How do you feel about two guys getting it on? Not necessarily physically, but since guys often think with the other head, in fanfiction at least, they tend to end up clotheless and sweaty.

This site contains slash, which cover the above. The fandoms you can find in the menu, and under each, there's a variety of fanfic (always), artwork (sometimes) and other assorted stuff. Whatever my muses have taken a fancy to at the time.

If you're still in doubt, you know, as to what this slash thing is, then take a look at these two links:

So, the short version is that slash is creating a male/male relationship not already existing in a TV show/movie/book etc. With me so far?

So why the ick factor for some people? Well, some are a bit touchy. The idea of two guys together is off-putting for them. Poor sods, don't know what they're missing, do they? The relationships can be of the loving kind or just the plain old rip-your-clothes-off-and-get-down-and-dirty. I have a soft spot for the latter, by the way *eg*

What can I find here? Well, I try to have a bit of everything, really. I'm crazy enough to do multi-fandom on a regular basis and whatever muse swings the whip, I try to have my fun in the process. You'll find fanfiction here, sketches, fanfic recs and so on. There's a little navigation-cluster at the top of the page, linking to each fandom page