy.

Clark shook his head. "And I told you my parents won't let me accept them," he stated, adamantly.

Lex shrugged. "I'll keep them at my house and you can wear them as needed." He made a shooing motion with one hand. "Now..go try something else on." Lex watched Clark struggle with making another protest before turning in his heel and stomping off. Lex enjoyed the view until Clark disappeared, then he moved off to the far wall and adjusted his rock hard cock. He was going to keep the leather outfit and make Clark wear it tonight. Lex was taking Clark to a private Club and he had every intention of showing the boy off, getting him drunkish, and seducing him. And those pants and the sheer shirt were the perfect *Seduction* outfit. Especially since Clark wouldn't be wearing any underwear. Lex smiled at the thought. And his daydreams made the time fly. It seemed like only a heartbeat later when Clark returned.

This time the boy was wearing jeans and a Sleeveless red silk t-shirt. The jeans were formfitting to, once again, show off the long legs and tight butt. And the clingy shirt outlined Clark's perfect pecs and six pack abs. Being sleeveless, Clark's biceps were revealed and his broad shoulders outlined. It was a simple look but heartstopping. And Lex took note that, for all of Clark's size, he was actually almost thin and his waist was very slender. He possessed the slinky, lean, grace of a NYC model gone Euro. Had the pouty look down too and it went perfectly with his mussed tresses. This time Antoine had combed Clark's bangs down low over his forehead so they almost covered his eyes. That was Antoine, always going for the right Look. "We'll take this one too," Lex announced, before Clark could say a word. "Do you like this better?" he asked the boy.

"I guess," Clark allowed, somewhat reluctantly. "The jeans are awfully tight," he stated, shifting a bit to make more room for his member. Much like the rest of him, Clark's cock was oversized. Long and thick. He flushed at thinking about it at a time like this.

"Tight is good," Lex stated, his eyes roaming over Clark from head to toe. He took a deep, shuddery, breath and released it slowly. Did nothing to help the ache in his cock. " outfit," Lex ordered, snapping his fingers. As Clark was dragged away by Antoine, Lex poured himself a glass of ice water and considered dumping it down his pants. Should have done it, he told himself as he turned around a few minutes later to see Clark watching him. "Nice.." Lex whispered, as he stared at the beauty before him.

Clark was now dressed in a suit. Charcoal black with bit of a shine to it. Fitted jacket and tailored pants that were snug at the crotch and buttocks. Antoine had put Clark in a pink, silk, shirt and the color was a wonder on the boy. Not too pink, yet not too pale either. Clark had the masculinity to carry it off beautifully. And his hair was now restrained a bit, parted at the side and combed back, yet still wavy. "God you look beautiful," Lex blurted out, then almost laughed as Clark turned scarlet. Should have clashed with the pink shirt, but even blushing, Clark was exquisite. "Add this to the pile, Antoine," Lex declared. "I'm going to end up buying everything in the store."

"We have to stop now," Clark stated, his tone firm. "It's ridiculous for you to buy me clothes that I won't ever wear, Lex."

"Who says you won't wear them?" Lex countered. "You're wearing the jeans and sleeveless T when we leave here," he announced. "You're wearing the leather outfit tonight for the party I'm taking you to. And, trust me,'ll be wearing this suit tomorrow. For dinner. Five star resturant."

Clark sighed, knowing he had no choice but to give in to Lex. "What else is there for me to try on?' he queried, feeling weary yet exhilerated at the same time. Had to be the way Lex was looking at him. And, even though Clark didn't believe he was beautiful, it was nice to hear someone tell him that. Of course his mom always said it, but she was his Mom. So it didn't count.

Lex smiled, his eyes twinkling as he replied to Clark's question. "Well..there is the Tuxedo I had designed for you. But I think we should have you try on the swim suits next. Don't you?"

THE END..of part one

So who wants to go next? Come on. You guys are terrific writers. I know you can have fun with this! *Snerk*


Part 2
by Ximeria

First try at Smallville FanFic - and thank you Nora Charles for bullying, as you put it, me into doing this.

Clark blanched, swim suits? As in almost nude? As in standing in front of Lex wearing...nothing? Well, almost nothing. He shivered, chills running down his spine despite the heat from all the lights in the store.

"Well?" Lex asked, raising an eyebrow. "What are you waiting for?" An expectant look in his eyes.

Clark felt dizzy, wanting nothing more than to get out of the place, out of these clothes and into his own, well-worn jeans and flannel shirt. Maybe he could convince Lex, maybe he could..."Ehhh, I feel a little strange, I, could we..." Clark searched for the words, having a hard time getting his brain to function on a next-to-normal level of activity. He took a deep breath. "Could we go get something to eat? Please?" He knew how pathetic that had to sound.

Lex felt torn between letting Clark off the hook - for a little while - and pushing this just a little further. Deciding for a compromise. "Well, I guess we could." He had trouble hiding his grin when he saw Clark relax visibly. "*If* you wear the jeans outfit." Oh, so hard not to laugh out loud at the look on Clark's face - like a deer caught in the headlights.

"So, anything special you want to eat... Clark?" The last was purred in a low voice.

