Caro's Explore the Castle challenge
Challenge description Pick a room/area in Luthor manor to stage a sex scene. Plot is more than welcome but far from a necessity.

Rules (should you choose to take the mission...):

  • Smallville fandom. Clark/Lex, Lex/other (maybe not even Lex, who knows who breaks in or for that sake works at that old drafty caste) or even crossover fic
  • Sex!!!
  • Any length, any category, any kink.
  • There must be sex!!!
  • Creatvity counts. Please do come up with some new places because it's a big castle (you can however choose to go with one of the below options)
  • There must be sex!!!
  • Only one fic per room. If you want to participate, please email Caro or me your chosen room so we can add it to the dibs list (fics linked below):
    • Closet- Amy
    • Dungeon- Ximeria
    • Attic-
    • Garage-
    • Conservatory-
    • Greenhouse- Ionah
    • Schoolroom- Ilexa
    • Wine Cellar-
    • Secret Passage - Ionah
  • Oh, and don't forget the sex, okay? <eg>

Pervy Participators: