Of Pointy Eared Pets and Stubborn Captains

Pairing/Characters: James T. Kirk/Spock, Leonard 'Bones' McCoy
Category: drabble
Summary: Jim has a pet vulcan (according to Leonard, anyway).

Third month out, Jim got it into his head that he wanted Spock to try bananas.

Simply because he thought it horrible that Spock had never tasted bananas.

Leonard rolled his eyes. The week before it had been passion fruit, the week before that, liquorice. As little as he liked the hob goblin, he almost felt sorry for the attention he was receiving from Jim. Like he was Jim's pet. And wouldn't it be fun to throw that in Spock's face the next time he was being an ass?

Jim's pet Vulcan. Leonard grinned once again impressed with Spock's patience.

The End