Clark licked his lips unconsciously - how could anyone turn an innocent question like that into something so... *so*.

Antoine, having discretely brought the desired outfit into the changing room and removed the no longer needed farm boy clothes, cleared his throat respectfully and gestured to the louvred doors.

Clark blushed - again, and ducked hurriedly into the changing room, mumbling something vaguely in reply.

Lex caught Antoine's gaze and smirked. Antoine gave him a carefully blank look, with what appeared a twinkle in his eyes. "I'll just bag these with your purchases, Sir," he said folding Clarks clothes efficiently.

Lex nodded and handed him the full money clip with a wink and a heartfelt "Thank you".

Clark shifted uncomfortably, tugging and pulling at "his" jeans as they left the shop. As if he'd ever wear this outfit willingly. It wasn't as if Lex had given him much of a choice though, it was either that, or walking out of there naked. As if Lex would mind that. Clark went through another furious blush.

Lex pretended not to notice Clark's obvious discomfort, though he did at one point stop him and grab his wrists, forcing them to his sides. "Please stop fidgeting, you'll get used to it." Lex slowly let go of Clark, with a gentle caress. "Now, where do you want to eat?"


Part 3

"Why don't we go down to the food court?" said Clark. Lex smiled and shrugged, and with a lingering, sideways glance at Clark, started slowly strolling down the aisle. Clark fell back a half-step, so for once he was the one with a clear view of his friend's assets - if he had to walk through the entire mall with Lex's eyes on him, he feared he'd embarrass himself.

They stopped in front of the Pizza Hut, looking up at the menu. Lex stuck his hands in the pockets of his slacks, bouncing slightly on the balls of his feet. Clark's gaze snapped to the tightened fabric like iron filings to a magnet. "How about the sausage lover's, Clark?"

"Wha', huh?" said Clark. Lex pulled one hand out of his pocket to gesture, turning his smirking face to Clark's bright red one. "Sausage, Clark? ...On your pizza?" Clark felt overwhelmed. For a second there, the perfectly innocent question had led his mind down another track. He needed to distract Lex. "What's on it, besides sausage I mean?"

Lex looked back up at the impractically angled menu, and it was as if he could breathe normally once again. 'Get it together, Kent, no wonder you always suspect Lex is checking you out if your mind is always in the gutter. He's just being nice', Clark thought, as his eyes once again were helplessly drawn to his friend's backside. His tight, well-formed - red manicured nails? Clark was so stunned at the disjointed images entering his dazed mind, he just stood there gawking as the woman carefully slid Lex's bill-fold out of his backpocket, slipped it in her large leopard-print purse, and sashayed away.

Lex turned back to Clark, another ambiguous quip on his lips, only to see the beautiful young man's attention riveted to the swaying curves of a woman in a tight, short dress, walking away from them. He had a truly unattractive, slack-jawed statement on his horny, teenager face. Annoyed, Lex pulled both hands free, and folded his arms over his chest. 'All for nothing, God damnit'.

"Clark!" he snapped, too sharply. Clark tore his attention back to him, with a guilty, startled look. Lex smiled tightly. "Would you like to get a pizza?" he annunciated slowly, then softened slightly as Clark leaned into him, putting one hand on his shoulder, pointing across the foodhall at the chinese place's menu with the other. "I dunno, I kinda feel like Chinese dumplings, can you see if they have any?", Clark said, his warm breath puffing in Lex's ear. Delicious little tingles races up and down his spine, and he had to shake his head a little to clear it, squinting to read the small, fake-calligraphy print.

As soon as he had distracted Lex, Clark zoomed out of the food-court after the thief. Letting her pick Lex's pocket like that, because he was "distracted", was unforgivable. And no way could he explain to Lex that he'd seen her do it, without admitting where his attention had been. Hopefully he could retrive the wallet without Lex ever noticing he'd been gone. Zig-zagging in and out between the shoppers cluttering the aisle took almost all his concentration, but finally he spotted her. She was standing casually at an aisle intersection, leaning against the fountain rail, studying a lady with a loosely grasped purse discretely.

Clark silently sped right up behind her, quickly sticking his hand in her purse, fumbling around for Lex's wallet. There were two down there, as far as he could tell. One was crocodile, huh, definitely not that one - smooth calf-skin, oh yeah. He got ahold of it, and withdrew his hand, all in so fast a blur, he knew from experience he'd be virtually invisible to anyone watching.

The lady with the light grip on her purse, handed it to her husband, who was already heavily-laden with shopping bags. The thief shrugged, and turned, searching for another likely looking victim, and Clark jumped back to avoid touching her, unfortunately putting too much effort in it, and vaulting clear over the fence, into the fountain. Before the thief could even react to the splash that soaked through her blouse - ooh, no bra - Clark was speeding back to the food-court, back to Lex.

Lex couldn't see any dumplings on the menu, but it was a little hard to tell from this distance. Maybe they had won-ton soup, he was kind of in the mood for that. He leaned forward slightly. He felt a cold blast from the air-conditioner, then the body-heat from Clark was seeping nicely through him again. He leaned back slightly. '- Huh?!' Was that a hand on his ass? He froze. The hand froze. "Clark?" he asked huskily, his mouth oddly dry. Clark stood stiff as a board, his hand still cupping Lex's right buttock firmly. '- Too bad my wallet is in the way,' Lex thought wildly. Clark's deathly pale face suddenly blushed redder than Lex had ever seen it before, the heat palpably rolling up his body.

"I, uh, I was just trying to get your atte-attention," Clark stuttered. "You got it, Clark," Lex whispered throatily. "I don't think they have any dumplings," said Clark, misery streaming out of his every pore. 'Oh' Lex felt chastened, once again he'd read too much into a simple, friendly gesture, and now he'd made Clark uncomfortable. The disappointment settled heavily in his gut.

Lex smiled reassuringly at him, and gave a slight shrug. "There's still pizza", he said, glancing quickly at Clark to check his reaction. Clark was staring studiously at his feet, his face still burning red. His shoulders were hunched, hands stuck in the back of the waistband. The wet red sleeveless T was clinging deliciously to his defined six-pack, the wet jeans outlining his package very nicely - 'wait a minute...' "Clark, why are you all wet?" Lex felt genuinely puzzled. What had he missed?

The end of part three, someone please *please* continue!

Shelly, the wet, clinging shirt is dedicated to you.

The sausage lover's is for Ximeria, because she said "You are *not* writing that!" in a most outraged tone.


Part 4

"Huh? Wet? I'm not wet!" 'Oh, now you've done it Clark, go staring at the man's ass then go and hold it longer than you have too. Lex knows!' Clark was stiff and looking Lex in the eye, cheeks red and hair plastered to his forehead.

Lex raised a brow. "You're practically soaking."

Clark looked down. "Oh. Umm, kid. Watergun. It was a Supersoaker." Lex made a mental note to track down the kid and thank him, or at the very least, buy his own Supersoaker.

"Ok. Doesn't matter, its a good look for you." Clark nodded and followed Lex as their host led them to their table. Clark whispered a few words to the powers that be to help him out and not get him even more embarrassed today.

They didn't seem to be listening. "My, my, my." Clark looked up at the man he ran into. The man had leather pants and a tight sheer shirt. The man... boy... manboy seemed gay, stereotypical gay. "Excuse me, do you believe in love at first sight? Cause I'd be happy to walk by again." Clark blushed, but that only appeared to make the manboy like him more.

"Um, I..." Clark looked over to Lex who was grinning, obviously very amused with the situation. Clark suddenly felt the extreme urge to wipe that smug grin away. Ok Clark, let's see what you learned in Drama. "I don't know... maybe if you spin." Clark turned his finger around in a little circle and put his hand under his chin.

The manboy seemed to take this as a compliment and proudly turned for Clark's enjoyment. "Well...?"

Clark grinned. "You're pants are absolutely fabulous. I think all people as tall and good looking as you should have leather pants." The manboy smiled and laughed. Clark spared a quick glance at Lex whose jaw had dropped and he was clearly quite shocked.

By the time Clark was finished having fun and talking to the very nice manboy named Adrian, he had gotten his number and promised to give a call next time he was in town so they could go have coffee.

Clark sat down at the booth Lex was at and put his foot up on the seat. "Ok, so what did we order?"



Part 5
by Ximeria

"Nothing yet," Lex answered, still slightly reeling. "I'm still waiting for you to make up your mind." He wasn't about to let Clark get away with his little... slutty display.

Clark shifted uneasily in his seat, his wet jeans squeaking on the vinyl. "The *Happy Family* looks good," he answered, looking at the laminated *Lucky's Eggroll* menu.

Lex raised an eyebrow. 'At least he didn't want the *Three Delicious*', he thought, flashing on an image of Clark, tight-skirt-woman and leather-pants-guy in bed together. "I'll have the *won-ton* soup and *chop-suey*. You want any soup... Clark?"

"Yeah, sure. I'll take the *egg-drop* soup." The waitress came over to take their orders. Lex handed her the menus with a smile, and ordered for the both of them. "And a mineral water, Ty Nant, if you have it, and Clark will have..." "Pepsi, please."

They enjoyed their food slowly, Clark making an effort not to wolf it down after the first few spoonfulls.

If the jeans had been uncomfortable when dry, it was nothing compared to now. Clark shifted again, his shin accidentally touching Lex's, sending a rush of heat through his cold and clammy body. He quickly finished his plate of *Happy Family*, hoping that Lex would soon be done. It was really hard not to brush against him with his restless legs.

Lex finally finished, paying the bill, and they each picked up their free fortune cookie and left. As they walked they pulled out their fortunes. Clark's was *this weak wll brnig great joy* '- in bed' he mentally added. Lex read his aloud: "When you have great need, your friend will be there". "- In bed," Clark blurted. Lex stopped dead.

"Say what?" Lex turned his head, his attention fully focused on Clark, making him squirm. He always felt like Lex's penetrating stare could equal his own X-ray vision. Only where he could see thorough things physically, Lex seemed to be able to pick up his emotional state. "Um," Clark blushed furiously - again. "It's just what Chloe always says, not that she wants to hop in bed with me, I mean, not that I meant it that way just now."

