Before entering this site, I want you to know it contains slash, picturing physical, as well as emotional relationships between men.

So, if you think the friendship of Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr goes deeper than what the world sees, that Merlin and Arthur are more than master and servant. If you think that Jack and Daniel are more than just friends and colleagues or you want to know what Jack and Ianto get up to in the hub when the others have gone for the day (apart from naked hide-and-seek), you can find that and a whole mountain of other fandoms on this website.

If you prefer the layout and the option of downloading the fic, you'll find a link to my page on AO3 in the top menu.


Last update: July 28th 2016
Du riechst so gut (Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier - werewolf AU - humour, not ABO)