The end of the beginning challenge

This is, to tell the truth, a rather simple challenge, really:

The title came about thanks to Carla, who took one look at the towel picture and suggested that title. Apart from that, the title and the pictures can be used for inspiration in anyway you might want to.

  • Write a story, ficlet, novella, drabble, whatever you feel like
  • Pairing: Jack/Daniel
  • Any rating you want
  • Scenario: anything that springs to mind when you look at the pictures. You can let one, both or even the pictures AND the title serve as inspiration. That is ENTIRELY your choice.
  • You can write more than one if the plot bunnies are extremely vicious *g*

Let me know if it's okay to archive it or link to your own archival of it *g*

The people with the guts to meet this challenge are:

Happy Endings
Happy Endings