"Of course not... Clark, I know the saying, I was just surprised that you did." Lex tried to hide his intense disappointment. When he'd first heard it, he'd thought Clark meant it as a come-on. "Let's get you out of those wet clothes..." Lex said, and could have bit off his tongue.

"Don't worry about it, they're almost dry," Clark answered, seemingly anxious to avoid another visit to the men's wear store. Almost desperately he grabbed Lex by the elbow, and dragged him into the music store they happened to be in front of. Lex watched with interest as Clark began flipping through the CD racks, much too fast to even see the covers. Maybe he wasn't completely misinterpreting Clark's signals, after all, he had flirted rather expertly with leather-pants-guy.

Lex leaned casually against a mirrored column with his hands in his pockets, smirking at Clark. "So, what kind of music do you like? ...Clark." He drawled. Clark shrugged. "Oh, you know." "No I don't know. Why don't you tell me... Clark," he said, caressing the name. Clark blushed and avoided his eyes. Lex looked at the top-10 rack and immediately eyed an opportunity. He grabbed two CDs - Mariah Carey in a tight tube-top and Ricky Martin in a revealing slim-shirt - and held them up. "One of these appeal to you... Clark?"

Clarks eyes darted nervously from cover to cover, to Lex's face and finally to the apparently very fascinating, brown, fire-retarding carpet. "I'mnotreallyintopopmusic," Clark mumbled. "See anything you like on the top-10 list?" Lex asked, taking pity on him. Clark looked at the display, his eyes lingering on a CD with a picture of a woman holding a baby, a bright light shining out of her face. "No, not really," Clark lied.

Lex, a mischievous grin on his face, took down the CD. "I think I'll just get this for you." Before Clark could argue against gifts he wouldn't be allowed to bring home, Lex continued: "You'll just have to come to my place to listen to it." Lex's smile grew wider, when Clark took hold of his wrist, and tried to make him put it back. Lex pulled his arm back, drawing Clark into his personal space. 'Yumm, warm,' he thought. Clark let go, and took a step back, giving in.

Lex smirked triumphantly. "So, *up* for those speedos now?... Clark?"

End part 5
Eagerly anticipating part 6 - who will be the courageous writer to go next? Come on, make my day.
End Notes:
- Lucky's Eggroll really exists. The fried won-tons are highly recommended.
- This is your brain on coffee and brownies - it's not a pretty sight.
- Thank you, Nora Charles, for the lewd interjections.


Part 6
by Nora Charles & Ximeria

Clark clutched the bag with his new CD to him shyly. He really looked forward to listening to it and to visiting Lex to listen to it.

Lex smiled at him, obviously pleased with himself. "Where to now... Clark? Gregory's?" He stepped closer to Clark, to avoid colliding with a little old lady. He draped his arm over Clark's shoulder and gave him a friendly squeeze. "We still haven't picked out your swim wear."

Heat rushed to Clark's cheeks. The very thought of how much a pair of speedos would reveal... If possible the jeans seemed to be growing tighter by the minute and not just because they were wet. It was almost horrifying that Lex's touch and words were such a turn on. They should't have been. Clark was pretty sure he should be appalled by it. The wet shirt made his skin crawl, sliding against his nipples and definitely *not* doing anything to improve his current state. He was invulnarable, but it didn't mean his skin wasn't sensitive enough for him to react to it. And the thong he was wearing wasn't exactly taking his mind off sex either, really, he'd rather have been entirely without. But he did not want to do without Lex's warm hand - though it was obviously a strictly friendly gesture, his libido couldn't help reading more into it. "No, Lex, it's fine, I... can't we just have a look around here?" Clark tried to calm his frantic breathing. "I rarely get a chance to visit..." he looked around, desperate for an out. "Bookstores!" Eyeing one not too far away.

Lex stepped back and raised an eyebrow. "Are you sure you don't want to go change?"

His eyes swept up and down Clark's body, making Clark shiver from the attention, from the heat of that look. "Na-ah, not necessary." He waited for Lex to start moving toward the store, so he wouldn't have to walk in front of him. He squirmed a little, the wet shirt was actually a little uncomfortable, but it was worth enduring if he could avoid going back to the men's wear. He was reminded of the being wet thing again, when he tried to enter the store. One of the clerks stopped him, explaining that water and paper didn't mix well. Clark nodded. "Is it ok if I drop the shirt? The jeans are pretty dry by now." She gave him a strange, confused look, but nodded. Well, what could he say - he didn't want to loose sight of Lex, didn't want to be here all alone. The clerk was pretty nice though, offering him a plastic bag for the shirt.

So, Clark stripped the shirt, finally getting the wet garment away from his skin. The shirt went into the bag and he hurried to catch up with Lex. He was standing in a corner, leafing through a large coffee-table book. A photography book apparently. With lots of photos of... almost close to - but not quite - naked men. Clark flushed hotly, '- was Lex looking at porn!?' No, it was only a book of vintage Men's Physique art photos. He had to get a hold of his errant mind before embarrassing himself even more. What would Lex think of him? It was one track thoughts like this that led him to misinterpret Lex's brotherly overtures again and again.

Lex was lost in thoughts, not quite seeing the pictures in the book, only fragments of them. His fingers unconsciously rubbed the smooth glossy paper, as his eyes caressed the provocatively posed athletes. Black hair... like Clark's. Six-pack abs, nowhere near as nice as Clark's firm, tanned stomach. Pouting lips, not even close to equalling those of Clark lucious, lickable pair. Without volition, his tongue crept out to wet his own. He tilted his head to the side when he felt Clark's electric presence next to him. "Oh... Clark," Lex's sideway glance turned into a full body sweep. Again wetting his dry lips Lex wondered, not for the first time, if Clark actually knew what he was doing to him. His breath caught in his throat when his gaze came to rest on Clark's nipples, hard and begging to be nibbled on, licked and gently bitten. It seemed easier than usual to imagine Clark without his shirt on... - Hey, wait a minute.

"Lex?" Clark's voice filled with uncertainty, pulled him back. He looked up into Clark's eyes, noticing the confusion there. 'Don't get your hopes up, Lex, or for that matter anything else.' He discretely adjusted himself.

"They wouldn't let me keept the wet shirt on - you know, because of all the books."

It sounded as if he'd be giving quite a tip before they left. A very generous one. In the meantime: "Have a look at this book... Clark. You're into ...sports, right?"

Clark stared at the book, wide eyed, his ears turning a charming shade of red. Quickly he picked up a book lying next to him on the display table and held it out to Lex. "Actually, this is more my style."

Lex looked down at the large, illustrated Gay Kama Sutra Clark was brandishing at him. '*Score!*' Grinning wildly, he looked back up at Clark's face. He couldn't believe his plan to coax Clark out of the closet had succeded so easily. And with so little effort on his part! One little shopping trip and the man was putty in his hands.

Clark looked at him earnestly, then seemed to take pause at Lex's overly enthusiastic expression. Slowly his gaze sank to the book he was holding; and he tottered at his feet as all the blood drained from his face and he turned deadly pale.

Alarmed, Lex supported him before he could fall, and cursed his own insensitivity. First he put the pressure on Clark with the nude males, then he jumped to conclusions when Clark in his perplexity grabbed the first, the best book to steer the conversation off the awkward topic. The undisguised lust that must have appeared on his face amounted to sexual harrassment. He was deeply ashamed of himself. This was no way to treat his best friend - the *only* friend he had ever had.

Clark regained his balance and haltingly thanked Lex, gently shaking his hands off him. When Lex started grinning, obviously assuming his choice of book a joke he should have left it at that. But his blatant reaction must have demonstrated to Lex with all possible clarity that it was anything but. He couldn't look his friend in the eyes. Deperately he cast about for something to change the topic and end this... torture. Hopefully Lex could forgive him some day. He resolved to keep his mind on the straight and narrow; he wanted at all cost to avoid seeing that horrified look on his friend's face ever again.

"Let's just go.. I don't see anything in here I really wanted anyway" he said plaintively.

Lex nodded gravely and gave him a gentle, apologetic smile. "How about we just stroll around a little while, see what catches our attention?"

Silently they left the store, each lost in his own thoughts.


Part 7

Lex led the way out of the bookstore, a half-naked Clark in tow. It appeared the methods he had employed so far had only caused Clark deep embarrassment and chagrin, without visibly advancing his cause. He was just about to lower the battle standard to retreat and contemplate another avenue to accomplish getting Clark into a pair of Speedo's, when a fortuitous turn of fortune occurred. Lex turned to suggest they return to the hotel, and found Clark several yards behind in earnest conversation with a mall security officer.

It was apparent from this distance that Clark was getting hassled, and as Lex closed in on the pair, he decided he didn't like the look the cop was giving Clark.

His Clark.

Lex glowered within, but the smooth face and mobile lips were set in a slightly bemused mask. Lex paused as he read the badge that wasn't an official symbol of the law, but only a token of the authority granted to her by the corporation to maintain order at the establishment. "Lex Luthor. Pleased to meet you, Ms. Ryder, is there anything I can help you with?"

"It's alright, Lex. She was just reminding me that the rules require a shirt in the mall." Clark looked down at his shoes, and Lex could feel the misery pouring off his friend in palpable waves.

"I think the rules could certainly be swayed, considering the circumstances. Did you tell her that you had been attacked and soaked by an idiot child wielding a watergun in the mall?"

"Uh, I. We hadn't got that far."

"It doesn't matter, if he's going to be in the mall, he's got to have a shirt." The mall cop included them both in an obdurate look.

"I promise, I'll have him in a shirt in no time flat. We were just on our way to Gregory's to get a new one, weren't we Clark?"

Clark stared at Lex. He did *not* want to go back to that place and have that awful Antoine mess with his hair, or help him dress. That guy creeped him out completely. On the other hand he didn't want to ruin Lex's shopping trip by getting thrown out of the mall for indecent exposure. And somewhere back in the back of his brain niggled a tiny niggle that maybe it wasn't the suit at all, but the *venue*.

"I could put the wet one back on." Clark offered hopefully.

"Nonsense-I won't hear of it! You'll catch pneumonia, and then where would that leave me with the Kent's? I'm already pariah enough on the farm."

"I don't care which you do, but you better do one or the other PDQ, or else I'm going to have to escort him from the mall." The middle-aged woman sounded tough, but the whole time she was eyeing Clark's naked torso in a lewd manner. It was kinda gross to think someone the age of his *mother* was giving him that look.

"I assure you, Officer Ryder. I'll have the situation under control in a matter of moments. Thank you for your conscientious attention to your duty." Lex took Clark by the elbow and steered him gently towards Gregory's and away from the rent-a-cop. Clark went along easily enough but the situation had him despairing of ever getting free long enough to figure out what he was feeling, and what he was going to do about it.

Lex stole a sideward glance at Clark. It was only too clear that the teenager was lost an internal dialog of some intensity. He wasn't going to interrupt Clark's conversation with himself; Lex had given his word to get Clark out of the mall proper.

They sailed into the department store, Lex with a cool look of satisfaction, and Clark with the grim look of a man going to his execution. He was tired of feeling like the victim. The little scene in the Chinese restaurant with the flaming manboy had gone pretty well. He'd managed to hold his own, and floor Lex in the process. That made him smile. The trick was this, what if he got what he was chasing if he went on the offensive? And just exactly what would he do with it when he caught it? That thought gave him the shivers.

Lex noticed Clark shaking, and the look on his face was inscrutable. Normally he could read Clark like a Golden Book, but this was an statement that would have done justice to the Sphinx. "What are you thinking about, Clark?"

Clark pulled himself from his reverie, and smiled at Lex. That slow wide smile that couldn't ever be as sweet and innocent as it looked. "I was thinking. Maybe, uh this wouldn't freak me out as much if I didn't have to deal with Antoine. You know?"

Lex briefly considered the morning's encounter with his fresh perspective. "Yes I can see where that might have been discomforting. What would you suggest?"

Clark had opened the gambit and had to follow through. He took a breath and rushed it out all at once. "Don't want to wear them in the store, and I don't want Antoine's' help."

It wasn't a very specific suggestion but Lex though he knew the gist of it. "Alright, no Antoine and no walking around the store in the swimsuit. Tell me Clark, if you won't wear it in the store, how do you expect to be able to wear it at the hotel pool? There will be far more people there than just Antoine."

"I don't know, it just seem like it'll be as bad as the feeling I get from Antoine. It's like I'm being peeled in layers by his eyes."

"I mentioned this before Clark, whether you realize it or not, everyone gives you that look. Stand up and be proud, it's really a compliment. People who have the kind of looks you do are pretty rare."

*You don't know how few* Clark thought, but he smiled anyway. "I'll try."

Lex reached out and squeezed Clarks' shoulder, and let his hand lay there just a beat too long as he felt the warm, tanned skin under his fingers. "Come on, I'll shoo Antoine off."

The men's department was again cleared, and Antoine was banished to a coffee break. Lex was content to watch Clark browse through the swimsuits unaided. He had a black suit in his hand, and was closely inspecting an orange Hawaiian print version.

"If I might make a suggestion, Clark?"

Clark looked up at him; the dreamy but somehow intense look in his eyes always caught Lex breathless.

"Go with a solid color, and I don't think black is your color. It's not like you're trying to hide anything."

"Uh, right. Nothing to hide here." *Except the fact that I can't control my reaction to Lex*, but he obligingly returned the black suit to the rack, and picked up a blue one. Lex reached over and pulled a similar cut and style in red off the rack and handed it to him. "In case you can't decide."

"Yeah, sounds good." Clark wouldn't have picked those colors for himself, but they did look nice together, he thought. "Let me go try these on. Will you wait at the door for me?"

"I'll wait anywhere you like, Clark."

With a volley and a splash I land in Smallville, thank you to Shelly and Ximeria for the chance to play in their puddle. Completely G rated, not even a bad word. Archive? If you really must. Not mine, even in my wildest dreams, and any cheap shots about age are surely intended to be self deprecating. Apologies for stealing hole cloth from 'Gross Point Blank'


Part 8
by Amy

Lex motioned for a nervous-looking Clark to enter the dressing room, and brandished the key. "You're safe, Clark, I've got the only key and Antoine is on break. I'll be waiting right here while you try those on."

Clark nodded and went inside to get undressed. He wasn't sure how today could make him look any more foolish in the eyes of his best friend, and he wasn't eager to find out. He was having trouble deciphering the mixed signals he was getting from Lex, and he wanted a few minutes to clear his head while he changed. It would be awfully embarrassing to model a tight-fitting swimsuit for Lex with his persistent erection peeking out the top like an eager puppy.

Clark got his shoes off through sheer force of will, spending several dull minutes getting the wet laces untied instead of simply breaking them. That would just leave him shoeless, and even further in Lex's debt. Maddeningly, he was having a much more difficult time getting out of the tight, wet jeans.

He wriggled them a little lower, finally managing to get them down past his ass. Wet denim was not his friend, and in the time he'd been walking they'd only dried out enough to become stiff and uncooperative. The fact that he *still* hadn't managed to control his raging hormones long enough to get rid of the hard-on he'd been sporting all afternoon wasn't helping at all. He swore loudly as he lost his balance and thumped into the wall, and he heard Lex calling his name on the other side of the door.

"Fuck.. Just a minute, Lex!"

Clark's creative swearing drowned out Lex's reply as he finally managed to wriggle the pants down and onto the floor, following them closely with his sodden underwear. He had one sock off and in his hand when the door handle rattled. Clark instinctively attempted to cover himself up with the closest article of clothing, which unfortunately for him turned out to be the wet sock in his hand.

Before Clark had a chance to rectify the situation, the door swung open, a very concerned looking Lex coming through it with key in hand. "Clark, I heard a thump are you..."

Lex trailed off as his eyes took in the sight of six feet of naked farm boy clad only in a pair of socks. One was sagging dejectedly on his right foot, but the other... it was peeking out from behind Clark's hands, dangling from the end of a very large, very obvious erection. Lex turned beet red, but found himself completely transfixed, unable to avert his eyes.

"Lex, I... I..."

Clark turned a bright scarlet. Lex's brain idly noted that Clark never did anything by halves and when he blushed, he blushed everywhere. The red hue traveled in a wave down Clark's broad chest, over the taut abs and even tinted the tops of his strong, muscular thighs.



Clark's slightly irritated-sounding question was enough to snap Lex back to reality. He raised his eyes to meet his friend's, finding himself faced with six feet of mostly naked, very embarrassed, incredibly sexually frustrated and increasingly annoyed farm boy.

"I, I'm sorry, Clark, when I heard you.. I was worried you'd hurt yourself, when you didn't respond..." Lex trailed off with a helpless, apologetic shrug.

The annoyance dropped from Clark's face, chagrin joining the embarrassment as he dropped his eyes. Which just happened to rest on Lex's crotch. His bulging crotch. Specifically to he erection nearly as big as Clark's own which was distending the loose fabric of the pants that were covering the crotch in question.

Clark's hands flew to his mouth in shock. Did this mean that Lex wanted him? Or was there just some hot chick outside right before Lex burst in here? And why was Lex's jaw dropping? Clark looked on in puzzlement, following Lex's gaze with his own and realizing that the reason Lex was looking so stunned had to do with the fact that one limp, wet sock was the *only* thing now covering his very non-limp cock.

Lex reached out a hand towards the barely-concealing sock as if in a trance.

"Clark, is that..."

"Hello! Is everything going all right in here?"

Clark leapt for his wet jeans, managing to get them in front of him as Antoine's curious face peeked around the half-open door. He tried to curl up in the corner and die, attempting to make himself as small and unnoticeable as possible. Lex whirled around, his former speechlessness fleeing in the face of a situation he knew he could control.

"We're just fine, Antoine, why don't you go watch the front? I can take care of everything here."

---or can he?---

End of Part 8

Acknowledgements: Ximeria, I blame you. You dared me, and THIS is what you get. Also, many thanks to Nora for, well, everything. 'Cos you know what it's all about.


Part 9
by Nora Charles & Ximeria

"Lex, please!" Even if it hadn't been voiced, the pleading look said it all.

Torn between staying and fleeing the dressing room in embarrassment, Lex wisely chose the latter. Fleeing wasn't the right word. Tactical retreat was more like it. Trying hard not to wonder as to *why* Clark had been... err. Lex hastily disappeared between two racks filled with shirts.

Clark looked down, seeing the wet sock slide to the floor with a sad *plop*. Well, the upside was that his hard-on was no longer raging out of control.

'What on earth is *wrong* with you!?' Clark ran his fingers nervously through his already messed up hair. He couldn't really come up with a plausible reason for his previous state other than it must have been a reaction to the wet denim's slide against his skin. It hadn't really hurt, since, let's face it, he *was* invulnerable.

As it was now, the only thing he could really do was try on whatever Lex wanted him to. If Lex's interest had been aroused by some hot chick out there, he might lose patience with him and as much as Clark loathed shopping, he really didn't want that to happen. Spending time with Lex was fun and it felt ...good.

Clark held up the two pairs of trunks, choosing, with a deep sigh, the red pair. At least Lex had let him choose and that meant something a little less revealing than the skimpy Speedos. Sadly Gregory's didn't carry anything as gauche as swim shorts so the least revealing swim wear was still rather ...snug.

Resignedly he pulled them on and thanked God and cold, wet socks as he adjusted himself. Ok, time to grab the bull by the horns and let Lex know that it was safe to enter.

'Wait!' That had sounded like a scream of pain; -- and was that the voice of the security guard, telling someone to 'please put down the weapon and let the girl go.' The rest drowned in the racket of people screaming and running, and furniture and coffee cups crashing to the hard floor. It sounded like it came from the coffee shop across the aisle, and like it was out of ms. Ryder's control. Much as he didn't want to, he had to interfere if the safety of innocents was at stake.

Without delay, Clark super speeded out of the dressing room, out of Gregory's, into the coffee shop and behind the counter to stand beside the skinny, young girl with black mascara and eyeliner streaks down her cheeks, who was threatening the barrista with the contents of a hot espresso kettle.

At a glance he took in the situation. In front of the counter stood a young man with Elvis Costello glasses and a goatee. His old faded Mortal Kombat t-shirt was soaked with coffee and cream, and he was pale and shaking. Next to him stood ms. Ryder, one trembling hand extended in a would-be friendly gesture. "He didn't mean to read your poetry and I'm sure he's very, very sorry."

The young man nodded frantically and clutched his X-Force comic. "Um, yeah, i-it was an accident, I *swear*."

The hysterical teenager tossed her long, black and purple hair back defiantly, the hot espresso percolator swaying dangerously close to the barrista's face, as she shrieked: "Mundane, male chauvinist sheep." Apparently not noticing Clark standing behind her.

Cautiously but quickly, he pulled the espresso out of her grasp and uncurled her left arm from around the throat of the shocked hostage. Before she could react, he had gathered her hands behind her back in a loose but firm grip.

"What the? Where did you come from?" exclaimed the motherly security guard, giving him an appreciative up and down stare. "Thank you for your help, young man."

The agitated hostage-taker writhed and stomped the spiked heel of her thigh high lace-up boot on his right foot. Clark smiled politely. "You're welcome, ma'am," he said shyly.

With alacrity ms. Ryder snapped her handcuffs around the young troublemaker's wrists. "Now didn't I tell you to get dressed, honey?" With her free hand she shooed Clark in the direction of Gregory's. "Now get your sweet ass back in there and put on some *clothes*."

Blushing, Clark hurried as fast as he dared back into the oppressive confines of the snobbish haberdashery. Faintly he thought he heard a satisfied "Mmm-hmm, that's the stuff, girl!" behind him.

Clark prayed and hoped that he could make it into the dressing room unnoticed. He found Lex standing among the racks of shirts, back to the door. So far, so good.

"Ooh la la, young monsieur!" Antoine emerged from the back room, immediately spotting Clark.

If Clark had felt uncomfortable with ms. Ryder checking him out, it was nothing compared to how the look Antoine gave him made every hair stand on end and his blush spread from his torso all the way down to his pinky toes.

Lex was lost in sensual pleasure, as he caressed the soft, soft velvet of the shirts. Soft like Clark's skin, silky like his black hair. 'mmrowrr'. If only... He just had to contain his... enthusiasm a little, so as not to put Clark off.

Hearing Antoine's outburst, he was jarred out of his haze and turned around to see Clark fidgeting and looking lost, absolutely, gloriously *naked*. Involuntarily, his eyes snapped to Clark's crotch -- Clark's *cloth* covered crotch. The red of the trunks blended seamlessly with the fiery red of Clark's skin. God, that boy could turn blushing into an Olympic event.

Lex realized with a shock of horror and a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach, that poor, innocent Clark must have been standing there for several minutes, witnessing his lewd fondling and the glazed look on his face, trying to catch his attention, futilely. He had surely blown it now.

He already knew that Clark felt intimidated by such behavior and hadn't he just been promising himself to go slowly with the inexperienced young man?

Lex cleared his throat and tried to pretend that he didn't feel the awkwardness. 'If you keep calm in a crisis, there is no crisis, my son,' the dry voice in his head said.

"They look good on you, Clark. If they feel comfortable, let's get them," he said smoothly.

That concluded the clothes shopping portion of Lex's campaign . While Clark dressed in a dry outfit, Lex settled the bill with Antoine, this time pointedly leaving out a tip.

Last stop in the mall: footwear.

This time Clark didn't dawdle, keeping quiet and trailing Lex like a faithful pup. He didn't want to try his friend's patience any further. The swanky shoe store was across the mall from Gregory's and Clark was hyperaware of all the people they passed and their potential for public humiliation of him.

Ominously, nothing untoward happened. The only hint of drama was right outside the shoe store, when a tall, long haired blond guy started frantically shaking a little cardboard box, then patting himself down while his pretty girlfriend looked on in consternation. "Where could it have gone to, I had it just a moment ago." "It probably wasn't a good idea anyway. The cat wouldn't have liked it."

Clark resolutely ignored them, following Lex into the store.

Lex steered single-mindedly over to the formal footwear wanting to get this torturous shopping expedition over and done with as quickly as possible. He could hardly wait for a nice, calm dinner, in a nice, calm restaurant without any freaky kids with water guns or flirtatious man-boys in tight leather jeans.

Spying an attractive pair of hand sewn Italian shoes on a bottom shelf that looked to be large enough, he bent down to take a closer look. He could feel Clark's comforting and arousing presence behind him and he was once again back in his element.

Lex looked inside for the size but didn't see it. 'Hmmm.' He froze as he became aware of a soft tickling on the back of his head and his neck, sending shivers down his spine. The caress became more firm, clearly that of Clark's warm hand. *Score*! He *knew* bending forward in these exquisitely tailored slacks would do the trick.

Grinning madly he shimmied back, rubbing his backside erotically against Clark's thigh. Ah well, not what he'd aimed for, but close enough. Slowly he unbent and turned around, a coy smile on his lips and a gleam in his eyes -- and came face to face with Clark's frozen, flabbergasted expression and a huge, hairy, long-legged tarantula, Clark cradled in his large hand.

"You found her! You found my new pet!" a blond metal-head exclaimed happily in Lex's ear, but all he could hear was Clark's squeaked "..lex?" reverberating in his head.

End of part 9


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